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Turning a non-stick frying pan into a regular frying pan?

I have a Le Creuset skillet with a nonstick surface that is scratched and awful. I'm assuming it's cast iron underneath. I don't really need another cast iron pan, but I can't bring myself to toss it. I'm wondering whether the machine shop solution would result in a nice smooth surface?

Nov 26, 2012
Anaso in Cookware

Nocino - green walnut liqueur

I made it the next day. I cut green walnuts in half and filled a quart mason jar about half full. Added .5 cups Everclear. I heated about half a cup of water and diluted half a cup of honey in it. Added to the walnuts and Everclear. I wanted to avoid extracting the bad flavors by diluting the Everclear. Haven't tried it yet, might give it a go in a month.

Aug 08, 2012
Anaso in Spirits

Nocino - green walnut liqueur

This all reminds me of a delicious green walnut /honey liquour I had in Serbia. It was dark greenish black and thick from the farm honey. I don't think it was spiced. They extracted the walnuts in slivovica. I'm going to try this with everclear and honey and see what happens.
I've been thinking about the bittering issues also, maybe diluting with simple syrup at the beginning helps reduce that.

Jul 15, 2012
Anaso in Spirits