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Best crayfish boil?

Good question. I'm looking for the same answer. Am heading down to party in New Orleans for a double bachlorette party (brides marrying one another), and it's a mix of family and friends -- some quirky, some straight, some gay. We're renting a house for a long Memorial Day weekend and I'd love to have a crawfish boil at the house, but rather than stress out about the pot and the gas burner, I was wondering if any of my chowhounder friends could recommend a good party spot for a memorable boil.

Mar 28, 2014
dropdeadcookie in New Orleans

Need an inexpensive WOW for ladies' night out

Ayza looks like a nice spot, as does the Stanton. Turns out there's been a serious illness with my uncle so the plans have shifted. I might end up at Stanton with a friend who is single and needs a casual spot to build up her courage.

Apr 10, 2013
dropdeadcookie in Manhattan

Need an inexpensive WOW for ladies' night out

Good question. Inexpensive would be $35/pp including generous tip (and one drink per person?). The likelihood is that the drinking would be more immoderate, perhaps 4 + bottles for the group (or 2 drinks per person), hence the preference for BYOB.

Apr 10, 2013
dropdeadcookie in Manhattan

Need an inexpensive WOW for ladies' night out

I'm looking for an inexpensive but fun place for a gathering of about 8 female relatives, ages 30-55. We like to share the plates, the wine, and the bill. Any recommendations? Seafood, Italian, Mexican.... Oh, did I say THIS Saturday? Everyone is traveling in from the local surrounds, so location is wide open. So perhaps a new and up-and-coming place? BYOB would elevate a three-star to a four-star recommendation!

Apr 09, 2013
dropdeadcookie in Manhattan

Indian food in or around Ulster County?

Thanks for the O.C. recommendations. Bukhara Bistro is probably closest.... but I'm wondering about any new spots in Kingston, perhaps? Or even Catskill? Any body?

Indian food in or around Ulster County?

Greetings. I have not been on Chowhound for a while and was quite surprised to see that CBS is now in charge. Not sure how to feel or how to search for threads, and I apologize if this is a question asked in the recent past. It's my birthday and I am so so craving Indian food (having left NYC a decade ago). I haven't been to an Indian restaurant in quite some time and I know that a few have either closed or changed owners. So... what do people recomment for a Wednesday night out? I'm willing to travel out of Ulster County for a great great meal. Papadam anyone?

Fresh fish in Saugerties or Kingston


I know I'm a bit late checking in.. but I had a wonderful seafood experience on Christmas Eve that I want to share. I found a simple recipe for baked shrimp, scallops, and halibut that I wanted to make and my neighbor was doing a paella. I went with her to the SEA DELI on Broadway in Kingston. I was afraid at first, very very afraid, until I walked in an saw this nice Italian fishmonger who apparently drives into NYC a few times a week to pick up quality seafood. The large scallops that I had were devinely sweet. He didn't have halibut but directed me toward the fresh cod and I substituted that in. It was a great experience overall and he's priced a few dollars less than Adam's. I had heard about the Sea Deli for a few years but was always turned off by its location and exterior appearance. Apparently he does an all you can eat? Tuesday? fish fry? lunch? that is a big hit with the hospital employees. I highly recommend the sea deli for price, quality, and foodie experience. Let me know how it goes if you make it down there. It's on the north east corner of Broadway and maybe Elmendorf? about a mile down from that crazy uptown, downtown intersection.

wine bar tour downtown -- east or west village?

A group of 8 friends are interested in doing an "pub crawl" but doing it with wine bars. Ideally, we'd like to order a couple of reasonably-priced bottles and have some distinctive pairings, not too overpriced, creative and even cutting edge. Our goal is to walk from bar to bar for an afternoon/evening outing. We'd like to party in a downtown neighborhood. Any takers to this challenge?

Sep 20, 2009
dropdeadcookie in Manhattan

New World Home Cooking, Woodstock, NY

As a "local," having moved here from NYC, I can definitely support everyone's opinion. It is a bit overrated, the food isn't exciting after a few visits, BUT it's made from local ingredients, the atmosphere is relaxed, NWHC is not for high-end foodies looking to review and rave, but for transplanted locals looking for something reliable, consistent, fresh, not over priced, with an atmosphere that lends itself to a good time if you're willing to work your end of things. I personally like the beer flights, a nice sampling of brews to go with the dish of the day. I appreciate that there's always something new to try and I've been given the recipe for dishes I want to try at home. Where else would anyone tolerate that? Woodstock restaurants come and go, but NWHC is always there. dropdeadcookie

Woodstock / Saugerties / Kingston - tired of my standbys. Any suggestions?

Has anyone tried Love Bites in Saugerties? It's a BYOB with a cute little wine shop right next door -- that's where I saw the menu and it looked good -- seasonal, fresh, and priced to please.

