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Anyone had the roasted steak at Craftsteak?

If you don't know beef then it's going to be good. Remember that Craftsteak is not a prime grade steak house. They advertise that they serve Certified Angus which is a Choice your paying WAY too much for the same Choice steak that you can get a Sam's for the roasted steak, think of a roast beef: a bone-in ribeye that is seared on the outside then cooked in an oven.

Feb 16, 2010
wallyk in Las Vegas

Pasta e Fagioli

Good recipe and I like cramelaziing the tomato paste. My additions included: added the pancetta, (have to have it), threw in some tomato sauce to the soup mix, and then gave it wack with some red wine to fortify. Simply wonderful.

Jul 06, 2009
wallyk in Recipes

Low key bbq in KC

I like your description and I'm looking for local places that are undiscovered. the type of places that chileheadmike wrote about.

Low key bbq in KC

Yeah,yeah, yeah, I know that this board is littered with places to get bbq in KC and all of you are passionate about this topic. But I'm interested in the low key , off-the-beaten-path local joints that some people can recommend. Not interested in the AB's, OK Joe's, Stack Jack's, or Gates type of places. Rather I like the "joints" where the food is good and the decor is not. The places that the true foodies know about. I'm visiting on business and promise that I won't embarrass, stick out, or disrespect the places that people suggest. Also if you’re willing to disclose these "diamonds in the rough", let me know what your favorite item is.

The BEST Chicken Stock

Is this a broth or a stock? A stock should not use the entire chicken or waste precious meat.

May 28, 2009
wallyk in Recipes

Ethnic Groceries in KC Metro

Great post. I'm heading over to the sausage house next weekend. Looks like really good stuff.

Italian grocery store/deli in KC

I appreciate the info and will check this out. If you think of the name of that grovery store in Brookside, please let me know. I need some good sausage and rice balls.

Italian grocery store/deli in KC

Where I'm staying does not matter. If there is good Italian food or a good italian deli I'm there. I apprecaite the info on Bella and looked at their site, it appears to be pretty high brow. I'm used to low key neighborhood stores. Does Bella sell rice balls?

My needs are simple: good cheese, good pasta, good crushed tomatoes, good bread.

Italian grocery store/deli in KC

From NYC and living in KC for the next few months. Looking for a Italian grocery store/deli to buy quality crushed tomatoes, imported pasta, oilve oils, you know what I'm looking for.....the low key neighborhood establishment that sells the goods: imported pastas, pasteries, makes their own sausage, mozz, etc.....Also looking for a good sangwich: fresh mozz, with sundried tomatoes, and balsamic...none of this "chain" stuff.

Looking for Polish Smoked Meats - Sausages

thanx for the info. this is close to my office and looks like the real deal.

Oct 02, 2007
wallyk in Manhattan

Looking for Polish Smoked Meats - Sausages

Looking for a really great place to buy quality polish smoked meats and sausages. I realize that this is not Chi-town but am looking for the best and widest selection of smoked meats including: kielbasa etc.....

Oct 01, 2007
wallyk in Manhattan