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Who will slaughter and prep a live duck?

You could get out of the city and find a farmer/rancher. No kidding, my uncle, the surgeon, had a large house in Woodland Hills and he used to wring the neck and bleed the Christmas turkey that he raised on his "farm".

Grocery Outlet, August 2015

It seems that sales occur on items at some locations and not others. I bought the Martha White (thanks for the tip) at Berkeley for a still bargain price of 99 cents @.

I bought some Crisco and will try out the cornbread mix tonight in a dinner inspired by Chowhound: Mary's Kitchen corned beef hash, eggs and Martha White Ballard style cornbread. I figured I'd go downhome for dinner after Chez Panisse (tender scallops and an ethereal panna cotta) for lunch.

Ice Cream: Best Bang (Density) for Buck

And at Whole Foods in SF Bay Area.

Does dried Chinese sausage ever go bad?

Also amazingly good simply steamed on top of the rice when you heat that up. Energy efficient to boot!


There's a can of Spam signed my Monty Python's Eric Idle on Ebay now.

Grocery Outlet, August 2015

Berkeley had the Fever Tree tonic on Wednesday.

Bread bakery near Hollywood and Highland or Sunset and Vine?

I've not noticed any bakeries in that neighborhood. Is there anyplace good to buy bread there?

How weird is this?? Do I need a shrink??

Let me ask my therapist about your symptoms. I remember in college eating chili from the can when I was depressed. Maybe I just had good taste. Cold chili can be just as good as warm!


WWIII survivors will be overjoyed to find a can of Spam.

In college I had a gf whose mother served the family spam for dinner often when money was tight. She hated spam.

Favorite discontinued food items

If you mean the Escalloped Chicken and Noodles, they still have it.

What about Clif Goo, a clif bar in a tube. I was having dental issues at the time and had difficulty chewing the bars. I was very happy to have Goo handy when I needed some quick, soft energy.

Favorite discontinued food items

And in the city by the bay.


You can have your favorite luncheon meat in that New Orleans classic: Red beans and rice with Spam in a microwaveable container. The beans and rice were so so, but the Spam was as advertised.

Spicoli in Half Moon Bay

And Vans, dude.

Memories of Diners

There was one of those "silver" diners on Clearwater Beach Island, FL. I went there in the early 90's. They had good onion rings.

Cheeseboard's "Indian" pizza

According to a previous post, it's a celebration of Indian Independence Day. They had Indian music along with the food. Since I had Indian food the day before, I skipped the pizza. I did have a tomato and Persion cuke salad with Indian spicing and the cocoanut milk rice pudding. Both were soothing on the hot weekend, although I prefer their green salads and cream cakes. It's gotten to the point now where I buy salads, desserts, hummus and granola more than I do cheese and baked goods.

Filtered milk?

I was looking for chocolate milk today at a Walgreen's. They have Fairlife and it advertises less sugar and more protein. I decided it wasn't to be trusted and bought Nestle's Quik Double Chocolate.

Rangoon Ruby New Burmese on Polk St SF

A few years ago, I had a friend who had a business on Polk and I used to be able to find parking on the other side of Van Ness, a couple of blocks away.

Tax on Loaf of Bread?

Maybe Jane is just confused.

What dish is this called that I vaguely remember from a movie?

That was definitely Peking Duck on both tables. The white ingredient could be the whites of scallions.

Was that a spiny lobster on the 2nd table?

Grocery Outlet, August 2015

I saw the Fever Tree tonic in packs at Berkeley one day a couple of weeks ago. It was across from the frozen food case. A week before they had a different FT flavor in larger bottles on the shelves above the frozen food.

Berkeley had no twofer on the Sustainable Seas Albacore or Yellowfin tuna.

Help Me Find a Good Butterhorn

Maybe Virginia Bakery in Berkeley?

What dish is this called that I vaguely remember from a movie?

A Chinese restaurant and dish in a Japanese movie set in a ramen house?

Ran Kanom: cheap, excellent Thai in Ranch 99 mall [Richmond]

It seems like a trek, but if coming from Berkeley/Oakland, you can go down to the foot of Solano and turn right (on Pierce?) It's a straight shot to Ranch 99 mall.

Great spicy noodles without soup

I think I liked the country sparerib noodles better. If there's anything I like better than duck, it would be pork.

El Mono Fresh in El Cerrito

Yes mc, please tell all. How do the local Peruvian places compare to Balcones de Peru in Hollywood?

Best Hippie-Yuppie Food In San Francisco? (Help a Tourist!) :-)

It would seem that "hippie" cuisine has made its way into the mainstream: whole grain breads, brown rice, lentils, tofu.

Just what IS Cincinnati Chili?

A trash masterpiece!

Pre-order egg custard tarts in SF?

Yes, GG Bakery. They once told me that I could pre-order French doughnuts like they used to have at Eastern Bakery.

Dinner for Two, $500


Gyro, Reuben and Southern Biscuits & Sausage Gravy -- Lay's Potato Chips....?

I bit on the Biscuits and Sausage flavor. They were pleasant although not that reminiscent of the real thing. They seemed kind of creamy tasting and were less salty than regular Lay's. An interesting experiment.