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St. Petersburg (Russia, not Florida)

Hi Adina
Suddenly found your question while browsing for Saint-Petersburg, FL =)
Maybe the answer is not relevant to you but I believe it can help someone else

WRT restaurants in St-Petersburg:
There is a restaurant in the synagogue - it's working all usual days (except shabbat of course) - you can come any time and eat
The menu is not big but it's ok

Also, Golden cafe usually works every day, I haven't heard about any vacations (especially during the summer - hot tourist season in St-Petersburg)

There are also some "catering/culinary" from Yeshiva - it's quite cheap and not of a high quality but if you require a lot of food this option is good for you. They also deliver kosher lunches across the city - also eatable.

Kosher products can be bough in 3 main stores which sell same stuff for different prices: 2 of them are located in synagogue backyard and also there is another one in yeshiva.

If you have any question feel free to ask

Jun 05, 2013
khgtfv in Kosher

kosher in portugal (Lisbon)?

Yes, that would help, thanks
Can you also give me the name of the second winery? The first one is near belmonte, where Terra's del Belmonte is being produced, and the second one ?

Jul 25, 2012
khgtfv in Kosher

kosher in portugal (Lisbon)?


I saw this link. Just wanted to get some personal experience, since there is only one link that gave me some information.

Jul 19, 2012
khgtfv in Kosher

kosher in portugal (Lisbon)?

Hi mrotmd!

Can you please tell more details about " places were kosher wines are made"
Just Planning my trip to Portugal.

Thanks in advance

Jul 18, 2012
khgtfv in Kosher