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bottled bbq sauce

I have to agree with this one, Dancing Pigs is really good. I would put it above Corky's hands down. The spicy is really good, but it has a real kick to it. I tend to prefer my sauce with a bit less of kick, at least when I'm using it for BBQ.

I also really like Central BBQ, although their prices are outrageous for the sauce mail-order style.

If you happen to be in Memphis, it is worth picking it up.

Jun 24, 2009
wonderin32 in General Topics

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork question

My method is pretty simple:
1. Rub the pork shoulder the night before with rub
2. Take it out a minimum of 1 hour before putting in the cooker, preferably 2 hours.
3. Put in the cooker with a mix of 1 part BBQ sauce to 2 parts water. For a ~7 lb piece of pork I use about 2 cups of liquid at first.
4. Cook for 1 hour on high.
5. Turn over at 1 hour, add 1/2 cup of liquid with the same ratio as above, and cook on low for ~7 hours.

When you pull it out at the end, it should pretty much fall apart. I then remove the liquid, pull and put back into the cooker with some sauce on warm for an hour.

Oh, and I also add a tablespoon of liquid smoke at the beginning. For sauce, I use Memphis BBQ sauces, Dancing Pigs if I have any, if not then Corky's. Not easy to find outside of the south, but worth it.

Feb 25, 2009
wonderin32 in Home Cooking

JW Marriott Desert Ridge Restaurants

My wife and I are coming to AZ around July 4th and have a gift certificate for a dinner for 2 at a JW Marriott restaurant. Does anyone have any experience with Meritage or Tuscany there? I'm told that we can't use it at the non-hotel properties (I'm guessing Roy's). How about the other places there as we'll be there for a few days.


Jun 17, 2008
wonderin32 in Southwest

ISO Coney Island Hot Dogs - In/Near Bloomfield Hills

There is also a Leo's on Maple and Telegraph in Bloomfield Hills. It is pretty good and quick.

It might be worth the drive downtown to Lafayette Coney Island downtown. It is a true Detroit experience.

Saturday Night In Rome

We'll be in Rome Saturday night before venturing out Sunday through Tuesday and we need a place for dinner on Saturday night. We're staying near the Villa Borghese; and are looking for a reasonably priced dinner. Probably max out at about 50 Euros per person including wine, but we're willing to push that up if the place is worth it.

If there are any suggestions for the areas surrounding Rome, we would be up for that. We're staying in Tivoli for 2 nights, but will have a car and will be driving around the area.


Nov 15, 2007
wonderin32 in Italy

Money to spend in Detroit for my Birthday.

Tribute might be an option for lunch, and not that much money. Most entrees were under $20 when I was there, although I would imagine it is quite a different experience from dinner. The food is very good, as is the service.

Not sure of too many other options here that are really fabulous. I've likely Northern Lakes Seafood, but don't think it will knock your socks off.

David Burke's Primehouse?

I was there last weekend, and it was very good, not exceptional. We had the Caesar Salad to start, which was very good. Enjoyed the tableside presentation and the ability to customize the toppings a little bit. Also had the Lobster Bisque which was very good, not too heavy. For entrees we had the 40-day ribeye, they also had a 55-day on the specials menu. It was very good, a tiny bit overcooked, medium as opposed to medium rare. A few sides, spinach (good), mushrooms (ok), hashbrowns (also ok). We never got the steak sauces, which i would have liked to have at least tasted. Of course, we didn't realize it until the end. The cheesecake lollipops were great for dessert, the doughnuts were less good but sounded great.
Ended up at ~$150pp with wine and everything. Generally I'd rather go elsewhere than a steakhouse for that kind of money, but it was worth the experience, although I doubt i'd be back.

Jun 14, 2007
wonderin32 in Chicago Area

Floridino's - Chandler

The calzones are pretty good and huge. Not the best calzone ever, but more than respectable.

I believe the lunch special is something like $4.99 for a 2-filling calzone with a drink. It can get crowded during lunch, especially on Fridays. Definitely one of the better lunch deals in the area. We used to go pretty regularly when I worked in the area.

Mar 13, 2007
wonderin32 in Phoenix

oslo sushi - detroit

the internet tells me this:

I'm disappointed since I'm new in town and hadn't made it there yet.

Tribute Lunch? (Detroit)

If anyone remains curious about this. I went today for lunch, and I felt like they weren't trying their best to impress. The food was good, but certainly wasn't to the level that I expected.

