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Anula's Cafe (Oakland)

I had to visit the County Assessor's office last week and took a chance that Anula's was still serving. Didn't ask how, but they were serving the usual lamb curry on Thursday. The excellent curry was a dusky mix of spices. Lentils and spinach were mildly spiced. The wild card in the deck was that she subbed a roti wrap for rice. It was too much spice on top of the curry for me. Glad to see that she is still operating. She is very friendly and recognized me although I hadn't been there in a few years.

Mochi at Yuen Hop (Oakland Chinatown)

Around the same time last Sunday there were only 2 packs left: 1 peanut butter and 1 that had brown sugar in it. The peanut butter had a lot of filling.

Le Oriental Bistro on North HIghland

Does anyone know anything about this place that is across from the hotel I will be staying at next week. It appears that the menu is the same as Le Mandarette or is it just the format? Friends from Texas and Georgia say it is great. It looks like a dive to me.

China Village (Albany) is open!

Must have happened very recently. I lunched there Monday last week and got out the door for $12 (lunch, tax and tip).

Chow spots on Hesperian (San Lorenzo, Hayward)

Twelve years later, anything new in San Lorenzo along Hesperian?

Best Paella in San Francisco/Oakland?

You didn't butter the crust, heat and eat it like popcorn? No fon joo? I guess that would be fare for boat people.

Best food at Outside Lands 2014? [San Francisco]

Better a known quantity in a different environment than nothing: To be on your own, With no direction home, Like a complete unknown.

Best food at Outside Lands 2014? [San Francisco]

Farmer Brown's Little Skillet and Rosamunde Sausages are good at their brick and mortar sites, so should be good Outside Lands.

Thanksgiving Take Out in Berkeley?

You could try Saul's Deli up on Shattuck and Vine. Not sure but I think Brennan's at University and 4th might be open the 1st half of the day and their turkey is pretty good and you can get a leg, wing or neck instead of the sliced meat. Both are quite close to Sac and Uni.

Mochi at Yuen Hop (Oakland Chinatown)

They had the mochi yesterday, Sunday, at 1 PM. As you say they look like mostly black sesame, but mine tasted very much of peanut butter. There were half a dozen packs left. Maybe there is less demand on Sundays?

Not Dim Sum brunch after getting off plane

Though I haven't been in years, JoAnn's used to serve a good breakfast with really good muffins. I think JoAnn herself might have retired, but it is convenient from SFO.

Favorite Ice Cream 2014

You might have missed their free scoops day last Sunday 12-3. I forgot too until I read your comment. I made a root beer flat with Abita root beer and Ici rum vanilla that day.

What's up with the Public Market in Emeryville?

Yes, but not so close to home. I think the nearest to Berkeley would be Rincon Center, SF?

What's up with the Public Market in Emeryville?

I was there about a month ago and the closing of the nearby movie theater has taken its toll. There were definitely fewer diners there. I spoke to the woman in charge of the Sorabol stand and she confirmed what I observed. Whatever improvements they are making aren't making a difference.

I fear that the market isn't long for this world and will miss the Sorabol stand. I have been eating at Sorabol since they were a pretty country-inn restaurant on Grand Ave in Oak. I like the lamb shank at the Afghani spot too.

Luisa’s Pizza & Pasta [Nob Hill, San Francisco]

How old was her decolletage?

Who are the best food/restaurant bloggers in SF, and where do they eat?

Unterman also knows restaurants around the country. On my 1st trip to New Orleans, I went armed with one of her reviews and she steered me to Chez Helene, Streetcar Sandwiches, Brigtsen's, Bozo's (in Metairie).

Who are the best food/restaurant bloggers in SF, and where do they eat?

Patty Untermann. Google her name for her website. Former critic for the Chron and Examiner and an owner in the Hayes Street Bar and Grill.

By far the best writer of the bunch, the Pauline Kael of food writers.

White mulberries anywhere?

I hadn't noticed that he had them, but I do recall once buying white mulberries at either the downtown or south Berkeley farmers markets.

Panchita's pupusas 16th and Valencia [San Francisco]

Caldo de res?

ZONGZI aka CHINESE TAMALES SFBA Dish of the Month May 2014

An aunt was visiting and she told me that my Paw Paw use to make hom don from duck egg yolks. That made them larger and richer I assume.

Panchita's pupusas 16th and Valencia [San Francisco]

Went to the Roxie last night and a Mexican woman was out in front of a restaurant at 16th and Valencia making many varieties of pupusas on a grill on the sidewalk. I think it said Panchita's.

I was late and didn't stop. Any good?

safety of food in long car ride?

The real question should be how do you use the spatula with the thongs?

ZONGZI aka CHINESE TAMALES SFBA Dish of the Month May 2014

How was the hom don? It looks the right color. Is that half of it or did they just include half. That other yellow stuff around it is the mung bean paste?

20th Century Cafe, SF - Get the Russian Honey Cake & Chocolate Chip Cookie - So Good! with PICS

Will I encounter a crowd here if I go for lunch Saturday around 1 or 2?

Grocery Outlet (May, 2014)

Saw Masquerade Prosecco at Pinole this weekend. Is it any good?

Walnut creek / Dublin itinerary

I researched Walnut Creek restaurants a few months ago for a lunch. Babushka in downtown WC was on the short list along with 2-3 sandwich places. I ended up at the Old Hickory Pit BBQ, a renamed Emil Villa's using the orginal rescipes. The ribs were meaty and pretty good. If you search the site, there was a New Orleans/soul food place in WC that sounded good.

What to you miss from your neighborhood "old school" Bakery?

We never really had a neighborhood bakery until a few years ago, but my parents owned a dry cleaners in the 60's and my sister and I had to go there with mom every Saturday. There was a baker on the corner there that made the best potato bread.

Luckily, now my Berkeley neighborhood bakery is Acme Bread: walnut levain and cinnamon bread with walnuts.

Los Shucos Latin Hot Dogs [San Francisco]

Has anyone been there yet. They are featured in todays 96 Hours news magazine. Sure looks and sounds good!

Favorite organic peanut butter?

There must be some places down in Socal like Berkeley Bowl, a large independent chain of 2 stores They make my favorite Organic Crunchy made from peanuts only.

Justin's is hella expensive at the supermarket, but it showed up recently at the Grocery Outlet and isn't half bad. I just noticed that they add palm fruit oil to the peanuts. It's pretty good topping an apple half which is a frequent breakfast for me.

Muffuletta Olive Salad.

That's not far from the Alemeny flea market?