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Do you remember vanilla popsicles?

To all you Babyboomers who know the taste of a Twin Pop BANANA POPSICLE from the 50's and 60's and can't find that remarkable taste anywhere; I would like to offer you a recipe to duplicate the unforgettable wonderful icy treat in you own home. I couldn't find the recipe so I made my own. I believe it is as close as anything you can find. I am talking about the Twin Popsicle that had 2 flat sticks and our moms often broke our hearts when she broke it in half to make us share our beloved treat with someone else. This is not a pudding pop or any of the other things I have read about from the younger generation on this web site. This is the icy treat we enjoyed years ago. If you would like a copy of my recipe send a request to my email. My email address is

Jul 19, 2012
boots723 in General Topics