The restaurant itself was very nice, quiet despite it being totally booked. The room was pretty empty when we got there (noon) and a little more full when we left. The service was great from beginning to end, so that was as expected. The menu was fairly short as I had expected, the $20 includes Soup or Salad or Dessert with an Entree. 2 are available of Soup, Salad and Dessert, so the choice really lies in the 8 entrees.

I started with the Corn Chowder, which was ok, a bit oily, although the bacon added some nice texture and flavor to it. Otherwise it was pretty plain and disappointing. My wife has the Yukon Gold Potato Soup, which had Truffle Oil. It smelled of the truffle oil and was quite heavy, but nothing spectactular. The presentation was nice, presenting warm bowls and pouring the soup in.

For entrees, I had the Grilled Bistro Steak (short end of the tenderloin) with potatoes, mushrooms and red wine sauce. There was a good amount of steak, 2 fingerling potatoes, maybe 2 mushrooms and a small drizzle of sauce. The steak was very good, cooked pretty much perfectly, maybe a tiny bit over med-rare. The mushrooms were also nice and crispy and I would have liked more. The potatoes were pretty bland. My wife had the Roasted Salmon with tomatoes (2 small slices), pearl pasta, balsamic syrup and herb oil. It was also just ok. Good size piece of fish, cooked well, eveything else was fine.

We actually ended up ordering the Fudge Brownie with milk shake for dessert. The brownie had fruit in it, not on the menu. It was ok, very rich and like a flourless cake.

I'd say the lunch is worth it, but just barely. I think you get far less than 100% effort from the restaurant for lunch, and I didn't leave with the urgency to go back for dinner that I had hoped for.

Michael's at the Citadel (Scottsdale)

We tried going to a few places before we ended up at Michael’s at the Citadel on Sunday morning. First, Café Ted (at the Citadel), but it was closed for the holiday. Then Kashman’s, which was overcrowded. Finally, we decided on Michael’s, which I remembered my wife going to at some point for brunch, but I had never been.

First Impression: The service was good from walking through the door. We were greeted and sat quickly. The space is separated out into several rooms and we appeared to be in one of the main ones. The room was nice and pretty empty, with just a few other tables. Complimentary croissants, scones and a muffin are left at the table. I only had the croissant, but it was very good. The menu was very interesting, mostly standard brunch fare, but with a twist. I had a tough time deciding, but eventually settled on the Chicken-Chorizo "Quesadilla" with Easy Eggs & Pico de Gallo, while my wife had the Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs on Potato Pancake & Chive Beurre Blanc, with the Beurre Blanc on the side.

The Meal: The food came after a short wait, and was presented nicely. My “Quesadilla” was excellent. Two tortillas with chorizo between them and an egg that fit perfectly over the tortillas. Fried tortillas as garnish and an excellent salsa (really not pico) that had a nice kick to it. I was very impressed with this and could have eaten a few of them. My wife’s Salmon Scramble was presented beautifully on top of a potato pancake with everything standing up. Luckily it tasted as good as it looked. Enough salmon in it without being overpowering and the eggs were well cooked (of course they had to be to stand like that).

Overall: The food was very good and for what you pay, it wasn’t much more than Kashman’s or anyplace else. It was enough that I’d go back to the restaurant and have another meal other than brunch to try it. A good way to test out a place, even if it is very different from the regular menu.

One note: The actual menu was a little different from the Internet one, the most expensive dish was a lobster omelet instead of the filet version. There were also fewer Salads & Sandwiches.

Dec 27, 2006
wonderin32 in Southwest

Wildfish Seafood Grille (Scottsdale)

Took a recent trip back to Scottsdale and actually took a moment to write about some of the places that i went. Here is one posted with another to come. More info in the link, if you care.

We chose Wildfish to take our gracious host to as we had done the Eddie V’s thing and few times and enjoyed it and wanted to try the sibling. It is a nice room, a bit cramped as we found out, but it looks nice upon entering with a big bar in the middle and is entirely non-smoking. It looks less formal than Eddie V’s, but the prices don’t reflect it.

First Impressions: The menu is basically a carbon copy of Eddie V’s, so looking at it we knew what the expect. When our waiter came over he mentioned he was in the Management Training program and it was his first night on the floor, no net apparent either. He was having a rough go, but was very good with getting us whatever we needed and chatting. Unfortunately they were out of 2 of the specials, Wild King Salmon and the Bone-In Filet, but other things sounded interesting. Instead of going to Appetizers and so on, we just did Entrees with salads, sides and dessert. Plenty of food for 3 hungry people.

