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Cracker Barrel

Almost....the stars go by PAR level (Personal Achievement Recognition) You start at PAR 0(or rising star) can get up to 4 stars and then get a maroon apron to show that you are skilled enough to train new workers. Chances are that if you gt a server with a 4 stars and a trainer apron they have been there for atleast 3 years. Anyways, you start at Rising star and when you are there for one month you get a star (PAR 1) 3 Months after getting your 1st star you PAR test to get your 2nd star. After that Par 3 is 3 months after the 2nd star and PAR 4 is 4 months after the 3rd star.. Every star you get a raise, but to go up a star you must pass a test with a certain % to get that level of PAR.

Oct 01, 2007
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