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Porto's Recipe Changes?

Price increase at Porto's, some items jumped just 3% but some items up as much as 30%. I showed up with a $20 bill and my former $18 order of the usuals (Masa Real, Cinnamon Crumb Cake, Guava Rolls, Florentine cookies) was $22.50. Ouch!

Jan 17, 2015
jackattack in Los Angeles Area

Irritating Pop Up Ads

just want to state that I used to check the boards via my measured portable wireless device but no longer do so because those ads pop up and seem impossible to X out. They use up too much of my MB space so I do not log on much anymore.

Nov 29, 2014
jackattack in Site Talk

Anything new on the Central Coast for breakfast and lunch?

Update: The website is still up and the phone still rings...but several reports state that Oak Pit BBQ in Arroyo/Oceano has closed for business.

Nov 29, 2014
jackattack in California

Quenelle (Burbank)

Handy Market has expanded their ice cream selection and carries Straus, Jenis, McConnells, Cool Haus, and a couple of others now.

Quenelle is still serving that stuff that tastes like condensed milk and calling it ice cream. Is this an Asian version of "ice cream"?

Local Ice has opened in Studio City, homemade Organic ice cream and sorbets.

Nov 29, 2014
jackattack in Los Angeles Area

Help me plan my Lobster Roll Quest of NE Mass, Coastal NH, and SE Maine

Footbridge Lobster Ogunquit
Shain's Ice Cream in Sanford (bargain lobster roll)
Fisherman's Catch in Wells

Did anyone try SLS buffet today? I walked in and walked right out

Restaurants and buffets are generally pretty awful on opening days, and for a few weeks afterwards. Especially the service. I don't know why so many people don't seem to have figured this out over the years.

Aug 26, 2014
jackattack in Las Vegas

Craving sweets

Bouchon in the Venetian

Aug 26, 2014
jackattack in Las Vegas

cakes and bakeries in and around Kennebunk ME?

The Cake House Bakery just opened a couple of months ago....haven't been but reviews have been promising.

5 Union St
Kennebunkport, ME 04046
Phone number (207) 967-8900

Hobbs Harborside, Wells

We've heard from a couple of people that it's terrible-awful. Sorry. Try the sundaes at Wells Beach Burgers or Big Daddy's instead!

Ice Cream Trip Through Maine

I've seen it around Belfast and Lincolnville if you're going to be in that area. Dot's in Lincolnville used to carry a few flavors, not sure if they still do, but it's a good place to stop for a muffin or a sandwich anyway www.dotsgoodies.com

Best Whoopie Pies in Maine?

If you're a peanut butter fan, highly recommend the Peanut Butter Crunch at John's. It's vanilla ice cream swirled with lots of peanut butter and pieces of chocolate cookie. I've been known to bring a cooler with me and spring for an entire quart of the stuff.

Best Hot Dogs in Maine?

No they don't. In fact Waterville was not serving crinkle cuts for the last couple of years because the cutter broke and they said that a new one was too expensive. Don's still had the awesome crinkle-cut fries and I had no idea they'd closed. The phone still rings so maybe it's a temporary closure, I'll cross my fingers.

The locals say that "Courtney's" in next-door Winslow serves up a helluva dog, but I always went to Bolleys for the fries. I guess it's time to give Courtney's a try...they also serve fresh-cut fries at least. And Waterville is always worth the trip for the Dairy Cone.

Best Hot Dogs in Maine?

Bolley's and Don's have closed? Where oh where in the state will I find my fresh cut crinkle cuts????

Best Whoopie Pies in Maine?

I like the homemade whoops, both chocolate and pumpkin, from Lori's Café on Route 3 in Liberty. So if you happen to be at John's Ice Cream next door, be sure to pick one up. Lori dishes up a mean slice of fresh-raspberry pie, too.

Favorite soft serve ice cream in Maine

Thanks for putting that link up. I don't try much soft serve because I know that most of it is from the same soft-serve-mix provider. It all began to taste the same after awhile except for maybe the strawberry at Red's (and the Coffee at North Street in Waterville....but who'd get softserve there when they make their own cookie dough?)

I have never seen grapenut soft serve before and I'd think that the grapenut bits would clog the soft serve machine , but it sounds like I'll have to make the trek.

Best Clam Strips and/or Lobster Roll near OOB or Ferry Beach

P.S. No clam strips in Maine! That's a no no except at howard Johnson's circa 1970

Ice Cream Trip Through Maine

Is Downeast worth a detour to Boothbay? Well, that depends on where you're detouring from I suppose. If you're going to try both Dot's in Bath (I've never heard of this one) and Dorman's in Thomaston ....then Downeast would be well worth the detour. It's been around forever and though I haven't been there for several years, it was always delightful. It's also very close to Round top so if you're headed there it would be worth it to visit both (I'd probably skip Dorman's of all of these).