Along those same lines, I love the food at Garden Cafe in Woodstock. It's lovely out on the patio and the food is vegan and organic. Fresh without tasting like day-old Birkenstocks.

Saugerties Main Street

Where is the Pig? Is it in or near Saugerties? I've never heard of it and I'd love to try the coconut tofu.

Charred Eggplant Salad

I enjoyed the salad, especially since it was made from fresh from the garden ingredients. While it was a substantial salad, I found it was a little too rich with oil.... I couldn't figure out what to eat with it besides cheese and crackers and a lovely glass of wine. It really needs the perfect complement to heighten and balance it. Any simple ideas? I'm a vegetarian who eats fish and eggs.

Aug 18, 2008
dropdeadcookie in Recipes

Thai Shrimp Flatbread Pizza

Would it appease the masses if it were called "thai-style" pizza? "Thai pizza" got my attention in a way that "peanut-butter pizza" never would. I recently put miso and tahini sauce as a base on a grilled pizza along with sauteed red cabbage, grilled arichokes, tomatoes and mozzarella, and it was a flavorful combo, so perhaps I should post the recipe as "Japanese pizza"? What would you all call it?

Aug 17, 2008
dropdeadcookie in Recipes

BBQ Pizza with Figs, Gorgonzola and Prosciutto

Looks good, sounds good. I'm going to try it tonight with a vegetarian twist. My question: You roll out the doug and brush it with oil. Do you flip it onto the grill so the oiled side is down? Please advise. Thanks, dropdeapcookie.

Jul 30, 2008
dropdeadcookie in Recipes

Review of Texas Roadhouse, Kingston, NY


Thanks for the hot tip. I typically avoid all chain restaurants, but I've been hearing good things about a chilpolte grill? I know there's one down 9W in Saugerties, but I don't think it's part of the national chain.

Jun 04, 2008
dropdeadcookie in Chains

Saugerties Main Street

What do you think of Mezza Luna? Any place you recommend for consistent, yummy, healthy cheap eats?

Saugerties Main Street

Has anybody eaten at the Main Street restaurant? It's the one (across from Mother Earth) with the old-fashioned soda shop feel. I heard that the Mexican couple who run it have started serving ethnic food.

OK to freeze cooked ribs not yet grilled?

I can respect your passion. Not to throw hot pork drippings onto the fire but... my husband has been suggesting we par boil chicken as a way to ensure thoroughly bbq'd chicken. I'll have no part of it (unless conviced otherwise by chowhounders). It's tough being a vegetarian who cooks meat and fowl for others. The only feedback I get literally is from the mouths of friends.

FYI I think I am going to try easily amused's three-hour ginger-ale steaming of pork back ribs that have been rubbed.... and then freeze, reheat, and grill.

Jun 02, 2008
dropdeadcookie in Home Cooking

BBQ in Kingston, NY

I admit to being tempted and confused. Is this place on the same side as Mariner's? Is it a branch of Hickory BBQ or is it a new place? SRogers76 can you help?

OK to freeze cooked ribs not yet grilled?

Well Chowhounders, I didn't expect to get such spirited response to my query. It's nice to know that so many people are passionate about ribs -- the genuine meat-on-the-bone, not tofu-style faux ribs. So, my question was answered. Yes I can partially cook, freeze, then defrost and finish them off. While I appreciate the enthusiasm for the slow cooked rub and rerub method, this vegetarian is not going to be getting so intimate with the slabs of meat that bring you all so much pleasure. The flavored boil, despite the smell, is the way of least resistance for this plant lover. Thank you again for all your responses. And hey, Gordeaux, I perceive your attitude to be one of superiority and it gives all us gastronomes a bad rap. Tolerance my friend, even if the ribs are boiled.

May 27, 2008
dropdeadcookie in Home Cooking

OK to freeze cooked ribs not yet grilled?

Vegetarian here! I supposedly make "the best ribs" according to my meat-loving friends. Have no clue how they taste but that's not why I need help.

My dilemma is that I want to be sure that I have enough ribs for a crowd, but I'm not sure how much of a crowd is coming.

The recipe I use calls for a quick 3-minute boil followed by a cold-water wash and then an hour-long simmer with celery, onions, gar;lic, carrots.

Recipe says you can do the slow cooking a day in advance, then keep ribs in tightly wrapped plastic in refrigerator until ready to grill (basically a 15-minute high heat reheat of room-temp. ribs with slathered sauce). I have done this with apparently tasty results.

My question is:

Do you think I can freeze any remaining cooked (but not grilled) ribs and then defrost and grill with BBQ sauce?

May 22, 2008
dropdeadcookie in Home Cooking

Lunch and nice dinner in/near Kingston?

