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Rusty Taco - Awful!

Have not been to a b&m location, but the Rusty Taco truck is the only street vendor in mpls who's taco shells consistently fall apart after one bite. How does a specialty taco truck manage to mess up a shell?

Fried Chicken

Growing up in Cambridge I will agree the Brass Rail's Chicken is by far the best, but it is technically broasted (if the distinction makes a difference to the OP).

Find Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc Fried Chicken recipe on the internet and you'll have a more amazing bird than any restaurant can offer, besides Ad Hoc itself.

Top Chef Seattle - Ep. #1 - 11/07/12 (Spoilers)

The four unique tests didn't quite seem like a fair way to make the show.

While one group was thrown into a live dinner service at Craft with Colicchio hovering over each plate, another group was simply asked to make an omelette with no constraints.? Even though all 5 of the omelets looked amateur Puck lets 4 go through to Seattle?

IMO the 3 Craft qualifiers have already passed the most difficult challenge Season 10 could bring.

Best Cuban sandwich in Twin Cities

While certainly not authentic, QFanatic's take on a Cuban (Q-ban) is my absolute favorite sandwich on earth right now.

Conversely, the Pourhouse has an "open faced cubano" on their menu that is one of the worst sandwiches I've tried in recent memory.

For the best attempt at a traditional cuban I prefer Tony O's in the upper concourse of Target Field or 3 Square when I don't have a Twins ticket on hand.