Ice Cream Trip Through Maine

Haven't tried it but have heard promising things about "Captain Sam's" ice cream in Portland. Might be a good city for an ice cream crawl....include maybe Kettle Cove Ice Cream on Cape Elizabeth. Willard Scoop near Scratch Bakery (detour! yum!) and Len Libby's in Scarborough.

Ice Cream Trip Through Maine

I would disagree about Round Top. Maybe the quality differs from flavor to flavor, but I've had some very good ice cream there. The blueberry sorbet has good blueberry flavor, the grapenut is terrific, the Indian Pudding is up there with the best of them.

Ice Cream Trip Through Maine

I think most ice creameries use a base mix, because they cannot pasteurize onsight. However there are meager 10% butterfat bases, and 12% and 14%, and Dorman's seems to use a very light mix. Nice real chocolate chips and good extracts for flavorings, it seems, but the ice cream itself seems overly whipped-up.

Ice Cream Trip Through Maine

I think Tubby's is well worth the trip. Especially the original Tubby's in Wayne near the pond. Nice drive. But if you don't have the extra time, Tubby's in Winthrop has the same ice cream plus a great lunch menu with a terrific Maine Lobster Roll or Hot Dogs/ fresh dipped Onion Rings, etc. Consistently good, and really just 15-20 mins detour if you're on I-95.

Note re above listings.....Daily Scoop in Kennebunk is no longer open and Smileys Winslow no longer serves Shain's ice cream. I think it's just Hersheys or something.

Scoop Deck in Moody/Wells serves up Blakes of New Hampshire Ice Cream in a ton of flavors, and Wells Beach Burger still makes their own ice cream as far as I know.

Dorman's Ice Cream has great flavor, but it is more like ice milk...very whipped, very light. Kudos to them for not selling out to Walmart however, ice cream shacks are always better than bigger parking lots.

Haven't been to Toots for awhile but someone posted a "downhill alert" about that place a while back. Any recent visits ...please report.

Quenelle (Burbank)

Handy Market now carries Cool Haus pints and Cool Haus sandwiches....but no more McConnell's. (bummer)

Jul 29, 2014
jackattack in Los Angeles Area

Grocery store on our way?

There's a mini-Hannaford in downtown Kennebunk, and a larger one just up the road a bit. 10 minutes drive from Kennebunkport.

Lobster Rolls near OOB

Huots, Wormwood's, Bayley's, Ken's, The Clambake....try them all, they're only a few minutes drive from OOB. And a drive to Two Lights Park for the Lobster Shack or the Lobster Roll truck that parks nearby, will take you about 40 minutes. (Be sure to stop at Scratch Baking Co, too!)

5/10/14 Dining Report - Original Sunrise Cafe, Caked Las Vegas, Cugino's, The Cookie Bar, TWIST by Pierre Gagnaire

I had pretty much the exact same experience at Caked , two and a half years ago. But on a weekday. One wonders how they've managed to stay in business after so many years of "slow sales" and meager offerings.

May 19, 2014
jackattack in Las Vegas

Boothbay Harbor in June (and Rt. 1 in between)

I like the Thistle Inn for happy hour. Lobster Dock is always stellar. Ice Creamery is a must, try the coffee walnut. Robinson's Wharf has new owners I think, haven't heard reviews.
On the way up, in Brunswick, Libby's Market (if you can find it) has a terrific lobster roll , and no Red-style wait in line. The owners are lobstermen, I think.
Damariscotta is a short drive from Boothbay, another great ice cream joint there ("Round Top") , and some good pubs & restaurants as well as the famous must-visit Reny's Department store

ISO inexpensive best good food for first trip to Vegas

Happy Hour at Burger Bar (Mandalay)

Apr 08, 2014
jackattack in Las Vegas

Bos'ns Landing overhaul

I like the Shain's ice cream at Brown's Nubble Light, the Blake's Ice Cream at Scoop Deck in Moody, and the homemade ice cream at Well's Beach Burgers. But more ice cream is never a bad thing.

Maine Diners recs

If you go out Route 3 from Augusta to Belfast on your way to Acadia....stop at Lori''s Diner and at John's Ice Cream next door.

(and get a slice of pie to go from Lori, for later on!)

Recommendations for Inn and Dining for 60th Anniversary Southern Maine

Consider Stripers at the Breakwater in Kennebunkport. We dined next to George and Barbara a couple of years back!