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Charles County Barbecue?

Sorry if this message is late.

For my money, Dale's Smokehouse near Indian Head has the best ribs down there. George's, very close by is good as well.

T&J's on nearby Rt. 236 has been consistently strong, but I think Dale's edges them out. The smoked chicken at T&J's was very good.

Hope you had some good barbecue for lunch.

Bethesda takeout - best seafood stew and best fried seafood

Crisfield in Silver Spring right on Georgia Avenue for all fried seafood - whole clams, oysters, shrimp, scallops, fish.

"Old school" raw bar and restaurant opened in the 1940's. I know they do a brisk takeout business.

By East-West Highway, it's not too far from Bethesda at all.

DC/VA/MD liquor stores that sell Mellow Corn whisky?

I bought a bottle of this "Bottled in Bond" product just about three weeks ago at the Montgomery County liquor dispensary located at the intersection of Rt. 28 and Quince Orchard Road. I'm not sure if any other dispensaries carry it.

Irish pub like Matt Kane's?

Unfortunately, Ireland's Four Provinces is only history. There's "The Dubliner" and "Irish Times" across from Union Station. The Dubliner's pub area is a bit more refined than the Irish Times, but I think the craic is always better at The Times.

Both places have been around for many years.

Best eats in Gaithersburg and Rockville??

Niwano Hana in the Wintergreen Shopping Center for sushi and tempura dishes.

La Limena in the Ritchie Center for Peruvian dishes beyond but also including pollo ala brasa.

Best Pho in Rockville?

Try Pho 75 on the "Hungerford Drive" stretch of Rt. 355.

Best stuff going for many years.

Oops... Recommended Pho 75 before really reading your request. Still, I think it's the best along Rt. 355. It's also next to China Bistro (aka"Mama's Dumplings" and a nice Asian bakery with an assortment of buns and cakes.

Shad Roe?

Crisfield Seafood Restaurant in Silver Spring was offering it recently.

Al Carbon in Rockville, MD - Opinions?

Has anyone eaten recently at Al Carbon in Rockville, MD? (near the Metro station)

To clarify, this is not the "Carbon" that's located in the Rockville Town Center.

General opinions and dish recommendations are appreciated.

Restaurant for soft shell crabs on water in vicinity of Calvert Cliffs, Md.

Maybe you could check out Stoney's at Broomes Island?

Real Buffalo Wings Needed

Since you mention Silver Spring, have you tried the wings at The Quarry House? Had them a couple of times and thought they were good.

Soft Shell Crabs in DC

Crisfield in Silver Spring - platter or sandwich.

Status of China Bistro (aka "Mama's Dumplings") in Rockville?

Great news! Thanks for the update.

Royal Mile Pub Wheaton, I heard that it is re-opened?

Stopped by last Friday and had a late lunch of fish and chips. Seemed to be the same quality dish they have always served. Not inexpensive at $14.50, but well made.

Not much has changed in the place. It did look like they had a reduced number of Scotch whiskies currently available.

Looking for Albanian/Bosnian/Serbian Grocery stores in the area

There's a small place called "Euro Mart" hidden in a row of shops near the intersection of Rockville Pike and Route 28. They don't have a huge selection of items, but I believe the owners are a Bosnian couple and they are very friendly and helpful. They carry a selection of products from the former Yugoslavia and other European nations.

Status of China Bistro (aka "Mama's Dumplings") in Rockville?

Does anyone know the status of China Bistro (aka "Mama'Dumplings") on Route 355 near Rockville? The windows are blacked out and no sign on the door except a "Stop Work Order" from local government.

I sure hope we haven't lost one of the great chow spots in the Rockville area.

Salted Caramel

Not in DC or Arlington, but Velatis Caramel Shop on Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring might have what you need. I notice that they even have "Sea Salt Turtles."


The Rodman's Gourmet food and wine near White Flint Mall had canned haggis around New Year's. I'm not sure if it's still in stock.

MetroRail-Friendly Ethnic Eats in the DC 'Burbs

Sichuan Pavillion is probably only a 10-minute walk from the Rockville Metro station.