Salads: I had the Iceberg Wedge (small version), which was plenty big and had lots of blue cheese. The tomatoes weren’t the best, not surprisingly, but everything else was good. Apparently the Apple Salad is very popular, my wife got it and everyone said it was their favorite from the staff (waiter and expo). She liked it very much.

Wine: We had trouble choosing a wine, and despite 2 of us ordering fish, went with a red. Peter Lehmann 2003 GSM, which was excellent. It went very well with the meal and was very reasonably priced.

Entrees: I had the Sautéed New-Zealand Grouper with Jonah Crab and a Lemon-Chive Butter. It was very good and a big portion. The fish was nicely crusted and stacked filet upon filet with bits of crab on top and the sauce present, but not overpowering. I was very impressed with the preparation. My wife had the Lightly Smoked Atlantic Salmon, which was also very good. A tiny smoky flavor to it and a nice piece of fish, not too big either, nice and thick. Our other friend had a filet, which to my surprise was better than expected (I’m like Ribeye). It was cooked maybe slightly under, but was a beautiful piece of meat, which was to be expected.

Sides: Against our waiter’s recommendations we did three sides, as we’ve had them before and like them. Brabant potatoes were perfectly crispy with just the little bits of onions in the dish that make it good. Maybe a smaller portion than last time, but great. Truffled Macaroni & Cheese “Gratinata” was nice a creamy with shaved black truffles on top. I know they weren’t fresh truffles (for the cost alone), but they added a nice flavor of truffles to the dish without being overpowering. It had a nice crust on it from the oven and fit the bill for me. Finally Steamed Asparagus with Hollandaise. It was pretty much as expected, I think we’ve all had this before. The hollandaise was pretty bland.

Dessert: I was stuffed, but dessert was in order. Some of the desserts take about 15-20 minutes, so order early. We had the Hot Chocolate Godiva Cake, rich chocolate, but not too much with a bit of vanilla ice cream on the side. I only wanted a bite and it hit the spot for finishing the meal. Also, the Hot Apple & Cinnamon Cobbler was a hit. It went away amazingly fast for as much food as we had consumed.

Overall, I’d go back, and would like to hit the Happy Hour. I think the food is good and well prepared, although the room is a bit cramped (see below). Service was good, but not great. We all enjoyed it and similar to Eddie V’s, think that the place is a solid choice for a good meal that isn’t too crazy. I just hope when they make changes to the Roaring Fork, it stays the same.

One Note on the service: They sat a party of 20 next to us during the meal. They actually converted 2 tables into 1 huge one with the use of a large metal piece that fit on the table. It was pretty distracting and they didn’t seem to know what they were doing. Being about 2 feet away from the backside of various waiters for 15 minutes while they set-up was a bit disappointing for this type of place.

Dec 27, 2006
wonderin32 in Southwest

Tribute Lunch? (Detroit)

Has anyone been to Tribute for the December Lunch yet? Curious to hear if it is worth the trip.

PHX: Steakhouse rec's

I'd recommend either Drinkwater's or Mastro's. I think locally both are a bit better than Capital Grille. I've had the Ribeye there a couple of times and it is really fantastic. As is the Gorgonzola Mac & Cheese.

The downside could be that both have some of the Scottsdale scene to them though, younger and less of it at Drinkwater's though.

Dec 11, 2006
wonderin32 in Southwest

Rocky's of Northville, Michigan

For some reason, I can't edit my original post, but here it is. It is in Michigan, outside of Detroit.

Rocky's of Northville, Michigan

It was my wife’s birthday last week and I wanted to take her someplace new, but not break the bank. I looked around the web a bit and had a tough time deciding, finally settling on Rocky’s of Northville. It looked like it would be a good value and was a little different than a lot of the standard places that are around.

First Impressions: We got there a few minutes late and the place was much busier than we expected, especially on a night that everyone seemed to be fearing the coming “storm”. We had a 7:30 reservation and were seated immediately. The place is decorated for Christmas, but tastefully. We had a booth with a view of the front room and could hear the music in the bar area a little bit. The place was pretty big and emptied out a bit as the night went on.

