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BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

Wow, I'm glad the board is up and running after nearly two years. We've had a lot of great suggestions.

Recently found a new place I highly recomend -- Fat Face BBQ. Nearly perfectly smoked. Tender, well cleaned, seasoned and meaty. Its taste was smoky, sweet and peppery. Unlike other places we'd visited recently, you thankfully wouldn’t confuse these ribs with candy. The bark of the ribs was especially delicious. The sauce only added to the taste and spiciness of the meat, complimenting everything well. Served with a couple slices of white bread and your choice of homemade sides...

5315 East Capitol Street S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20019

Willard's BBQ Report

Williards is one of the most consistent, well-run and well-cooked BBQ operations in the region. It is a good and reliable place.

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

Robert - you really won't feel regret making it over to Alabama BBQ. It is awesome. I seriously put down a full rack of ribs and pulled pork sandwhich, while sampling the white chicken sauce.

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat


I've only had Red Hot & Blue's pulled pork sandwhich, and only their buffet style for catering and such. Red Hot and Blue is ok in general, but I pass a number of better places on the way to Red Hot and Blue. It is on my list to try? Have you had them? What do you think?

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

For the most part, we have ignored chains - really Rocklands (a local DC chain) and virginia bbq are the only chains that we have been to or have planned to. While I personally cant stand Famous Dave's ribs - are there any chains that we should consider trying?

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

about how far is it from D.C.?

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

where is Petersburg? maryland? virginia?

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

Has anyone tried Kenny's BBQ (Maryland Avenue near the capitol) and Hogs on the Hill (New York Avenue)?

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

Where are the best bbq ribs in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area???

Wanting to continue and update a conversation from earlier this year that had a lot of good traction and a number of good suggestions. I’m always looking for the next great hole-in-the wall or best kept neighborhood secret.

Since we last talked - here is my updated list of where I have been. Same qualifications as before - ribs first, followed by other items (sandwiches, brisket, etc). I prefer to try my ribs dry to get real feel for the quality and taste of the meat and then add sauce later. A good sauce is always best with white bread. Also, good side items do not make up for bad meat.

FYI: not afraid to travel. can come from a shack, questionable neighborhoods, or top quality restaurant - but no national chains (famous daves, etc) I only care if it is good.

------ The Best-------

Alabama BBQ - I had high expectations because of the name of the place, put down an entire rack (which is rare these days), and ate a sandwich. Spoke to the owner/cook for quite a bit of time - he knows his stuff. I highly recommend.

Andy Nelsons – Meat is tender, falls off the bone with ease. Get them dry, great rub

KBQ BBQ - Great sides, great smoky taste, tender. Very affordable. Possibly second best

Smokey Hollow – one of the best, unfortunately now closed

------ Will Recommend -------

Williads Real Pit BBQ - very consistent; you know what you are going to get - never great, never bad, but always good... This place would benefit tremendously by upgrading the quality of their meat. great sauces - especially for dipping bread.

Rocklands - hit or miss, I have had a great cut, I've had a not-so great cut. Love the Mac N Cheese (and as a bbq purist - that says a lot about the Mac N Cheese).

Klobys BBQ – meat was very tender

Johnny Boys Carryout - a little salty, but the sweet sauce was pretty good

Rib Pit - If you like smoky meat - this is your place. A little dry, but not enough to complain about it. Other than smoke though, not much flavor other than that. Bonus points because the cook took his time and hand picked out a rack - throwing out ribs that were not up to his standards. Pretty nice, considering most places just pick up a rack and give you half, regardless of whether it was cooked well, was meaty, or not.

Dixiebones - I had high expectations for this place -- they were not met. Decent food, nothing special.

------ Never Again -------

Old Glory – not very good

Capitol Q - not very good

Johnny Mac Ribs - not smoked, to much fat, no taste

Randy’s Ribs – inedible - the only bbq i have not been able to finish because I didn't like the taste in my mouth.

------ need to try -------

The Original Johnny Boys (not affiliated to Johnny Boys Carryout)

Might Midget Kitchen (Must order in advance)

Allmans BBQ

Virginia BBQ

Big Bad Wolfe

Urban BBQ

Here is the link last conversation: Please let me know if I should take anything off of my to try list or add anything new.

Where are the Region's Best BBQ Ribs?

Hey Joe, thanks for replying. Your abosultely right, the regional dreamlands are not the same. There is only one Dreamland and it is in Tuscaloosa. Archibalds is definitely my favorite and still the first place I stop everytime I go home.

Johnny Boy's on Southern Avenue is still open. I've been there a few times and enjoy it. Recently I tried Dixiebones and was very disapointed. I actually retired the pork ribs at Rocklands (much better than their Baby Back) and think these are you best options in the D.C. area. Andy Gibsons in Baltimore still rules supreme in the region. I'm going to try Urband BBQ and Willards next.

Where are the Region's Best BBQ Ribs?

Where are the Region's Best BBQ Ribs?

There have been a lot of good suggestions. I found this link from the Washington Post on BBQ in Virginia. Do you agree with what it has to say on the spots you have tried?

Does anyone know of a similiar link for Virginia?

Where are the Region's Best BBQ Ribs?

Bonz and Warthog, this sounds like the type of BBQ place that I grew up with. (Archibalds BBQ and Dreamland BBQ in Alabama if anyone is familiar). A place where the the emphasis is on the BBQ and each rib is prepared with "love and smoke."

Where are the Region's Best BBQ Ribs?

Unfortunately with Randys, the entire experience was abysmal. The meat was extremely tough and very hard to chew. It had little to no taste. Also, during this trip, we got one slab dry and the other with sauce and the one with sauce was drowned in the sauce, which overpowered the taste (what litte there was) of the ribs themselves. Lesson learned, since then we have always asked for the sauce on the side. I hope it was just an off day for them and this is not the quality of product they put out regularly, but we did not feel like it was worth the drive to give them a second chance.

Where are the Region's Best BBQ Ribs?

Before I go to each place - myself and my BBQ excursion partner do our best to research and find out their specialty, aka baby back, St. Louis, etc. Yes it was the Randy's in Hughsville. Normally, when it comes to BBQ I will clean my plate regardless of its taste. At Randy's neither one of us could finish and we each had over a half of a slab left when it was all said and done.

Where are the Region's Best BBQ Ribs?

What are the region’s best BBQ ribs? I want to know your opinion. Please take sides out of consideration. This is a search for pure, good ole fashioned smoked ribs.

FYI: In order go get a better feel for the flavor of the meet, in my judging, I have ordered the ribs with the sauce on the side.

On a scale from 1-10 (ten being best):

Andy Nelsons – 7 (Meat is tender, falls off the bone with ease. Get them dry, great rub);
Smokey Hollow – 6 (now closed);
Klobys BBQ – 6 (meat was very tender);
Johnny Boys Carryout - 6 (a little salty, but the sweet sauce was pretty good);
Rocklands – 5 (I had a bad cut);
Old Glory – 3 (this is being kind);
Johnny Mac Ribs - 3 (not smoked, to much fat, no taste);
Randy’s Ribs – 2 (inedible).

Still on my list to try: Dixiebones; Big Bad Wolfe BBQ; and Willard's Real Pit BBQ.