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Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015

Is there any place to buy a roast duck near 9th and Irving in the Sunset? I'll be nearby all weekend.

What is your perfect breakfast?

When I get up on time during the week, I love to go to the Golden Bear restaurant on the UC campus and have a bowl of oatmeal with a side of tator tots. Those deep fried in oil tots make the meal.

On the weekend, corn meal pancakes and a smoked pork chop.

NEW: ShakeDown Ice Cream, SF - Interesting flavors & Buckwheat Cones w/ PICS

Are they using Abita root beer?

Do you prefer French Fries with Mayo instead of Ketchup?

Not exactly mayo, but I do like fries with tartar sauce at Tadich Grill.

The Art of Eating Snack Foods

That was a joke. I eat one at a time. Usually.

Will we ever see pressed corned beef again?

I bought some Libby's at Grocery Outlet yesterday. I believe it said it was from Brazil. I was curious and getting ready for post-apocalyptic fine dining. It had a definite future pull date so not from some old box lot.

The Art of Eating Snack Foods

Relatively certain, Warhol would have disagreed.

The Art of Eating Snack Foods

1. Tear open package with teeth.
2. Grab handful
3. Stuff in mouth.
4. Partially chew.
5. Swallow.
6. Repeat 2-5 until package empty.
7. Repeat 1-6 until full.

Best pancakes in Bay Area?

Blackberry Bistro?

Best pancakes in Bay Area?

I don't usually get up early enough to go out to breakfast, but I used to really like Bette's Ocean View Diner's corn pancakes. I don't think they are on the everyday menu.

What about Kate's Kitchen which I also haven't been to in quite a while. I have had griddle cakes at Nations. They are cheap and OK.

San Francisco's Hometown Creamery Brings Homemade Ice Cream To The Inner Sunset | Hoodline

Thanks for posting this. I'll be nearby for an entire weekend at the beginning of August and will definitely try it.

No list of flavors?

Dirty Water - SF

Love that dirty water, Btown is my home.

Tadich Grill 1922 Menu and others

Cracked crab 50 cents, abalone 40 cents, stewed calf's head 40 cents. That's one Chowdown that I would attend!

Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015

Do you usually get roast duck unchopped? I always get it chopped up at Gum Wah and never had any problems.

I had tea-smoked duck at Great China this weekend. We got half of a larger duck than I remember in the past. The breast was very meaty. I thought it was a little dry, but I'm expecting the leftovers to make a good 2nd meal. I made a bao with a particularly meaty piece and plum sauce. Still no traction. Then I decided to include one of the garnish orange slices. That made the whole sandwich come alive. Duck a l'orange Chinoise!

Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015

I only mentioned it as an example of why I don't think it is unusual for a restaurant to buy their roast ducks. In that one case a Chinese deli that made their own ducks bought one from a competitor to fill my order.

Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015

I misremembered the facts. No one ever told me where GC gets their duck. I have a suspicion based on my limited experience in Oakland Chinatown. I never buy Peking duck to go so have no idea how it actually compares to GC's. If I order duck there, it's the tea-smoked.

Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015

You asked, I answered.

I corrected myself below. I was never told where GC got their ducks.

Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015

Roast duck. I think the place I was going to on Clement over 5 years ago did their own, but I don't even know that for a fact. It was on the north side of the street several blocks west of Green Apple. I think a Vietnamese place moved into their spot. The youngish owner had some sort of health problem.

I forget who exactly told me about where GC got there ducks. It wasn't a staff member, but someone else who had the run of the place or another customer

Since I am friendly with everyone there, I won't say exactly how much, but it didn't seem to me that they were getting a wholesale price. Of course there is always the chance that there are no waters in Casablanca and I have been misinformed.

I've only had the Peking duck a few times. I much prefer the tea smoked at GC and roasted in general. I like the way the skin kind of crinkles up and the fatty duck juice.

Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015

I used to buy roast ducks at a takeout place on Clement that had great chow mein and prepared dishes. Once when I had ordered ahead and they forgot to save one for me, they went out to one of their competitors and bought a duck for me there! It wasn't as good as theirs.

Emil Villa'a barbeque sauce

There is a Hickory Pit in Walnut Creek that is reminiscent of the Emil Villa's at MacArthur Broadway. I think it might have been an EV's. The brown gravy wasn't quite the same, but I enjoyed the ribs.

Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015

I usually look for a plump bird with somewhat burnished skin. One that doesn't look kind of dried out. And I have them leave the drumsticks whole to be eaten American style.

It amazes me how much difference it makes when you choose your own bird. When I recently asked for half a steamed chicken, they tried to get me to buy a whole, small one. I said I wanted half. They suggested half of a large one. I agreed. A large one has larger breasts, which is exactly what I want to eat with their ginger sauce. There breast pieces had almost twice the meat on them as when I get a smaller bird. I never thought about that before.

Even after all these years picking out my own birds, I sometimes feel kind of intimidated since I don't really speak the language.

Best chocolate bar with almonds?

Chuao makes a very good chocolate bar with nuts including almonds. I think it is with dark chocolate.

Favorite U.S. cities (other than Chicago) for a 3 day weekend? Food is #1 priority.... [moved from Chicago board]

I like Philly too, but not as much as New Orleans!

Favorite U.S. cities (other than Chicago) for a 3 day weekend? Food is #1 priority.... [moved from Chicago board]

I don't care how hot or cold it is, New Orleans hands down. Twice I stopped for a long weekend in the Crescent City on the way home from business in Tampa. One year it was very hot, one on the heels of a big storm and there was ice on the ground out on Magazine St. Still, absolutely no question: New Orleans, Brigtsen's, Bon Ton Cafe, Streetcar Sandwiches, Austin Leslie's fried chicken.

Wait, you mean everyone doesn't . . .

Next thing you're going to tell me that there is a real Colonel Sanders!

That is quite the guilty secret. I have a thing for Beef-a-roni.

Eating Alone

If you like food, you'll do your own cooking whether you dine alone or a deux. I do tend to make more one-dish meals and improvise from purchased ingredients. Personally, I like to read the sports page when I eat alone and the paper also serves as a table cloth for crumbs.

Just think, you do get to make your meal exactly the way you like it. You can eat whenever you like and no need to dress for dinner!

Wait, you mean everyone doesn't . . .

When I was a boy in Berkeley (BCP - Before Chez Panisse), we used to love those CB pizzas. I believe that we added salami or pepperoni and maybe more pre shredded mozzarella. Later we discovered more traditional pizza at Giovanni's and Granata's, but still have fond memories of Chef Boyardee. What nationality is the name Boyardee anyway?

Grocery Outlet, July 2015

Cheaper than 3.99? Is it any good? I don't remember the brand that my Paw Paw used to buy.

Grocery Outlet, July 2015

At Berkeley, last week I found packs of lop cheung (Chinese sausage) in the canned meat section.

Has anyone tried that from GO? I figured some night I will just steam some on top of the cooking rice.

Fresh strawberry (only) pie in SF?

Well, there's always Nation's if you can't find it anywhere else. Big juicy strawberries in a gooey gel but it might do the trick.

So far I've only seen strawberry cakes. They had a great one at The Cheeseboard on 7/3.