After some waiting and debating, we decided that we would both be having meat and got a bottle of Rock Rabbit Shiraz. The wine menu was very reasonable with a good mix of bottles and glasses. Lots of wine in the $25->$40 range, and maybe half the bottles available by the glass.

Wine: We got the wine shortly after and it was pretty good. The glasses on the other hand were really bad, just poorly designed for drinking and cheap. The lip was too far in and you had to almost turn it upside down to drink it. We asked for other glasses and the white glasses were better, by a little.

Appetizer: Then our appetizer came, a Smoked Salmon Pate spoon. A little spoon of smoked salmon mixed with boursin cheese, it was very good and served with crackers. Just a little something to snack on while we waited.

Soups: Shortly thereafter, our soups came (all entrees come with either Soup or Salad, a nice deal), Black Bean soup for me and New England Clam Chowder for my wife. I love Black Bean soup and this was a great version. It had some andouille sausage in it, which added a really nice spice. Good and thick, and an unfortunately small cup. I could eat this again and again. My wife’s Clam Chowder was good, but nothing special. It was pretty thin and had little texture to it. A few clams, but not much else.

Mains: After our soups, our entrees came out. I had one of the specials: Venison London Broil and Pan Seared Scallops with Sweet Potatoes, Roasted Butternut Squash, Green Beans, Mint/Apple Salad. The venison was cooked medium-rare, but lacked any real good flavor to it. I used the sauce and it was pretty good, but lacked something extra. There were 2 scallops that came with it (I have no idea why other than the venison portion was pretty small) and they were good. Well cooked, fresh, but could have used a sauce to go with them. The sweet potatoes were very good, mashed and served under the venison. I could barely get to the Squash, but the little I had was very good. My wife had the Beef Short-Ribs with Mashed Potatoes. The ribs were perfectly cooked, nice and tender, but again lacked a little something. My wife said that she thought the chef was afraid of using his spices, and I would have to agree with that. The mashed potatoes were ok, but nothing special. The sauce was good, but again, missed something.

As it was a birthday dinner, dessert was next. We had a Saunders Cream Puff with Moose Tracks Ice Cream. It was good, but I wished the puff was a bit softer. And we were stuffed at the end.

Overall, we’ll be back there or to Steve and Rocky’s. Everything was good, I’d be back for the soup alone, but the place was just a bit off. A lot of fish on the menu, so I’ll be after the fish on my return visit to try something else. Our server, Carla, was very good, knowledgable about the menu and very willing to help out however she could.

One final note: If it is birthday time, join the Celebrated Guest Club, you get $20 off the birthday meal, plus 2 $15 gift certificates (one for Steve and Rocky’s), all for a cost of $25. Worth it if you think you’ll be going back.
(Website not with updated menu, but it hasn’t changed much


A Month In Scottsdale

Not Chinese, but Chompie's is open on Christmas. It was a madhouse last year.

Not sure about any Chinese places that might be open on Christmas, but I'm sure that some are.

Dec 02, 2006
wonderin32 in Southwest

Lelli's of Auburn Hills

We went out with the whole family for my wife’s birthday dinner Saturday night. As the group is getting pretty big, it was suggested that we go to Lelli’s. I’d never heard of it, but heard that the original burned down in past, perhaps under mysterious circumstances, but I have no idea.

First impressions: The new Lelli’s is massive and in Auburn Hills, right around the corner from the Silverdome. We were in a back room with a few other big groups, and the place was maybe half full. It looks like a big Italian restaurant would, if it were trying remake its history in a new suburban building.

We were a bit late and bread was on the table when we got there. Big round rolls that were nice and crispy. We each ordered drinks, apparently the martini was good, my Maker’s & Ginger seemed to lack much Maker’s.

Lelli’s has a deal where pretty much everything comes with it (Antipasto, Salad, Soup, etc.). It is really an Italian sort of steakhouse. My wife and I after talking about it ordered the Chateaubriand, as neither had had it before and it was for two. They also had a dinner “rollback” menu that had lower prices than the regular menu, which made almost everything a good deal. After ordering the procession of food started:

Antipasto Platter: Pretty basic platter, one piece of each item for each person, cheese, salami, shrimp, olives, hot peppers. It was fine, a good little bit to snack on while waiting for the meal. They certainly don’t go overboard on this.

Salad: This was good, but pretty plain and small. Nothing that was unexpected.

