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If anybody is still interested in Summerlicious 2014, menus posted at...

Have done Canoe for lunch with the kids (started when they were 8 and 12) for Summerlicious a few times. The service has always been excellent and the staff seem to be really happy when the kids enjoy the meals. The staff go out of their way to make sure the kids are enjoying themselves. Yes getting reservations at Canoe can be a frustrating experience but if you can get one.....

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

+1 Ginsberg and Wong. Does anyone remember what was in their French burger? That was my go-to meal. Loved their physically huge menus!

Where to get frisee lettuce?

McEwens has this at the shops at don mills.

Ignorant Yank Invades Toronto

have to agree, starfish is good. You might also want to consider going to the St. Lawrence market and there is a fishmonger at the back who will shuck them for you and then you can enjoy (about $1.00 an oyster). Origin on Church and King had some amazing oysters in a yuzu dressing. Again, not close to Yorkville but if you are in the area........ The Cookbook store is near Yorkville though.

Summerlicious apparently blown off by Chowhounders...??

Had 2 great experiences this year. Dinner at Colborne Lane - desert was fantastic! Lunch at Canoe and I have to say the service was great! The manager of our dining area gave us excellent service!

made-from-scratch lemonade or iced tea- 2012

Best iced tea I had was at Perigee restaurant (which unfortunately is no more). Asked the waiter how he made it and he used Blend 103 from Tea Emporium. Give it a try!