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Best Vegetarian (or even, ugh, vegan) in DC - Higher End

red hen (as others have mentioned)
you can put together a good meal from small plates at iron gate
elizabeth's gone raw, but it has limited hours.

Looking for "accessible," entry-level Ethiopian food in DC

I don't know if it's good, but very accesible (geographically and food-wise): ethio express in silver spring. like the chipotle of ethiopian, and i don't mean that in a bad way.

"Faux" wedding cakes

pie? brownies? doughnuts? a nice wheel of brie? a loaf of bread? or meatloaf? pizza? maybe there's something else they'd like to cut, that is fully them and delicious.

Looking for ambiance/experience as #1 priority for hosting visitors to D.C.

Ethiopian (Etete or Dukem? Ethiopic if you're closer to Union station)

Birch & Barley if they like to drink beer

the cafe at the American Indian museum

Market Lunch at Union station (or a halfsmoke from the meat counter)

Petworth/Georgia Ave

Crane & Turtle gets good reviews!

Vegetarian Breakfast, lunch and dinner in D.C.

for that stuff, maybe Protein Bar? It's a chain.

I had a great meal of small plates at Iron Gate. Not vegan but vegetarian. For vegans, there's brunch at Equinox.

Eastern Market recommendations

I had a pretty good meal at Kyoto Sushi last year and it would be a convenient location between your tours. It does close at 7 most nights so be sure to check that if it matters to you!

rehearsal dinner in a unique space

Red Hen
Right Proper
Iron Gate
Zaytinya, though a bit of a different feel.

Two L.A. Hounds for Five Days. Food and Sights Itinerary?

Do they have much Ethiopian near you? If not, try that. Popular places include Etete, Dukem, Zenebech Injera (all in the Shaw/U St. area) and Ethiopic (H St. NE; nearest metro is Union Station).

DC has many Salvadorean immigrants. I like Judy Restaurant north of U St.; it's cheap (if you make a meal from the pupusas and other appetizers and you certainly can!) and a little divey.

If you want an atmosphere with your seafood, the fish market in SW can deliver. Walk from L'Enfant Plaza or Waterfront. They'll cook it in front of you. Not much space to sit and it's kind of grimy.

There is a Native American restaurant in the american Indian museum. Cafeteria style and fairly pricey, but some things that you won't see elsewhere.

You might like Market Lunch (in Eastern Market, closed Mondays) or Wise Guys Pizza (near Judiciary Square, not far from Chinatown and the National Building Museum) for lunches. Sweetgreen is a local chain where you choose ingredients for salads--a quick and reasonably healthy lunch. If you're at Eastern Market, you could also get a half-smoke from the meat vendor (better than Ben's chili bowl, though with less history) and/or Pitango gelato.

Near the baseball stadium (Navy Yard metro, or circulator from Union Station through Barracks Row) is Justin's. It's a small mostly sports bar but I like their salads and pizza and I appreciate that it's not a chain or a "concept" but just a nice place to eat and hang out. Good beer list, too.

Don't know if I'll be flamed for this but I really like the burger at McCormick & Schmick's. You can have a $5 one at happy hour and save up for a splurge a different night....their happy hour starts up again at 9pm so it's an option if you happen to be in the city late one night.

Zaytinya might be a nice place for dinner in the area--middle eastern small plates. I also just had a great meal on the patio at Iron Gate, near Dupont Circle. They have a great beer list too, as do most places in the Neighborhood Restaurant Group chain.

What types of restaurants does DC need now?

Indian-style Chinese

Want to make (Colorado) Green Chili monday nite

Safeway in SW DC had them too--big bags, for 99 cents/lb

Looking for AFFORDABLE caterers!

We used Mr. Omelette (based in Gaithersburg) for a brunch wedding and thought it went really well. They do pasta as well as more breakfast-y food; I just totalled it up and for hot and cold appetizers, cheese tray, veggie tray, then 2 types of pasta, salad, and garlic bread on a buffet, with cake and fruit for dessert and sodas to drink, it would be $36 per person, plus servers, tax, and tip.

The food is average quality--not like a gourmet restaurant, but tasty and filling. They serve fish but not meat (I don't know that they're certified kosher but they are kosher-style, where mixing milk and meat is not an option, fish is neutral, and pork and shellfish are forbidden). The food was attractively displayed and you can take home the leftovers. There will be leftovers--not because the food isn't good but because the portions are generous.

Expand this list to 25? AROUND THE WORLD IN 10 DC RESTAURANTS

New Zealand: Cassat's Cafe in Arlington (never been, but read about it in the Post magazine).

Food Truck or Travelling Pizza Oven Rec

check out foodtruckfiesta for a list of lots of places in the DC area. Tweeting individual trucks to see if you can arrange something is probably the easiest.

Most if not all the Armand's stores in DC closed, but their catering site is still up: so maybe contact them?

ethiopian in dc?

sit-down: Etete or Dukem (have heard good things about Ethiopic but never went).

takeout: zenebech injera...they do have a table or two but are usually taken up by cab drivers when I've been there.

a veggie platter is enough food for two (they really have to struggle to fit it in a foam carryout box) but you could always add a meat dish or some sambusas too.

the best of d.c.

on second thought i would replace Daikaya with Great Wall Szechuan or Judy Restaurant

the best of d.c.

Ethiopic or Etete
Red Hen

Lunch and happy hour near National Building Museum

brewpubs: gordon biersch is close but not super special. They do have many veggie options. Bluejacket is near the Navy Yard metro and takes beer really seriously.

