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Patisserie Didier Dumas in Nyack

They are great - everything is beautiful and delicious!!

Rockland County - Whole Lamb for Greek Easter

Anyone have any suggestions for a place to purchase a whole lamb (butchered) for Greek Easter. I live in Nyack, so Rockland or Westchester would be easiest.

I have used Steve's Meat in the past and they are great but they said they are so overwhelmed with "regular" Easter orders they could not accept my order yet.

McDonalds coffee…hmmm…not impressed...

I think their coffee is just ok but by me, McDonalds coffee hot or iced is $1 - that and the drive through make it an easy choice

Jun 08, 2014
Mairebk1 in Chains

Top 10 Most Overblown Food/Beverage Trends

I disagree wit the OP saying it is impossible to confit vegetables.

Confit comes from the French verb confire (to prepare), The older usage of the words actually refers to cooking in oil or sugar water.

I know in today's usage it is almost synonymous with duck confit but there are other confits.

Feb 28, 2014
Mairebk1 in General Topics

Where to Eat - first time in Houston.

Thanks for the replies...sorry I did not see the other post.

I will be in Houston for 4 nights for a training class so I will be busy 9-4. I live outside of NYC so I have access to great restaurants but would like to get a "taste of Texas"....

I will not have car and am staying in the Brookhollow area...
Thanks in advance

Dec 10, 2013
Mairebk1 in Houston

Where to Eat - first time in Houston.

I will be in Houston, Texas, for business in January 2014.
Never been to Houston (or Texas for that matter).
Where should I eat?
Not looking for fancy - good local places please.

Dec 09, 2013
Mairebk1 in Houston

Monk Fruit Sweetener - who's tried it?

I tried it and it was not bad, very similar in taste to Splenda - no aftertaste.

I also tried and HATED Stevia.

Nov 18, 2013
Mairebk1 in General Topics

Athens, Santorini & Istanbul Recs needed

Love Oia village and there are so many really good places to eat like Taverna Katina and Santorini Mou.

The most surprising one was the gyro stand by the bus station!! No kidding one of the best gyro I have ever tasted.

Apr 18, 2013
Mairebk1 in Europe

Need suggestions--appetizer or finger foods--Irish, or just green!

Please no fake green food (green beer for example) makes my Irish ancestors cry...

Feb 24, 2013
Mairebk1 in Home Cooking

Need suggestions--appetizer or finger foods--Irish, or just green!

How about mini shepard's pies, sausage rolls, potato and salmon pancakes with a dill creme...

Feb 24, 2013
Mairebk1 in Home Cooking

Vacation in East Falmouth, Ma - Where to Eat


I am spending a week in East Falmouth, MA.

I am looking for a few good restaurant recommendations, hopefully from locals or regular summer people. Good food, not too fancy....I like to stay simple on vacation.

Jul 19, 2012
Mairebk1 in Southern New England