Minestrone Soup: The soup was good, lots of vegetables in it and some bits of pasta. It was hot and fresh, again, nothing to write home about, but good.

Pasta: Because we got the Chateaubriand, we got a different pasta than everyone else. Everyone else got Spaghetti Bolognese, which must have been pretty good as everyone finished it. The plates were pretty small, as expected. We got something else. Penne with a tomato cream sauce, it was quite good. My mind is blank on what kind of sauce it was.

Main: And finally the prize came. It is supposedly, Prepared and Sliced, at tableside. Well, they brought out 2 pieces of Chateaubriand, poured some “Zip” sauce over it and cut it into a few pieces. It wasn’t elegant that is for sure. We ordered it Medium and were told that they cook to the rare side. Our meat was definitely to the done side of Medium, some of it might have been Medium, other bits were Well Done. It seemed this way around the table. That said, the less cooked pieces were really good. Tender, as expected, and flavorful. We got several sides, carrots (good), green beans (good), and potatoes (very good). The potatoes were mashed with cheese. They were rich and flavorful

Dessert: Spumoni comes with it. It was pretty good, but nothing special. By then we were all pretty full so not much need for it.

Overall, the food was good and the company was too. A good place for groups and pretty fair prices, especially on the rollback menu.

One note was that it definitely felt like they were trying to get us out of there as fast as possible. Plates were being cleared as soon as people were finishing their last bites of plates. We had to ask after the 3rd course to please slow down so that we could enjoy our meal. Lots of staff helping out and a few were worse about this than others. I like for all plates to be cleared when everyone is done, but maybe that’s just me.

Slow's BBQ - Detroit (long)

In the interest of getting more about Detroit on here, here is the first of what are hopefully many reviews of local places.

I’ve been looking for good bar-b-que since I left Memphis nearly 10 years ago. I’ve found lots of places to eat, but few places that do it well. Most is edible, but little makes me want to go back again. I guess most people haven’t been to a real BBQ place and are happy to make Famous Dave’s successful and many other small places too. I’d heard about Slow’s online and convinced my wife it would be a good trip to make. It was about 30-35 minutes from our house, and my first time driving the route....

First Impressions: My first time in the old Tiger Stadium area, and while it looked a little run-down it definitely wasn’t what people had led me to believe. I wish that place were still open, I keep hearing about seeing a ballgame there. They offer valet parking (at $7), but we parked across 14th Street in an empty lot. Our car was still there when we left.

You walk into Slow’s through a big wooden door that doesn’t give much of an idea of what to expect. We walked into a modern looking place, light wood everywhere and a very inviting bar. We left our names and were told there would be about a 45 minute wait. I thought, no problem, they have a huge list of bourbons and beers that I want to taste.

We ordered 2 drinks, one Booker’s that was a great pour and more than I expected and a Capitan/Diet. Booker's is pretty smooth for what it is, but still has a nice bite and flavor, moreso than Baker's. Not an everyday Bourbon, but a perfect drink. Soon after we found seats at the bar and decided to order an appetizer.

BBQ Wings: 4 good sized real wings that were covered in spices and had a great smoky taste to them. They had been finished on the grill to give them a good char and that grilled flavor. It was a good sized appetizer, probably comparable to 10 wings in another bar, and it let us taste the sauces for the first time. My wife preferred the Spicy Sauce, I liked the Spicy+Sweet combination with the Wings. The mustard sauce was good, but not for the wings, same with the Apple BBQ.

After the appetizer, we decided that we might as well eat at the bar since we were comfortable. My wife as ordered a Martini, which she said was very well made. (More on Martini’s later about other places)

Another side note: Chairs with backs are great for actually sitting at the bar and eating. These barstools were great.

Texas Style Beef Brisket: I’ve always found brisket to be incredibly difficult to do. I’m always disappointed in how it comes out and usually need to cover it in sauce to make it edible. This was not the case at Slow’s. The meat was tender and smoky, and didn’t need any sauce to be good. It was even better with a bit of sauce and as leftovers the next day. The size of the portion was great, probably nearly a pound of meat on the plate. I thought the sweet sauce went really well with this and the mustard sauce also. The spicy was a bit much for the brisket.

Chicken Strut: My wife was convinced by the Wings to order the chicken, and was not disappointed. It was different from the wings, but still very good. It had a great smoky flavor and went really well with all of the sauces. The meat was flavorful and still juicy, really a perfectly done bird. It was a big half-chicken, and we still only had a little bit left to take home.