My husband and I went to Bywater Bistro during Hudson Valley Restaurant week and found it to be a charming place with satfisying food -- as a vegatarian I had the Asian dumplings and a tofu dish which was pleasant. The back garden was closed due to weather, but it seems that it would be a lovely place to relax. I think there's a lunch spot near the Motor Vehicle in uptown Kingston. It's a small place whose name escapes me -- anybody out there know? Or else for lunch on Monday, what about the Little Bear in Woodstock? It's a Chinese place with a great streamside setting. If you want funky and healthy while in Woodstock, there's Elijah's Cafe near Dharma Ware -- you have to wait for the food to be freshly made, but it's a nice spot. I also like lunch at Joshua's on Tinker Street -- middle eastern. It's a treat for us displaced New Yorkers who miss our ethnic food.

Harvest in Montauk?

Am planning a weekend trip out east in early May with husband. Last time, two years ago, we stayed at the divey Royal Atlantic and ate at Harvest. I remember it being a really sweet place. Is it still good? I haven't really seen it come up in the posts. I've been stalking "Coll" from Long Island who seems to have great recommendations for local places to eat, imbibe, and stay. We're definitely heading to the Montaukket, and also thinking of doing take-out from The Dock on the beach, weather permitting. Are there any inexpensive inns or b&b's that would easily accommodate our picnic with champagne desires?

Adams Markets...Terrible!!

You can always go to Mother Earth to buy organic. When local produce is in season, Adam's has a nice selection of produce. I for one realize that if I want anything green I'm not going to buy local. If I want maple syrup and apple cider I can get that now. I have seen the occasional local root vegetable, but it's not that frequent. I think that all the local farms shut down, unless of course, you hook into a CSA and then you'll get limited local. I don't think Adams would stay in business if they relied on local produce. I for one would shop elsewhere for cheaper, local, organic produce but as far as Adams goes, it's ok. It's a pleasant shopping experience vs. the mayham and faux sterilty of Hannaford's.

Where to watch football on Sunday?

Wanted to report into my chowhounds about the weekend away. Thank you all for your recommendations and for the archives. It was a treat to drive around the city with my GPS and recognize all the places that were recommended -- the happening Rhino bar, the sleepy 51st State tavern, the drunken grandeur of Murphy's Grand Irish pub. I really liked the Bistro D'Oc -- it felt like a trip to another country, a relaxed, unpretentious place of good food and unhurried time. Went to eat Ethopian, but found that Queen M's was closed due to MLK holiday and we ate at Etete? where the inari bread was served cold, as were some of the veggie dishes, which blunted my pleasure. Thank you all for making us feel very connected to DC. We plan to return, but first we'll re-visit the Wash D.C. board. Thank God for GPS, otherwise we wouldn't have ever found our way back to the hotel. By the way, how is NW, SW, etc., determined?

Where to watch football on Sunday?

Bob W -- Well I went to Murphy's right before the end of the first half. I think I saw you -- were you the guy in the middle of the room wearing the #12 Brady jersey? Or were you the guy standing in the back of the room wearing the #12 Brady jersey? Or were you the guy in the middle of the table with all the guys wearing the #12 Brady jersey? I thought about standing in front of the big screen and calling out "Bob W! Bob W! Bob W!" but that would have been putting my life at risk. At any rate, we left at the half. Rick wanted to get back to the comfort of our quiet hotel room where he didn't have to jockey with anyone (but me) for a good view of the games. Congratulations! Go Giants?

B4 closes in Valhalla...

Sorry to hear it. It was my first Chowhound experience -- recommended as a place to have lunch while attending a conference at the hospital. My colleagues all thought I was a superior being and we ate there both days. I couldn't find the other restaurants in the CH archives -- I think those ones closed as well.

Where to watch football on Sunday?

Rabid fans? Sounds like a good time. I checked out the website and I'm scared! What if the Patriots lose? What if the Pats win and the Giants win? Would I need a police escort back to my hotel? Rick definitely wants to check out the game at Murphy's. Will you be there? How will we recognize you? Will you be wearing Patriots gear? I am not a huge Giants fan, but will this trip force me into becoming one? Dare I wear the stepson's Giant's fleece sweatshirt?

Where to watch football on Sunday?

Well, I checked out the Rhino's website and I think you should know I'm not that kind of girl. I can see how it would be a memorable experience -- if you could remember it at all. Thank you for allowing me to live vicariously with my reputation and marriage intact! Enjoy the game.

Where to watch football on Sunday?

Josh -- What I mean by a "sports bar with a house party feel" is the atmosphere that is created when you're at a Superbowl party. You're at someone's house, watching the game, eating, socializing, and getting excited when the game calls for it. Don't really want cozy, want something more interactive but with a real focus on the game. And being a vegetarian, I want some healthy, hearty options besides wings and burgers. Thanks for the recommendation on the 51st State Tavern. Perhaps I can come to your house?