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Sushi Manten Marunouchi Brick Square

Thanks again. Hahah I guess I confused the Uoshin Nogizaka - I wondered why the sushi bar was so small. I guess its hard to have a bad meal in Tokyo. We booked Sushi taichi for lunch with an hour notice. Yakitori Banchou in the Shin Marunouchi was very nice. thanks.

Just had kaseiki in Osaka - here for one more day and then we have a night in Tokyo - any last suggestions?


Jul 05, 2013
jbwiggins in Japan

Sushi Manten Marunouchi Brick Square

I've read a few of your posts and my wife and I went to Uoshin Nogizaka tonight. Thanks for the recommendation, it was great. I am planning to go to lunch at Butagami tomorrow and I also have reservations at TAKAZAWA tomorrow night. I went to Sushi-Bun at Tsukiji this morning - very nice. We are staying at the Park Hyatt Shinjuku (but enjoy traveling to other neighborhoods and I would love some suggestions. Some thing for breakfast tomorrow and Thursday in Tokyo?
Also lunch Wednesday - I think you like Iwa - is there a second choice if they are booked? (Saito was booked)
Also we tried to get a table at Nakamura for Wednesday night - booked. Can you suggest another Izakaya? Or another type of Japanese cuisine/place?

Finally, on Thursday we go to Kyoto and Friday/Saturday in Osaka. Have any favorites there?

Thanks again.

Jul 01, 2013
jbwiggins in Japan

Best sushi in Manhattan

Shinbashi is not up to snuff - see yelp for more. Better go to Yasuda (upscale) , Hatsuhana (old school), 13 East (new school), Tomoe (price conscious), Gari (for lazy UWS/UES), Masa (trust fund), Bozu (W'burg).

Jul 14, 2012
jbwiggins in Manhattan