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Does anyone have the scoop on Table 17, Queen East

has anyone been?

Restaurant Beaches Question

I went to Michelle's last night for dinner and have to say it was one of the worst experiences we have had. We first went to Whitlocks, sat down asked for a Mojitos and were told...."naaaa not right now", so we went to Michelles. I was excited when we first went to the back patio, it looked great back there. They have a one page menu with about 15 choices on it for apps and mains....they were out of about half of there menu! Our server was the worst part of the meal...he was pretty much not there for most of the meal, and when he was, he was trying to be a comedian, he never once asked us how our meal was (not that great), just constant with the bad jokes. I would not recommend this place to anyone. The beaches needs a great place so badly, and this is not it!

Bachelorette Party Dinner in August

I am looking for a good place for my bachelorette party dinner, going out after. Want to sit on a patio, eat some good food and drink! I am open to all kinds of food, thought there will be a couple vegetarians with me. Medium budget. Maybe even bring some of my own wine. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Toronto's Best Italian?!?


Best pulled pork?

House on Parliment at Carlton& Parliment, is one of the best pulled porks I have ever had!