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Most underrated restaurants in San Francisco

I really enjoy Schubert's boxes of assorted little cookies in different shapes and colors. Perfect for children (and adults).

Are there any excellent (and authentic) Italian restaurant in the bay area?

Never been to Italy, but what about Caffe Macaroni on Kearney? Haven't been there in years, but used to have very enjoyable meals in their tiny space. I actually thought that they were closed, but when I googled an active website popped up.

Blue Bottle swallows up Tartine.

I would expect that Freeman is getting a lot of input from his wife, who was one of the original owners of Miette, baked for BB initially and is likely involved in the planning of the expanded baking facilities. My impression was that for quite a while he was running the whole show. Now he has to delegate.

You can buy the New Orleans coffee in little cartons. I always got one "freshly" made.

Most underrated restaurants in San Francisco

Il Pollaio. Over many years, my favorite chicken and the salads and french fries are good too. I went there on Patty Untermann's recommendation and she was spot on.

Blue Bottle swallows up Tartine.

Blue Bottle abandoned the Saturday Berkeley market several weeks ago.

If there is a line when you Tartine, imho it is handled inefficently. In my experience, if you want to order a sandwich, you must stand in the bakery line to do so. The bakery sales always come 1st. The same could be said about the packaged baked goods. And there really isn't anywhere to wait comfortably.

That said, there are times when the lines are almost non-existent. When there is a line, I still wait for the brownies, the berry trifle-like thing and the chocolate pudding.

Best Bakeries/Patisseries for pastries/croissants in San Francisco

Thanks for the intell. Funny thing is I once told Phillippe how much I enjoyed his palmier and he said that they were so easy to make that he didn't consider them anything special.

Best Bakeries/Patisseries for pastries/croissants in San Francisco

Probably too late now, but you could try to track down Phillipe the baker from the now closed Patisserie Phillipe. I heard that a place on Market west of Powell sold his pastries, maybe at the foot of Jones. Also possibly the bakery/coffee shop on Grant near the entrance to Chinatown. These are old leads, but he made the best palmier and pear frangipane.

I really like the chocolate pastries at La Bedaine in Albany in the East Bay. Especially the chocolate dipped macaroons (not macarons!).

sfeater:'5 Glorious Snacks and Drinks Celebrating the Golden State Warriors'

In Cleveland they are probably snacking on piroshki and perch filets. I did when I was there on business. They make some great fruit pies nearby too.

Brazil Cafe = best sandwich in Berkeley?

I think that people just like the party atmosphere. Same thing for Angeline's. Girls (and boys) just wanna have fun.

I was never that impressed with Brazil Cafe and can't remember the last visit. Not bad, not that good. I liked the falafal cart that was at the University location before them a lot more.

Mi Pueblo Home Style Chips ( Estilo Casero )

How hard are these chips?

Grocery Outlet May 2015

The 3 Twins were loose last night at Berkeley. They also had Dagoba 74% cacao dark chocolate chocodrops.

Flour & Co to open in Berkeley

Just noticed last night on my way home that Flour & Co is taking over the Bread Workshop space at University and Acton.

Lers Ros Thai - SF - Report

I had an excellent salted egg, shrimp fried rice a couple of months ago. And I don't even particularly care for Thai.

Apple pie with cheese? Really?

Travis was quite the gourmand. He liked cornflakes with peach brandy for breakfast.

Any thoughts on Bon Ton Cafe these days?

I'm with you on the Bon Ton Cafe. On my two long weekends spent in New Orleans 20 years ago, I always had lunch at Bon Ton before a late afternoon flight home. Centrally located and I love their mustard vinaigrette. The years have faded my memory of my mains but probably red beans and rice and sausage and/or a bowl of gumbo. The Bon Ton occupies the same niche as two other of my favorites: Tadich Grill in SF and Musso & Franks in LA.

May 14, 2015
chocolatetartguy in New Orleans

Grocery Outlet May 2015

They had the Steve's at the Berkeley branch a couple of weeks ago. I had the same reaction to the Bourbon vanilla and I like liquored up ice creams (Ici!). I tried it alone and with chocolate cake. Neither worked for me, but I'm thinking it might make a good root beer float.

Steve's had shops in NYC in the 80's where they had the 1st mixins that I encountered. They used to put the ice cream on a marble slab, put on the toppings and then knead it all together with a spatula-like implement. There was one on Amsterdam and I remember leaving 2 pints of sweet cream and oreos in my host's freezer.

