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Quick dinner near Cobb's Comedy Club [San Francsico]

Yes, I've been to Il Pollaio many times and never remember much of a wait. They make my favorite chicken and the fries and salads are very good too.

Polk St. [San Francisco]

What other desserts do they have? Sugar cream or Chess pie? That's near my friend Dr. Kayo's store. I'd stop in at Rusty's just for the pie.

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

Used to be you could get a decent club sandwich at Lee's in downtown Berkeley. They are now closed and the club I had last Saturday at Lee's on Market and Montgomery couldn't hold a candle to the Berkeley version. At Berkeley they gave you tons of bacon. That, the cranberry sauce and the red onion made the sandwich.

If you are looking for a simple, old school sandwich, try the Men's Faculty Club on the UC campus. Open to the public for
lunch weekdays until 1:30. I especially like the deviled ham aka ham salad. Comes with chips, celery and carrot sticks, olives, pickles, pepperoncini. $6.50

Bourbon butter pecan ice cream used at Marrow in Oakland

They have a similar shake at Lucky Devil's in Hollywood.

Double 8 Dairy Buffalo Milk Soft Serve, Bi-Rite Creamery 18th St, SF available Daily

I had some sort of Buffalo Milk Soft Serve back in January. It didn't do anything for me, but then I'm no fan of Bi-Rite.

Goat Cuisine in the Bay Area

They have a curry every Friday. They seem to rotate chicken, catfish, lamb, vegetarian and goat. You have to check their website. No social media at the MFC! Today they were planning an eggplant curry. I missed out because my office catered a lunch from Trex. The brisket and cole slaw were really good, the pulled pork not so good.

Doughnut Alert: This Wednesday Only at The Cheese Board in Berkeley

They are experimenting with lots of new things. CB Pizza has a dessert every Saturday. For Valentine's Day they had the prettiest almond meringue dacquoise with a raspberry mousse and a raspberry/rose coulis topped with a single rose petal. Their flourless chocolate cake is excellent. If I am in town, I always go to see what dessert and what salad they have.

Doughnut Alert: This Wednesday Only at The Cheese Board in Berkeley

I think I had a similar concoction at the last Berkeley Streets Sunday. I recall that it was good as are many of their baked goods. If I had seen your post earlier I would have made a trip down Shattuck from the office.

Was this the last day or the only day?

Goat Cuisine in the Bay Area

As luck would have it I just had a big mound of goat curry at the Men's Faculty Club on the UC campus. I talked to the cook, who was a sous-chef at the now defunct Bombay Restaurant. I got the last of the batch which meant no big bony pieces and lots of small pieces of tender goat meat in a spicy curry with finely diced serrano chilis in the gravy. It was served with basmati rice and a vegetable saute. For an additional $1.50 you can get a small bowl of any of the salad bar items. I would steer clear of the pakora unless you get them when they are hot.

Joe Jung's Garlic Fried Chicken?

Would that have been the same intersection as Orange Land, my paw paw's favorite produce store?

Yahoo Says Best Chinese "Restaurant" In California is Something Called The Chairman Truck

I really liked their duck bao. It might have had daikon and pickled vegetables on it. I had it at one of those Berkeley street fairs. Unfortunately, at Alameda Point, they never have it. If I came upon them at some event, I would definitely order it again, but I wouldn't travel just to get one.

Corned Beef for St. Patrick's Day

$8.29/lb at Berkeley Bowl today. I bought a small flat cut. I had no choice. I cooked the $2.99 Safeway point cut last night and it was tasteless.

Looking for Best Yogurt in the Bay Area

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Fage is whipped up nothing. I much prefer Voskos which is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Voskos is really creamy and mild. They used to make a fig yogurt which I would eat all winter. Andronico's and Berkeley Bowl have only the large tubs of plain. Whole Foods has the small single servings in fruit flavors, all of which are good but none great. I just like the consistency. Monterey Market doesn't carry it.

Do people really (and I mean "really") like Girl Scout Cookies?

No I don't really like GS cookies, but yes I do buy them.

My business involves recognizing value where others don't. On the 1st, I happened to be at a big Norcal antique market. There was a seller there from Nevada. I was very pleased to see that the varieties of cookies his young daughter was selling were different from the mediocre ones we can get in SF. I kind of liked one of the two previously unknown-to-me varieties: a vanilla cookie topped with "peanut butter" and covered in chocolate. On some days at the office I preferred those to the sublime chocolate dipped macaroons from Le Bedaine.

