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Uhockey Reviews Day 2 Philadelphia – Sam’s Morning Glory, Beiler’s Bakery, Miller’s Twist, LaCroix, Tacconelli’s, Modo Mio

nice review of Tacs, but folding a slice is a major violation...

Sep 07, 2010
phungi in Philadelphia

ayce crabs (crab legs, blue crabs, etc)

Philadadium in South Philly (down the street from Chickies and Pete's) has AYCE Crabs one night per week in the summer (about $20)...

Kelly's Seafood in NE Philly (Welsh Road and Bustleton Ave) has AYCE Crab Legs (Snow or Dungeness).. not sure if it is every night or Thurs-Sun...

There is a crab leg thread:

Mar 24, 2010
phungi in Philadelphia

Restaurants that have never changed

I know this is out of Philly-proper, but Tony's Baltimore Grille in AC...

Jan 25, 2010
phungi in Philadelphia

Tacconelli's Pizza

I have never had a problem getting through... however, I just tried and it is busy... given that this is winter, there should be no problem getting dough, especially if they are having problems with their phones... not sure what the problem is... I can't think of a nearby business to call that might know what is going on...

Jan 16, 2010
phungi in Philadelphia

What to Order at Distrito?

They try to push getting a ton of plates, but be careful about over-ordering.. two of us (wife and I) had:

Nachos Ignacio,
Chilango Chop Salad,
Flat Iron Steak Tacos,
Short Rib Huaraches

And with 2 drinks each, we were stuffed! Everything was delicious...

Nov 20, 2009
phungi in Pennsylvania

Pad Thai on the Main Line

I second Mayuree Cafe... quirky owner, but a great BYO place to sit and chat with friends... I am not a Pad Thai connoisseur, but theirs is crispy and delicious.

Devon PA, Devon, PA

Nov 16, 2009
phungi in Pennsylvania

Best Sushi in the Philly Burbs

Hana in Wayne is a great off-the-beaten-path sushi option... they are on the side of a strip mall in Devon on Lancaster Ave... BYOB, very good food, not the nicest ambiance...

I also like Sushi Land on Bryn Mawr... no frills atmosphere, but good sushi...

Oct 12, 2009
phungi in Pennsylvania

Fat Tire Beer

updated list of states is on the Fat Tire web site... I bought up a case of 22-ounce bottles on vacation in Hilton Head SC... can't get this yet in most eastern states though (only NC, SC, GA):

Aug 14, 2009
phungi in Beer

Fat Tire heading east?

Picked up a case of 22-ounce bottles at the Piggly Wiggly in Hilton Head SC... can't get this yet in most eastern states though (only NC, SC, GA):

Aug 14, 2009
phungi in Beer

Got Crabs?

I second Ippolito's... I buy 25-30lbs of dungeness crab legs there 1-2x a year for a crab fest and they have the best prices in the area... never bought whole crabs, but they always seem to have a nice selection.

May 15, 2009
phungi in Pennsylvania

What's Your Favorite Domestic Beer and Why?

I may be a man of simple taste, but come to my house you will have the option of a Yuengling Lager, a Coors (not Light), or a Shiner Bohemian Black lager. If I have made a recent beer run, I will also have Ommegang Abbey Ale.

May 03, 2009
phungi in Beer

Rank Citizen Bank Park Food Stands

throw in 2 beers and you have my vote for the best CBP meal for two...

May 03, 2009
phungi in Pennsylvania

Need suggestions near Penn State

There is a 40+ post thread on "that other food site" with State College recommendations:

May 03, 2009
phungi in Pennsylvania

Breakfast near Wynnefield Heights (Philadelphia)

Murray's and Hymies are a 5-minute drive on Montgomery Ave... Delancy Street Bagels is in the Shopping Center a block away.

Apr 23, 2009
phungi in Pennsylvania

Best pizza in Manayunk?

There are not many pizza places on Main Street, but I second Couch Tomato

Apr 20, 2009
phungi in Pennsylvania

Best cheesesteak on the Main Line- still looking!

I tried Overbrook Pizza last week, and they make a formidable cheesesteak. They toasted the roll, grinder style, and it was tasty. It is pick-up only. Much better than Larry's, the closest in the area.