To go in Rockridge?

What about the downstairs cafe at Oliveto? Zachary's is close by if you like their pizza. I used to live in Rockridge ten years ago and for the life of me I can't think of many takeout places other than the Mexican place on the corner across from BART.

Simple Italian restuarant similar to Capps Corner?

My cousin and I like the spaghetti and meatballs at Lo Coco's in Berkeley. I can't attest to the other pastas, although I do like there combination pizza when I feel like a pie with the kitchen sink on it.

places for loners Berkeley area

Brennan's stops serving food at 10, as I discovered last night when I went to get dessert while watching the Spurs/Clippers game. There are always multiple games playing to keep you occupied and it isn't difficult to strike up a conversation about the game (but maybe more of a conversation than you might want!).

Best chocolate chip cookie in SF, Oakland or Berkeley?

Not a true ccc, but La Farine's Jezebel is a fine cookie with dark chocolate pieces in it.

Jezebel Cookie – a chewy La Farine classic with almonds, oats, dried apricots & dark chocolate

Blue Bottle swallows up Tartine.

The Blue Bottle/Tartine merger will save people time. They only need to stand in line half an hour once to get both coffee and bread. :)

I seldom have to stand in much of a line at the Blue Bottle booth at the Berkeley and Temescal farmers markets, nor did I the one time I went to the Mint Plaza location. If you know when to go, you only have a few people in front of you at Tartine. Of course if you are 5 minutes later, there is a considerable line.

Anyone who starts a business wants that business to grow. More power to Blue Bottle and Tartine.

Disclaimer: I was friends with Freeman's wife. She deserves any good things that come her way.

Quick dinner near Cobb's Comedy Club [San Francsico]

Yes, I've been to Il Pollaio many times and never remember much of a wait. They make my favorite chicken and the fries and salads are very good too.

Polk St. [San Francisco]

What other desserts do they have? Sugar cream or Chess pie? That's near my friend Dr. Kayo's store. I'd stop in at Rusty's just for the pie.

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

Used to be you could get a decent club sandwich at Lee's in downtown Berkeley. They are now closed and the club I had last Saturday at Lee's on Market and Montgomery couldn't hold a candle to the Berkeley version. At Berkeley they gave you tons of bacon. That, the cranberry sauce and the red onion made the sandwich.

If you are looking for a simple, old school sandwich, try the Men's Faculty Club on the UC campus. Open to the public for
lunch weekdays until 1:30. I especially like the deviled ham aka ham salad. Comes with chips, celery and carrot sticks, olives, pickles, pepperoncini. $6.50

Bourbon butter pecan ice cream used at Marrow in Oakland

They have a similar shake at Lucky Devil's in Hollywood.

Double 8 Dairy Buffalo Milk Soft Serve, Bi-Rite Creamery 18th St, SF available Daily

I had some sort of Buffalo Milk Soft Serve back in January. It didn't do anything for me, but then I'm no fan of Bi-Rite.

Goat Cuisine in the Bay Area

They have a curry every Friday. They seem to rotate chicken, catfish, lamb, vegetarian and goat. You have to check their website. No social media at the MFC! Today they were planning an eggplant curry. I missed out because my office catered a lunch from Trex. The brisket and cole slaw were really good, the pulled pork not so good.

Doughnut Alert: This Wednesday Only at The Cheese Board in Berkeley

They are experimenting with lots of new things. CB Pizza has a dessert every Saturday. For Valentine's Day they had the prettiest almond meringue dacquoise with a raspberry mousse and a raspberry/rose coulis topped with a single rose petal. Their flourless chocolate cake is excellent. If I am in town, I always go to see what dessert and what salad they have.

Doughnut Alert: This Wednesday Only at The Cheese Board in Berkeley

I think I had a similar concoction at the last Berkeley Streets Sunday. I recall that it was good as are many of their baked goods. If I had seen your post earlier I would have made a trip down Shattuck from the office.

Was this the last day or the only day?

Goat Cuisine in the Bay Area

As luck would have it I just had a big mound of goat curry at the Men's Faculty Club on the UC campus. I talked to the cook, who was a sous-chef at the now defunct Bombay Restaurant. I got the last of the batch which meant no big bony pieces and lots of small pieces of tender goat meat in a spicy curry with finely diced serrano chilis in the gravy. It was served with basmati rice and a vegetable saute. For an additional $1.50 you can get a small bowl of any of the salad bar items. I would steer clear of the pakora unless you get them when they are hot.