Zaytinya isn't too far from the NBM, and definitely has vegan options. Poste is another nearby upscale choice with a nice courtyard.

I'd be remiss not to mention Wiseguy's Pizza, which is a casual by-the-slice place. Really good NY-style and very close to the museum!

Kasha kasha

I like it with mushrooms and fresh dill!

Also, in a knish?

Dec 22, 2013
braver in Kosher

Good Restaurant Near Marriott Wardman Park

lebanese taverna has a back room that is nice and quiet, and I like the food a lot!

Trinidadian Food

I've heard good things about Teddy's Roti Shop on Georgia Ave (pretty far north in dc...close to Silver Spring). Doesn't seem to have pumpkin punch, though.

Report from last week's DC trip

glad you had a great time! If you like half smokes, go to Eastern Market next time and have one from the meat vendor there. You might also like the Brick breakfast sandwich or the blueberry buckwheat pancakes at the Market Lunch could start with breakfast, walk around a while, and have a half smoke for lunch!

you might also like Oohs and Aahs or Horace & Dickies for a return visit. And Ethiopian food is something DC does really well--Etete, Dukem, and Ethiopic are the major sit-down places in the District, but for carryout I really like Zenebech Injera.

Finally, two perennial suggestions: Zaytinya for fancy Mediterranean small plates (I love their ice cream too!) and Judy restaurant for cheap margaritas and very filling and affordable pupusas.

classic red sauce joint

I was really underwhelmed by the Maggiano's in Tenleytown--really salty and heavy, not in a good way. The Olive Garden is way better (love their salad and breadsticks!)

But I think Mamma Lucia is an even better option. There are several throughout the Maryland suburbs.

Fun, upscale family dining in DC

Note: I wouldn't call most of these places upscale but they're good!

The falafel place Hillfood described is Amsterdam Falafelshop. I would do Masala Art in Tenleytown over Rasika with kids. That's probably the most upscale place I have in this whole post. Well, that and Zaytinya (I prefer it to Jaleo!). For Greek, I like Zorba's cafe in Dupont. Fancier (and I haven't been there) would be Mourayo, which gets good reviews.

In Georgetown, kids would probably like dolcezza (fancy gelato). I think Baked & Wired has better cupcakes than Georgetown Cupcake. Dean & Deluca would be an easy if pricey place to pick up snacks or a meal in Georgetown (the circulator bus also runs up Wisconsin if you want to go to Safeway or Whole Foods).

Ethiopian-wise, my preference is Dukem near U St. for sit-down (they frequently have music and dancing), Zenebech Injera near Shaw for takeout, and Sidamo on H St. NE for their coffee ceremony. Not far from Dukem is a place called U & Pizza where you can create your own pizza that's run through a conveyor-belt oven (there's another one on H st. NE). I think most kids would like that.

In Arlington, I would suggest El Pollo Rico near Ballston for Peruvian chicken; there is also a place called Taste of Tunisia and a Russian/Uzbek place called Rus-Uz. I can't vouch for either of the latter two but they are cuisines you won't find most other places.

In Alexandria, Dairy Godmother in Del Ray is really fun. If you want to make your kids have some real food before frozen custard, Cheesetique is delicious. This is definitely not a plan for the lactose intolerant though.

Help finding a "normal" lunch spot for lunch with my parents!

ted's bulletin? more casually, silver diner? taylor gourmet for sandwiches? i also like wise guy for pizza.

Fri. nite (9/6/13) dinner--Logan/Scott/Dupont Circle

ted's bulletin or matchbox (same owners) on 14th St?

Etto has gotten good reviews too.

DC for Two Nights - 2 Dinners and a Lunch/Brunch - Need Help

maybe Art & Soul for br/lunch? call first to check on wheelchairs, but it's in a fairly modern hotel so I think it would be ok. It's not cheap though.

for Saturday dinner, Zaytinya is my preference over Jaleo but I think it depends what food you like. For Friday dinner, maybe try Ethiopian? You could go to Dukem for well below your price range (for 2 people, I usually think a veggie combo and one meat dish is perfect). I am pretty sure Dukem would be accessible--it is more spacious than Etete so probably a better choice.

Snacks near The Basilica of the National Shrine

go to Yes organic market, then have a picnic?

Philly hounds celebrating special anniversary in DC

There is brunch on the top floor of the Hay-Adams (in the "Top of the Hay" room) when it's not rented for a private party...that might be a nice location because of its great views. Other popular downtown-ish brunch options:
* Tabard Inn (some management drama in recent months)
* Ris
* Firefly
* Le Diplomate
* or go to the Eastern Market metro station and try Chesapeake Room, Ted's Bulletin, or the very casual Market Lunch.

You might want to try Ethiopian or Salvadoran for lunch one day, as they are DC specialties. There are a lot of Ethiopian restaurants around the intersection of 9th and U NW: people seem partial to Etete and Dukem for sit-down fare and Zenebech injera for carry-out. I also like Habesha Market for counter-service. For Salvadorean, i always recommend Judy restaurant just north of 14th and U St. NW. It's not at all fancy (AT ALL) but If you are not going to drink, you can easily order 2 pupusas and an order of plaintains (it comes with free salad and chips and salsa) and have a filling lunch for 2 for $9 + tip. Great Wall, also on 14th St. has well-regarded Sichuan food. And I really really like the pizza at Wiseguys (not far from union station, but even closer to the National Building Museum, which is a fun place to check out).

Happy anniversary!

Dinner in DC with 23 and 10 year old

Tonic is 0.6 miles south of 20th and M and has mac & cheese, pizza, tater tots, etc. I like their food and there's more grown-up stuff too.