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Cafe Karla in Berkeley: Burmese food purveyor

There are several of us in that neighborhood: Sydthekid and a guy who lives over near the new Whole Foods.

I'm not aware of any Burmese restaurants in the hood.

ISO Turkey Tails (yes, just tails)

Andronico's on Shattuck had tails a few years ago. They might still have them.

What's up with Acme? [San Francisco]

I had the pain de mie for the 1st time last week. The crumb was not dense but if you cut it with a very sharp knife, it still works for sandwiches. If you want a denser crumb, try the whole wheat or Edible Schoolyard.

I've been buying the little pumpkin loaves, Edible schoolyard, cinnamon bread with nuts, hotdog buns and they have all been as good as ever.

Cafe Karla in Berkeley: Burmese food purveyor

I live 2 blocks away too, neighbor. I think there used to be a commercial kitchen on the ground floor of an apartment building on that block. Is that the one with a big garage in the back where there was an antique store years ago?

Re-thinking Berkeley icons at holiday time

Although in general, I'm not a fan of CB's breads or pizza, I really like the Greek Shepherd's bread they make on Wednesday. Aside from the cheese, I think their strength is in their sweets: sticky buns on Fridays, those little sweet loafs, the bread pudding and the granola. At CB pizza, I like the fruit pies that they make occasionally (pumpkin 2 Saturdays ago) and the salads. For me, the Cheeseboard is a treasure.

Favorite Ice Cream 2014

Ici had a fantastic black rice/cocoanut ice milk on Tuesday. I opted for chicory whiskey as a reward for having a crown replaced based on the supposition that there is more protein in ice cream than ice milk. Flavor-wise I would have gone for the ice milk but both were excellent.

Dinner close to Cedars Sinai - Public Transit-friendly locations most appreciated

It does help to use a buffet as an ingredients bar. You can make a low rent affogato just about anywhere from coffee and softserve ice cream.

"Worst of 2014" nominations

I can't say it was the worst food of the year, since I wasn't able to actually eat there. The corndog festival at the food truck lot south of market was the worst food experience of the year. It was so crowded and the lines so long that I gave up, though very hungry. I ended up eating spaghetti and meatballs (which reminded me of my mother's version) at Tommy's Joynt.

Crab season is upon us

Has anyone had the whole crab at Great China? At lunch today I saw a woman chowing down on the platter of cracked crab by herself. It sure looked good.

Football Saturday, breakast/brunch...near Berkeley but out of heavy traffic? Must be Veggie Friendly

There used to be shuttle buses running from Rockridge BART. You could walk from the Elmwood.

Great China (Berkeley) still great

Funny you should ask about the chicken curry because I just had it for lunch and it was wonderful. Chicken curry is neither on the lunch or the dinner menu nor on the web menu, but if you ask for it you can get it (at least at lunchtime). One other dish that is mia is the simple beef with tofu and peas. I asked for it once, but it wasn't the same dish and I gave up

Chicken curry is still my favorite dish there with the tea-smoked duck 2nd.

Longbranch Saloon - Berkeley

Don't forget the Berkeley Square a few blocks up University. Mark Naftalin used to be he thouse piano player. Wonder if Bloomfield ever sat in.

Where to buy nama age deep fried tofu in Berkeley?

Thanks. I had to pick up my car near B Bowl on Shattuck and they had exactly what I wanted. Now I just need to decide what to do with that Hodo product, which I didn't care for.

Where to buy nama age deep fried tofu in Berkeley?

Andronico's used to have it, but no more. Monterey Market either was out or don't carry it. I bought some Hodo braised tofu instead but it has 5 spice flavoring and masked the flavor of my duck broth.

Where can I find plain, unflavored nama age?

Thanksgiving Take Out in Berkeley?

I was surprised to see on their website, that they are open 1-7 TG. Their turkey isn't as good as homemade, but it is darn good.

Does anyone know what happened to a shop (that made chocolates and flourless cakes w/ incredible butter cream), which was called "Cocolat," or something similar to that?

Lenny's was still open as late as 1987. I remember going that when I worked in the City. They had the best chops, rivaling what Café Rouge has now.

I still run into the young male butcher who used to flirt with all the women customers. Not sure what else he does, but he dabbles in the antique business.

Does anyone know what happened to a shop (that made chocolates and flourless cakes w/ incredible butter cream), which was called "Cocolat," or something similar to that?

Wasn't Vivoli downtown on Shattuck between Allston and Center? The first place I had gelato.

New pie bakery on upper University Ave, Berkeley [A Dora Pie]

I'd say it was on the high side, but not unreasonable for a good slice of pie. I'll try the Chocolate Silk next time and then decide whether to return. I can't think of anywhere else near downtown that has your basic American pie.

New pie bakery on upper University Ave, Berkeley [A Dora Pie]

Went over there this evening and got a 1/6th pie slice of banana cream pie. A layer of banana slices topped by a layer of a salted caramel banana pudding all on a sturdy crust. I favor a lighter and flakier crust, but the banana pudding was rich and there was a lot of banana underneath. Their pie merits another try.

There are open daily until 7. Slices are $7, whole pies $35. At the end of the day, they had lemon meringue, chocolate silk, banana cream, pecan, pumpkin and apple crumb. They just opened on Sunday.

New pie bakery on upper University Ave, Berkeley [A Dora Pie]

I'll verify the name on my way home from work tonight.

While I was there, they were cutting a slice of pecan pie and there were two whole pies sitting on the counter. I was with others or I would have tried it.

New pie bakery on upper University Ave, Berkeley [A Dora Pie]

Next door to Brazil Cafe. I believe it's called A Dora Pie and today they had lemon meringue, pecan, chocolate dream along with several varieties of cookies. I was on my way to a meeting so no time to try, but it sure smelled good in there.

New Yorker looking for quintessential San Francisco cheap eats 2014

Would your El Faro be the original which also has a branch near the old East Bay terminal (Mission & Fremont?)?

I agree the only burrito/wrap that I crave are Kasa's Kati Rolls. They've been serving at the Sunday North Berkeley Bart Off the Grid.

Anything New by Great American Music Hall? [San Francisco]

Any ideas? Going to a show tonight.

Burmese Kitchen's Special of the Day: Goat Curry [San Francisco]

Not many sightings of goat curry, but I had it for lunch today at a most unlikely spot. I went up to the Men's Faculty Club on the UC Berkeley campus planning to have another rarity, a ham salad sandwich. They had goat curry as a daily special.

The goat was bony and not particularly tender, but the masaman curry sauce was outstanding: dark, dense, complex and very spicy. The goat was only slightly gamey, it was mild actually.

Oatmeal near Moscone Center? [San Francisco]

Wish I had known about The Sentinel Monday. I walked right down that block on my way to Moscone after having a undistiguished bowl at Specialtys.

I'll know better next year, i.e. if I go.

2013 Armenian food festival in Oakland Oct. 4-5

It's that time of year again, this weekend at St. Vartans.

Oatmeal near Moscone Center? [San Francisco]

I was over for a conference Monday and was trying to find a place that had good oatmeal. Is there any place near Market or the Moscone Center?

Morgan Hill Updates?

Anything new in Morgan Hill?

BBQ Teriyaki chicken in El Cerrito

I wish I had known about this. So far I think I like the Alameda Buddhist best with the Alameda Methodists a close second. The Methodists have a bank of bbq grills too.

Best restaurants in SF for 120-person wedding reception dinner and dance party?

Years ago I attended 2 similar receptions at what I think is called The Boathouse near Lake Merritt. There used to be a restaurant over there too. A vague memory.