Come on. They're only $5/box. Isn't it too early for bah humbug?

Restaurants in Columbus, OH

Recommendations, but Skyline definitely would count and I have indulged on 5-6 visits to OHIO. I probably won't have a car.

Mar 11, 2015
chocolatetartguy in Great Lakes

Black Cuisine Festival [San Francisco]

Not me. I ended having lunch at 20th Century Cafe, the antithesis of the Black Food Festival. While my nettle soup and beet/fennel/etc salad were good, I think I would have been better served at the festival, or for that matter Tadich Grill.

Restaurants in Columbus, OH

I'm thinking about attending an event at the Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel, 50 North Third Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio. I'm most interested in eating local food that I can't get in the SF Bay Area.

Is this location at all near any Skyline Chili outlet?

Mar 11, 2015
chocolatetartguy in Great Lakes

No cheap corned beef this year?

I was nextdoor to Safeway in Albany this morning. The house brand point cuts for 2.99/lb with a club card. Flat cuts were 3.99/lb. I bought a 2.5 lb. true point just to be sure of having one in the frig.

Grocery Outlet - March 2015

I tried the 2nd St. chocolate fudge in a dish and in a milkshake. It's too sweet although there is a lot of fudge.

Black Cuisine Festival [San Francisco]

It's in Hunter's Point this weekend. They are closing off several blocks. Anyone ever attend?

Why Don't the Chinese Eat Outside?

Not true. On Cemetery Day, the family associations will have a whole roast pig, chow mein, fried chicken, etc and serve them to the attendees on paper plates. I think that some food would also be offered to the ancestors at the grave sites.

Seeking advice on packaged sliced ham

I like the Smithfield thinly sliced ham slices for sandwiches.

Why are they standing in line ?

I was there sitting in line on those hard stone steps for what seemed like eons. I remember having a particularly good Cajun Prime Rib plate, but nothing else. And I had no martinis.

Bec's Bistro Berkeley

There was when it was a music store. There was a loft like area where I bought Beatles 45's.

Any new places in the Castro district? [San Francisco]

I did try the Chinese chicken salad at Slurp when I couldn't bear another sandwich or wrap type thing. It was dominated by hard, fried noodles. Not the best thing for someone who had just had a root canal the week before. I would have preferred a lot of greens. Slurp was very busy on Sunday evening, so they are popular.

I tried to find M&L sandwiches but may have been looking on the wrong street?

A. G. Ferrari (sp?) had two for one coupons (new ownership?), so my business partner and I went there twice. He liked the meatball marinara. The turkey with fig jam and ricotta was good. Really liked the coppa in the coppa and provolone, but sharp provolone in San Francisco just isn't the same as sharp provolone in Philadelphia.

Favorite meals in the Castro were again at Kasa. I really like the Keema Muttar (ground turkey with peas). It's really juicy.

The 1st Saturday, had to go to the Sunset to meet two customers. I brought back food from San Tung and coffee cake from Arizmendi. That and the meals I ate in the east bay before leaving for the city at 3 were my favorite of the week. Rossi's is a reliable fall back.

I never have time for a real meal. I did have a reasonable salad and a pleasant blood orange lemonade at Slider Bar while I watched the 1st half of the Patriots/Colts game. The slider itself did nothing for me.

Taking advantage of an airmiles/dining rewards offer to spend $30 at qualifying SF restaurant in exchange for 2K United miles. Which are worth visiting?

I haven't been in years, but used to like US Restaurant even in its current location.

Saturday breakfast spot in East Bay: Good food, Not too crowded

Don't they serve egg dishes too. Love their carne molida and the fiery, watery green sauce

Sports bar in the Castro? [San Francisco]

I called Harvey's and they said that very likely one of their 5 TV's would be tuned to the game. Go Patriots!

Does anyone know the name of the famous long time seafood restaurant in Boston. I think it is in Fanuiel (sp?) Hall.

Tacos El Ojo de Agua? [San Francisco]

And the atoles. I haven't seen that truck near Fruitvale BART in a long time.

Sports bar in the Castro? [San Francisco]

Now I have to find a spot to watch the Patriots this coming Sunday. I'll be tethered to the Castro Theater so the closer, the better. I only need to see the 2nd half. Of course, if the food is OK, I could eat at the bar.