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Kid Tolerant Foodie Restaurants?

thanks for the suggestions and will search the threads as well!

Apr 30, 2010
Hotyummy in Greater Seattle

Kid Tolerant Foodie Restaurants?

Hi there, we'll be in Seattle for the weekend celebrating our daughter's 4th birthday. We are in the industry so our daughter has eaten out quite a bit and I would say that she has good restaurant manners (most of the time). We are looking for places with a casual/nice ambiance with fresh, whole foods. We really liked the menu at "Black Bottle" but they it's 21 and up. Any suggestions that would compare to this?

Friends have recommended Delancey for Pizza (however we're not big on waiting) and Boat Street for French and Parfait for Ice Cream.

Thanks for any suggestions,

MM. Gordon

Boat Street Cafe
909 NE Boat St, Seattle, WA

Apr 28, 2010
Hotyummy in Greater Seattle

Please comment on these Vegas choices for New Year's and my 40th bday dinner

I hope you don't mind me jumping in on your hubby and I are headed to Vegas in Sept for my birthday and was looking at both Raku and Bar Charlie. I know that Raku is strictly Japanese but it seems that Bar Charlie is more "asian influenced" in it's food style. If I were to choose between these two places could anyone please lend some advice? BTW, we too are winos, so I was thinking that Bar Charlie would have superior wine choices. Thanks much!

Aug 22, 2009
Hotyummy in Las Vegas