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R.I.P. Bob Mervine

I'm a Brit and only came across this site a couple of months ago while researching for a trip to FL.

I found here an ocean of incredibly well-informed people, but standing head and shoulders above the rest was Bob Mervine. Always ready with a fantastic idea, a sensational insight into food culture and notably, the definitive saveur of all things Floridian.

I wasn't fortunate enough to chat with Bob but I could tell how much he meant to others. He provided me with dozens of great ideas and I'll eat in his honor when I get to Florida in December.

My best wishes to Sally and to all who knew him. Bob was truly a great man.

Oct 29, 2007
stormywhether in Site Talk

Great eateries in Pompano Beach?

Thanks everyone for all the top recommendations. We're staying at the Wyndham Palm-Aire which is kinda outta town so we'll be doing PLENTY of driving (which is a shame, since both myself and pops enjoy a beer, so we'll just have to toss a coin since mama ain't playing ball when it comes to driving in FL!)

I guess we all love trying new stuff - we're all into Mexican, Greek, burger/rib joints, international fare, that kinda thing. All these recommendations are fly!

Great eateries in Pompano Beach?

Am a travelling Brit heading over to FL and specifically lodging for a week in Pompano Beach.

Taking the folks with me because they absolutely love America, specifically the microbreweries and theme parks (what a dream combination!)

Anyway I'm tasked with the enjoyable duty of hunting down some great places to eat. We're generally the downhome type, not bothered about anywhere too fancy - good wholesome food (by that I mean anything tasty, not grains and pulses!) is the way forward.

Anyone got any great recommendations for this area? Had a good scout round the board but didn't find anything specific to PB.

Thanks a million - great site!