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2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

There is a sign in the former "Happy Hooker" that says "pie". Mystery solved?

birthday dinner

I loved Edulis! Excellent service, a nice little restaurant, great food and I felt transported to Paris/Spain. The Edulis menu was very fish focussed and I'm sure they could accommodate no meat. I have also enjoyed the other restaurants but I prefer Edulis for a special occasion.

ISO Luxardo Gourmet Maraschino Cherries in toronto

BYOB and the store next door has them on Queen W. I think I've also seen them at Fiesta farms.

Where to buy the best cinnamon buns in TO

Solly's cinnamon buns in Vancouver are amazing and I also miss them!! I wish Toronto had something similar. Not too sweet. Fine layers of cinnamon and bun, some crust. Perfect.

Lunch Queen & Yonge with picky kid

The Gabardine on Bay at Richmond.

Bar Isabel, Cava, Carmen, Patria, Toritos - $$$ aside, how do they compare, foodwise?!

The Midfield Wine Bar on Dundas at Gladstone now has Chef Carlos Hernandez cooking tapas. We enjoyed the having dinner there where the wine is excellent and the atmosphere is casual. The only drawback is that it isn't set up as a restaurant so the service was a little laid back.

Where to buy smoked paprika?

I bought it at the Metro on College. First place I looked and there it was! My backup plan was the House of Spice in Kensington. It is such a great spice!

The Costco Thread - new products, old favourites, interesting items

I always get the Kirkland Espresso beans in the red bag. I'm very particular about loving strong coffee and these beans do it for me much better than my neighbourhood artisanal coffee beans.

Archive Wine Bar Now Open!

909 Dundas West (@Bellwoods) has had paper up on the windows for a long while. Just walked by tonight to discover that it is now open and appears to be an adorable wine bar! A lovely addition to a stretch of Dundas that now has great new places opening monthly. Can't wait to try it out.

Where to buy bitters downtown

BYOB on Queen West has a fantastic selection of bitters.

momofuku toronto

We were a lucky city before and even more so now! We have fantastic talented chefs but we aren't yet a great food city. Toronto is a great city of creatives and critics, but to have a great food city, we need a culture that dines out enough to support great restaurants. I love the movement towards places like Momofuku, Black Hoof, Guu, Campagnolo, Acadia and Enoteca Sociale where they are providing casual great quality weekday dining that isn't just for special occasions. Maybe I'd just like a week to be excited about Momofuku opening before hearing the complaints.

momofuku toronto

Can't wait to go! What is with all the negativity? There is lots of room for great restaurants in this city and I'm so thrilled that we have the energy and creativity of David Chang and Momofuku in Toronto. Not only will these restaurants be great places to go, but they'll further inspire chefs, restauranteurs and foodies in Toronto. We're one lucky city!

Great Avocados at Costco

The Costco avocados are very large and quite good. Quacamole for a crowd with the Que Pasa tortilla chips. The No Frills and Loblaws bags of avocados are much smaller.

Bent at 777 Dundas West ready to open?

It looks like it is going to open any day now.

Mother & Daughter Toronto Getaway on Labor Day Weekend

Delux Bistro on Ossington is one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto. The food in the evening is French and the lunch menu is Cuban. The chef/owner is from Montreal. I also love Campagnolo or Enoteca Sociale on Dundas Street West for Italian.

looking for fun eateries for young teens

I'd take them to Guu. Fun atmosphere and great food.

Searching for the Toronto's Finest Granola

I haven't found granola that I like in stores. I loved the granola from Eigensinn's Farm's Christmas Market that was insanely delicious, but generally I make it myself from a very easy recipe:

I make a double batch and use Loblaws dried cherry/blueberry/cranberry mix. The only drawback is my family devours it, so it doesn't last long.

where to find 100% buckwheat noodles?

I've bought buckwheat noodles at Sanko at 740 Queen St. West. i'm pretty sure they were 100% buckwheat. They have an amazing selection of japanese products.

Catering (with a twist) Suggestions....

We had three food trucks at a work event for about 300 people. Really fun way to do it!

Momofuku Milk Bar: Looking for several specialty products, please advise!!

A larger size version is an excellent idea! I would make it again but definitely larger.

Momofuku Milk Bar: Looking for several specialty products, please advise!!

It was on the east side of Augusta mid-way up the street. I asked them if they had passion fruit puree and they pointed me to the freezer. Made a big difference compared to buying fresh passion fruit at Loblaws and getting very little. I made the cake using the cake rings and baking pan bought from Golda's. Crazy tall narrow cake that was a big hit.

Momofuku Milk Bar: Looking for several specialty products, please advise!!

I bought some of the ingredients for the Milk Bar recipes from Golda's Kitchen. I found frozen passionfruit puree in a Latin store in Kensington Market. I didn't find freeze-dried corn but it can be ordered online. So far I haven't been thrilled with the results from the Milk Bar cookbook....and they are a lot of work! The recipes, however, are very creative/interesting so it was kinda worth it.

Elderflower Cordial

I've bought elderflower cordial at Ikea and recently made a batch from foraged elderflowers. I now have a couple of litres of it in my freezer. It made a very interesting iced tea and I've used it in cocktails. Adds an interesting complexity to drinks. I'm sure it would be great in a crumble!

Looking for a large Flank Steak

Costco has been a great source of flank for me. Also Gasparro's - but I usually order ahead of time to make sure they have it.

Grand Electric

Patio is open! We only waited for a few minutes and there was no music on the patio. Loved everything about it! Tuna ceviche was amazing and we're addicted to the fish tacos. Felt like a fantastic mini vacation in the heart of Parkdale.

Joanne Kates is leaving the Globe!

I loved her reviews! They were entertaining and insightful. I always take reviews with a grain of salt and check other sources before choosing a restaurant, but it really seemed like she gave the straight goods and her writing was highly entertaining. There seems to be less and less of the columnists at the G&M that I enjoy. I think the G&M and I are going to have to break up unless the next reviewer can charm me.

Toronto bakeries with swiss meringue type frosting on cakes and cupcakes- please help

I generally make my own cupcakes. The only ones I've liked from a bakery were from Prairie Girl. The chocolate ones with strawberry icing...mmmmm! I've only had the mini version.

Where to find glucose in TO

I bought ingredients for the Milk Bar cookbook from Golda's Kitchen online. They are located in Mississauga. They ship very quickly or I believe you can pick it up. I also bought cake collars, cake ring and quarter sheet pan. Baking from that cookbook requires some investment in equipment/ingredients! I found frozen passionfruit puree in Kensington Market.

osgoode hall restaurant

Always impeccable service and food. The chef's menu is a great deal and the room is so lovely. Still a favourite.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Saw it last night at TIFF. Great movie about the pursuit of excellence and the father/son dynamic.