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Allen's on Danforth - will never go back

With all due respect Snarf, it is not my job to "manage" wait staff or make some knd of intuitive eye contact--standing at the hostess table oughta get me seated! I have lived in this area for 25 years and I have been to Allen's many times. I have encountered rude/disinterested service and disappointing food w/ the exception of the burger (as others have mentioned)--the fries, not so good. I haven't been back in over a year. What I don't understand about some chowhounders is the need to put others down when you disagree with their review or opinion. I appreciate the varied opinions on this board, even if I don't agree.

Anywhere to get a decent b-day cake on the Danforth?

Sunvalley carries a variety of Dufflets cakes

787 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Rolling Rock Beer

Murphy's Law at Kingston Rd and Queen is serving RR Beer--they have a promo right now.

Murphy's Law
1702 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L, CA

Brunch at Broadview

I agree with the reviews of Three's Company. I was really looking forward to eggs benedict and was disappointed when I tasted hollandaise from a pkg. I haven't been back.

Three's Company
673 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

Brunch at Broadview

I love Mocha Mocha too. Just not the omlettes--I too find them tasteless.

Mocha Mocha
489 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P5, CA

Best Burgers in Toronto?

Stick to judging food! Not people and neighbourhoods! The amount of classism and judgement on this thread astounds me.

Need help with some new restaurants in Toronto with wicked ambience!

I would suggest Southern Accents. Lots of cajun kitsch and wicked drinks/food. I laways have a good time.

Southern Accent
595 Markham St, Toronto, ON M6G2L7, CA

Dear RuBo: My Name Is Not Fucking "Sweetie"

That was really stupid. Not funny and no content--waste of 5 minutes.

Dec 13, 2010
food_whiz in Features

Palais Royale - Worth the price?

I went to an event at The Palais Royale and agree with the majority of Chowhounders--venue=good, food=bad.

Karaoke and good food in Toronto for a group

oops. overlooked the Korean/Asian food comment. The Gladstone is not Korean!

Karaoke and good food in Toronto for a group

I personally love Karaoke at the Melody Bar attached to the Gladstone Hotel. You can also have dinner at the Gladstone. Loads of fun on a Saturday night--not traditional Karaoke.

HELP! Eating Out for Three Days; Jarvis and Dundas

You can make the short walk to Parliament and go to The House on Parliament--a cozy neighborhood pub with great comfort food. You can also have lunch at the Mutual Street Deli--1 block west of Jarvis along Dundas.

Coffee quest: Is there a Toronto equivalent of Vancouver's Cafe Artigiano?

I have been enjoying the americanos at The Communal Mule--Dundas street West just east of Shaw.

Why Cora's sucks...?

I agree with your assessment of Cora's. Too much money for crappy food and service is usually indifferent at best. However, I having been going to the Sunset Grill for years and find it aways a good value--for a greasy spoon breakfast joint.

DOUGH-a new bakery on the Danforth

I agree the scones were not good--too doughy and plain. However, the croissants and baguette were great IMO.

DOUGH-a new bakery on the Danforth

The Danforth lacks great bakeries in my opinion. Imagine my excitement when DOUGH opened up just East of Broadview on Danforth. I am now enjoying a perfectly buttery, flaky croissant and looking forward to the parisienne baguette still hot from the oven. They also have scones, 2 kinds of bread (oatmeal and white) and bagelhouse montreal style bagels.

Cast Iron Pan

I got mine at Home Hardware of all it!

Globe bistro - finally tried it (sort of...the patio menu)

My post did not judge the entire restaurant, I shared my patio experience. I get frustrated with lower quality food being served when specials are offered. It is the perfect opportunity for a restaurant to lure in new customers, by showcasing their talent. Perhaps that is not a concern for a restaurant such as Globe. The patio was great, the drinks and food mediocre--ON THE PATIO.

Globe bistro - finally tried it (sort of...the patio menu)

I agree. I was surprised and diasapointed by the patio menu and the quality of the food. I also wasn't impressed by the service, our waiter seemed put out to be serving us. I wonder if there is a significant difference in quality between the patio menu and the main menu and if so...why?

Baking class in downtown TO

I took a class at Calphalon and had a great time. You have your own work station, you make tons of food with fresh ingredients and then you sit and enjoy it with a glass of wine. I took the Spanish cooking class. I highly recommend Calphalon, great Friday night event.

2 New Irish pubs opening in March & April 2009 in Leslieville

So, I went to the Roy last night. I love the atmosphere and the beer. The food--not so much. I had the Roast Beef Dip it was incredibly bland and gristley. The fries looked like they would be good, but were also very bland. The Roy is a great new watering hole but the food does not meet chowhound standards..

Best Greek takeout on the Danforth

I really like the Asteria (not Astoria) just a few blocks east of Broadview with a blue and white sign. They have great food and is old school Greek.

Source for Cocktail Plates with Wineglass holder in Toronto

I found mine at IQ Living on Danofth Ave. It was a few years ago.

Going Greek - Downtown TO

The Danforth is not "touristy" it is a neighbourhood strip. I would suggest Asteria--a small family run greek restaurant with a small, traditional menu (just a few blocks east of Broadview--not the Astoria). Nothing fancy--but good food.


Domas is excellent

bars in T.O. with pinball?

The Court Jester near Pape and Danforth has a working pinball machine and board games. The food is quite good and the atmosphere is casual and friendly.

Chinatown East eats?

MiMi's just past Bolton on Gerrard--great Vietnamese.

Looking to buy Aged Balsamic - Suggestions?

Alex's farm on the danforth has a wonderful 14 year aged balsamic it is thick and naturally sweet and under $20.

Where to find instant tea?

You can use a black tea bag and boil it in the milk and spices if you can't find instant tea..

downtown, not Mildred Pierce

People have the right to make their own restaurant choices...don't take it personally.