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40th Birthday Venue for 30+ ppl

Hi all-
I am looking for some suggestions for a restaurant or bar to hold my husband's 40th birthday party. I would like to do cocktails and passed appetizers, and would prefer a private room or one that is somewhat separate from the main restaurant/bar area. Any neighborhood is fine. I don't have a budget in mind, but don't want to break the bank, so no fine dining! Thanks very much.

Feb 14, 2008
oisselad in Manhattan

Thanksgiving in Manhattan

Artisanal. Lively atmosphere, choice of entrees (trad thanksgiving meal or several other choices). Amazing cheese fondue! We went last year and are going back this year. $62 per person.

Oct 29, 2007
oisselad in Manhattan

Need 3 great DC dinners

Thanks everyone! I have made reservations at Dino, Blacksalt (hope to try the tasting menu) and Central.

Thanks again for all the great ideas!

Need 3 great DC dinners

Great call. Thanks so much everyone! How did anyone ever find good eats before CH?!

Need 3 great DC dinners

Thank you everyone! Now I am even more confused! Going to stick with Dino for one night, Central for one night, and the third night is going to be either Hook or Blacksalt (we love seafood). Thanks again! Actually, one more question. Blacksalt looks kind of out of the way. How far is it from G'town, if we wanted to grab a drink after dinner? Walkable?

Good Pub Grub Near Lee, MA?

My husband and I are heading to the Berkshires this weekend, staying in Lee. Our Friday night must include some Red Sox baseball! Are there any restaurants with nice bar areas where we could eat while watching the game? Thanks!

Need 3 great DC dinners

My husband and I will be visiting DC from NYC in November for 3 nights, staying in Foggy Bottom. After lots of research on this site, I think I have decided on Dino and DC Coast, but need a 3rd rec. We don't mind spending up for a great meal. We would really like someplace lively, nothing formal. We love to walk and have no problem taking the Metro or a cab for something great. Thanks!