Mac-n-Cheese: Great side dish, very creamy and heavy, but with good flavor and comes in a nice baked style. Crispy top, clearly something that is at least finished to order.
Beans: overly sweet to me, although some people really like the brown sugar, I prefer less.
Waffle Fries: very crispy fries and had good flavor, not really hot, but that didn’t matter as we finished them
Cornbread: good cornbread, a nice sized slice, but nothing exceptional with it

Overall, a great experience in Detroit. If you’re looking for good bar-b-que, as I know many people are, this place is worth the trip. Still more bourbons and beers left on the list for me to taste, and with that BBQ, I know that I’ll be back for more.

Slow’s Bar-B-Que
PHONE: 313-962-9828
At the corner of Michigan Ave and 14th Street

Nov 30, 2006
wonderin32 in Great Lakes

Review: Hap's Pit Barbecue - Phoenix

I would recommend trying out Waldo's BBQ in Mesa, if you haven't been.

I'll make no claims about the sides or much, but the pulled pork sandwich is pretty good. The sauce is also good, nice consistency, sweet/spicy mix.

There used to be a second location at Scottsdale/Thomas, but it is now a Kinfolk's. I'm not sure if they changed the BBQ they serve there or not.

Oct 25, 2006
wonderin32 in Southwest

best PHX BBQ for TX expat... TODAY!

I would also recommend Waldo's, in Mesa on Main St.

Honey Bear's doesn't do it for me, it is good, but isn't real Memphis BBQ. of course, there isn't much that is.

Oct 13, 2006
wonderin32 in Southwest

Memphis nice dinner

For something really Southern, you might try the Hunt Phelan Inn. It is on Beale Street, just away from the river. Although a cab or driving is advisable given the location.

I've also really enjoyed McEwen's before, and you couldn't go wrong with that.

Nectar's West Bloomfield, MI

Anyone ever been?

I hear good things about both food and drink selection, but haven't actually met anyone who has been. Well, except for the woman in the wine shop they own next door.

komi - regular menu or tasting?

I'll joing in with the praise for the tasting menu. Definitely a bargain. I have a copy of the a la carte menu somewhere, I'll see if I can dig it up with prices.

I don't think there would be much of a price difference though, especially for what you get.

Catering in Southfield outside Detroit?

Matt Prentice Restaurant Group (of many local restaurants Shiraz, Northern Lakes Seafood) does catering. I have no idea if it is good or not as I'm new to the area, but it should be better than the Marriott at least.

PHX Personal Chef

I was given the gift of having the Chef from Furio come and give me a cooking lesson by my fiance. i would imagine that he would do something similar. You might try calling around to restaurants to see if the chefs might do it, it is worth the chance.

Aug 02, 2006
wonderin32 in Southwest

The Best Tasting Menu in Baltimore or DC?

Different types of places, Minibar is much like El Bulli that was on the show, as in very innovative and somewhat food science. Worth a seat at the bar for the long, long progression, but fantastic. The wine pairings with it can be a nice touch.

Komi on the other hand is more traditional, but fantastic and a bit more afforable. Everything is done really well and you have a little more choice in what you actually eat, which is a plus for some people.

Both are among the most memorable meals I've ever had.

Phoenix Area favorites

I haven't been in Phoenix for too long, but here are my places from my little time here

1. Roaring Fork or Los Sombreros. The Fork is unique, but I don't think has atmosphere, but it is really solid. Ask for the jerky if you are in the restaurant, and they might be able to sneak you some from the bar.
2. Binkley's in Cave Creek, great place, a bit far and not for everyone, but I think it tops any other place that I've been to around here.
3. I've got nothing, as I'm rarely around downtown, but I'd say Ted's Hot Dogs, although that probably isn't within 15 minutes, but is in Tempe and good if you're around.
4. Depends on what kind of atmosphere, Elements has a great view, maybe the old J-bar in Scottsdale for trendy.

Jul 11, 2006
wonderin32 in Southwest


Before I ever forget, I just wanted to give a restaurant in Oslo that I ate at a few years ago: Havsmak (sp?).

Moderately afforable for Oslo, we did a 5 -course tasting and if I recall it was somewhere around 200 kroner.

Also, if in Bergen, go to the market for lunch and try it, lots of things that you might not other wise try.