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fresh piri piri peppers in toronto?

i guess there is not a place or maybe no one here knows anybody selling fresh piri piri peppers?

fresh piri piri peppers in toronto?

was hoping someone could assist me in finding some of these spicy little devils. i have bought some dried versions in kensington market but was wondering if anybody carried the fresh version.

Gangster Burger

i was scratching my head when i checked out there webpage. it's really ballsy to be calling out one of the most beloved burger joints in toronto. i guess it could work in your favour since they are getting alot of attention with this approach.

on the flip side though, it's easier to give places a second chance when u believe they are trying there best and the owners are super nice. not so much when they go out of their way to give the impression that they are extremely cocky and ready to destroy all competition.

in the end, it's all about a great product. very interesting to see how things turn out.

This End Up - Dundas and Dufferin - Great Casual Restaurant

actually had dinner there tonite. the owner was a wonderful host. very warm and inviting. i liked the vibe of the place immediately. very casual. the sandwhiches on offer all seemed to be really well thought out.

we ordered the smoked pork belly banh mi with salad and the fried basa fish i think it was po' boy with fries. the sandwiches were quite large so we were able to share and have half of each which was nice. the fish sandwich was quite good. it was a breaded fish as opposed to battered. the breading stayed crispy and was nicely seasoned. the fish itself tasted fresh. i did enjoy the overall flavors of the sandwich. it was lite and didn't over power the fish. to be totally honest this was good and bad at the same time. not bad in anyway relating to flavor but just my personal preference i guess. what i mean is that the first 4 or 5 bites was great. by the end it was getting a bit boring since there was nothing else to it. remember i was only eating half the sandwich. this is just once again a preference and takes nothing away from the sandwich.

the smoked pork belly viet sub was really good. it hit all the right notes. the smoke was just rite. the pork flavorful and tender. the bread used in both sandwiches was wonderful. just the right crust and bread ratio compared to the filling.

the salad was refreshing and had enough interesting components. the fries although very tasty did not really stay crispy for very long. many were not crispy even hot. it is quite difficult to make crispy fries so i would have to say i still enjoyed them overall.

the food took just over 20 min's to get to our table after ordering. there were about 18 diners at the moment. for a new restaurant that has just open this is acceptable since the service was pretty good.

we had a good overall experience at this end up. the sandwich was very good. the sides were up to par and the service was excellent. i also thought the price point was right on especially for the portion of the dishes.

are styrofoam and/or plastic take out containers a deal breaker for chowhounders?

i am more concern about the recycling. just trying to do my part since i do eat alot of take out. it did started bothering me a bit especially since i eat alot of chinese food. seeing all these stryofoam containers. not sure what i can do about it though since like i said almost 80% or more of my meals are eating out. of those more than half is take out.

are styrofoam and/or plastic take out containers a deal breaker for chowhounders?

interesting replies so far. how about the plastic issue. is this a problem? would it be preferable to for take out joints to use the PLA plant based plastic. i read that these are biodegradable but how can you tell which it is? it all looks like plastic to me.

Swatow on Spadina - BEST dishes?

agree with luxal. the beef with blackbean sauce over noodles is very good. u can ask for the thick white rice noodles or the crispy fried noodles. very hard choice for myself as i enjoy both types of noodles.

are styrofoam and/or plastic take out containers a deal breaker for chowhounders?

just like the title says, i was curious as to how many chowhounders consider this when they are eating take out food. does it even register when u are handed these frowned upon containers? i myself am guilty of not even registering any thoughts when i have bought take out.

i have been reading up a little bit and am now more aware of what places are actually using. just curious as to what others think on the subject especially what actions you have taken as far as places that blatantly use styrofoam containers if any.

Holy Chuck- Anyone tried this burger- there's a coupon

i really didn't enjoy my experience here. it's incredibly overpriced for average food. our bill came to just under $40 for two. we had two burgers, one small pop and a poutine.

the poutine was ok. the burgers are fresh and tastes ok. biggest problem is the bun. don't know how anyone enjoys this bun. it's so soft that it melts in your mouth and not in a good way. it basically turns into moosh that gets stuck to the roof of you mouth while u are trying to chew the rest of the bite. it's basically a deal breaker since everything else is nothing to get too excited about either.

Porchetta + Co

i am totally confused by these reviews as i was when eating there about a month ago for the first time. we walked in as they were unlocking the doors and the pork was already on the steam table. i had the meal with rapini, beans and bun. gf had the sandwich with rapinin and some other toppings. with all the positive reviews, i couldn't wait to dig in. i expected a great marriage of flavours. herbs, garlic, slow roast juicy, fatty pork, crackling and prosciutto. so good cause how can this be wrong?

i was totally underwhelmed with every bite of my meal. tried the gf sandwich and it was pretty much the same. besides the flavour of salt, the meat was dry and lacked any complexity. the rapini was overcooked and was just rapini. the beans were ok but nothing special. the crackling was basically unedible. thick and extremely hard. after a couple of hearty attempts, i reluctantly quit trying thinking i might break my teeth. i could eat crispy skin of anything by itself as a meal so this says alot.

basically the meat was dry and flavourless. the sides to be just ok. i understand i will sound quite critical with this post but i am honestly just baffled by how many ppl love this porchetta.