Jan 16, 2009
phungi in Pennsylvania

the 40-year-old cheesesteak virgin

Agreed. White House is the best in the area, with Dino's in Margate standing out over all other Philly establishments. If you like "flipped" not "chopped," Steve's and Talk of the Town are the places to go in Philly.

Jan 12, 2009
phungi in Pennsylvania

breakfast/lunch near 30th Street Station

36th and Samson as well as the Penn area has a lot of restaurants. Lunch at Pod is always nice.

Dec 18, 2008
phungi in Pennsylvania

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

Total Wine on Naaman's Road in Delaware is just over the PA border, and has an excellent selection of beer. I was there this weekend and they definitely have the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. It was crazy busy being pre-thanksgiving, so call ahead to make sure. If it is in stock, they will likely put it aside for you. If you like chocolate and want something a little lighter, try the Shiner Black Lager.

Nov 24, 2008
phungi in Pennsylvania

Mayuree Cafe in Devon

Has anyone been to Mayuree Cafe recently? I was there in the spring, and the owner mentioned his lease was up soon. I called tonight to make a weekend reservation and got no answer or answering machine. They may simply be closed on Tuesday (no mention on any web sites) but wondered if they had closed/moved.

Nov 04, 2008
phungi in Pennsylvania

City Line Ave area/Bala Cynwyd?

Ardmore has a ton of restaurants: Plate, Thai Pepper, Mikado, Fellini are all good, although the owner of Fellini is akin to the soup Nazi.

Sep 08, 2008
phungi in Pennsylvania

good liquor stores in Philadelphia (for rums)

I'm not an authority on Delaware locales, but the Total Wine on Naaman's Road is only a few miles south of where 476 intersects 95. I can make it there and back from City Avenue in about 60 minutes as long as there isn't a traffic jam-up.

Love, love, love this store!

Aug 21, 2008
phungi in Philadelphia

Thai Pepper + Mikado

Interesting tidings... in the past, one could sit in one venue (e.g., Thai Pepper), but order from the "other" menu (e.g., Mikado) , as long as the majority of patrons ordered from the room they were dining in (Thai Pepper). This will make ordering Thai and Sushi at the same table for different diners much easier...

Did they move the sushi bar, or otherwise alter the sushi menu?

Jul 30, 2008
phungi in Pennsylvania


Not sure if they are the "best" but Philadium has AYCE crabs Tuesday nights for $20... went last night and ate good crabs for a few hours.

Jul 30, 2008
phungi in Pennsylvania

Philly - Best Cheesesteak near the Ritz Carlton

If you are in town during the day, you can always try Campos:

Jul 15, 2008
phungi in Pennsylvania

South Philly Hoagies after 6:00

Thanks. P&S Deli (Ravioli is on the sign outside) was excellent. Got a spicy Italian and a chicken Paisano (with long hots instead of roasted peppers). Top-notch, and they food was ready exactly when I said i would be there to pick it up.

If you are looking for a hoagie pick-up by the stadiums, try them out:

Jun 06, 2008
phungi in Pennsylvania

South Philly Hoagies after 6:00

I am heading down to a concert and want to pick up hoagies for tailgating. It appears that Sarcone, Primo, and Chickie's (10th & Federal) close by 4, and even Pastificio (next to Chickie's and Pete's) closes by 6. Can anyone recommend a good S. Philly hoagie that I can pick up after 6?

Jun 05, 2008
phungi in Pennsylvania

Best Fish/Shellfish in Philly?

amen to that... Little Fish was my first thought...

May 30, 2008
phungi in Pennsylvania

Good Tacos in Philadelphia?

A colleague and regular office lunch partner heats up Trader Joe's Tacos as his go-to lunch. I mentioned that we could surely find a better taco than that in Philly, so a road trip is in order.

Any recommendations? We are starting from the City Ave area, and prefer to keep within the Philly area.

May 01, 2008
phungi in Pennsylvania

Good place to go in State College

If you like Indian, check out Indian Pavilion on Calder Way (near Pugh, I believe)

Apr 23, 2008
phungi in Pennsylvania