MetroRail-Friendly Ethnic Eats in the DC 'Burbs

Take a look at Wheaton, Maryland, right on the Red Line. Many interesting places to eat within a 10 to 15 minute walk (if that) of the Metro station.

Ruan Thai and Nava Thai
Ren's Ramen
New Kam Fong
Full Key
Mi La Cay (Vietnamese)
Saigonese (for banh mi)
Max's Kosher Deli (falafel and shawarma are the way to go)
And so many excellent pollo ala brasa places it's hard to count...

Good hunting!

Made in the Baltimore Region

How about a selection of "Sun of Italy" products or some "Tiger Sauce" from Tulkoff's?

Silver Spring, MD

I recently enjoyed a dinner at Addis Ababa, an Ethiopian restaurant on Fenton Street - good food and friendly service.

Crisfield Restaurant on Georgia Avenue serves some classic Chesapeake Bay style seafood dishes. Certainly a "rustic" place with a large raw bar, Crisfield has been in business since just after WWII. Fried oysters, crab-stuffed shrimp, and dishes in the classic "Norfolk style" are personal favorites.

You might consider heading north up Georgia Avenue (or the Metro Red Line) to Wheaton for some excellent Thai food or pollo ala brasa. Wheaton is about a 10-minute drive north of Silver Spring.

Addis Ababa Restaurant
8233 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Local source for Ubet's chocolate syrup - NoVA/DC/MD

Not positive, but I would contact Kosher Mart in Rockville, MD and Shalom Market in Wheaton, MD. It's likely that either one or both will have Fox's Ubet Chocolate Syrup.

Apiary selling honey in MD?

Try "The Bee Folks" in Mount Airy, Maryland

They have a very nice variety of honey products.

BBQ--looking for the best

Where is "Slab O Ribs"? I know where George's and Dale's are, but I'm not familiar with this other place - sounds interesting...

BBQ--looking for the best

BIG ++1 on Dale's Smokehouse near Indian Head, Maryland. When discussing barbecue in the DMV, several Charles County joints are reliable sources, but for a couple of years now, it's my opinion that Dale's is the best.

Dale's Smokehouse
4645 Indian Head Hwy, Indian Head, MD 20640

Where to find Haymen's Old Tom Gin?

Quite some time ago I found it at Plain Old Pearsons on Wisconsin Avenue. I'm not sure if they still carry it, but it might be worth a call.

Good hoagies in Northern VA or general DC area?

Marchone's Italian Market in the heart of Wheaton makes a good Italian coldcut - ask for it on the "hard roll" and you've got a really solid sub. Very nice meats and cheeses, crushed red hot peppers an absolute.

Their meatball subs are good too - a real gory mess to eat!

ISO Guinea Pig, South American Style

I've been told that this place in Wheaton, MD will prepare cuy if prior arrangements are made:

Cabanita Restaurant
11305 Elkin St, Wheaton, MD 20902
Telephone: (301) 942-8691

I've haven't eaten there so I can't be positive of this.

ISO Vietnamese restaurant in Rockville/Bethesda/Gaithersburg

+1 on MiCaLay in Wheaton - good noodle bowls, various appetizers - friendly and family run.

Can't speak to the other dishes, but "Saigonese" on Grandview Avenue in Wheaton makes very nice banh mi sandwiches at the usual low prices - definitely worth a stop.

Restaurants en route from Washington, DC area to Northern Neck, Virginia

If you're reaching the Northern Neck via Rt. 301, you have several seafood options - Captain Billy's and Robertson's down at Pope's Creek. Both are crab houses on the water that also have full seafood menus. Also about a 15 minute drive off Rt. 301 is Captain John's down at Cobb Island - again, crabs and seafood menu.

Right on Rt. 301 near La Plata is Johnny Boy's Ribs. Dine outside on picnic tables - pretty decent ribs and a fine barbecue sauce for dipping.

Throughout Charles County, MD, travelling Rt. 301 to the Northern Neck, seafood and barbecue are good options.