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Where to buy de Buyer Mineral "B" Cookware in & around Vancouver?

WS Granville carries 4 Mineral B pans - the same 4 that can be found online.

here's the breakdown in prices on October 7, 2012. skus provided for identification purposes.

FRY PANS - 2" deep
10" C$79.95 US$59.95 #8740599
12.5"* C$109.95 US$79.95 #8740904 *12" online

COUNTRY PANS - 3" & 3.5" deep
9.5"* C$94.95 US$69.95 #8654717 *10" online
12.5"* C$179.95 US$89.95 #8740649 *12" online

hope this helps any decision making processes.

Where to buy de Buyer Mineral "B" Cookware in & around Vancouver?

WS does indeed carry de Buyer, i work there!

if you did want to peek at them in person, the next time you're in the store, you'll find them in the bay between the knife case and the mauviel copper, above the paella pans and below the woks. there's one shelf of them but WS Granville definitely carries 3-4 different models.

Where to buy de Buyer Mineral "B" Cookware in & around Vancouver?

WS definitely carries them, just a matter of if they're in stock.

One night for Chinese in Richmond

hi5 @Sam, yes, here's another hearty endorsement for Shanghai River. Xiao Long Baos are a must. it's my go-to restaurant where i take my out of town guests and is, to me, considered fancy chinese (there's linen & captains are in collared shirts and ties).

Dinesty, just a couple blocks farther (an easy 5-10 min walk from the Marriott) is also Shanghainese and a great choice. More casual, much more variety than SR and slightly cheaper. XLBs are also very good.

For an experience similar in spirit but smaller in scale to the street markets of Asia, take the Canada Line and visit the Richmond Night Market. you'll get lost in the food stalls. as with any food market experience, beware of self-induced food coma/meat sweats, long lines and huddled masses. not for the faint of heart.

Have a great time!

cheap produce kitsilano?

difficult to compete with the drive but here's another endorsement for New Apple and Persia Markets (on the 2800 block of w. broadway between macdonald and mckenzie), directly across the street from one another.

Persia market has slightly better pricing on fruit & produce (usually 10 cents a lb cheaper or so) but New Apple Market is open later.


i'm a firm believer that we vote every day when purchasing groceries. safeway may not be an institution you want to support - especially for someone coming from a community with such a strong support for local,independent businesses - but their organic selection has been steadily growing in the last few years, offered at fairly reasonable prices and i'm sure it's because of consumer demand.

currently, july 2012, a 1 lb. clamshell of organic driscoll's strawberries from california are $3.50 at safeway (their everyday price) which beats out whole food's promotional price of $4.00 for the exact same product.

surprising and worth mentioning even though i rarely cook seafood at home, safeway has recently edged out whole foods as the leading supermarket for sustainable seafood.
fast co article:
david suzuki foundation article:

i'm not a safeway employee, and this was not meant to be an endorsement of the company. merely just pointing out that as consumers we hold the power to incite change from large corporations and demand better, healthier options for both ourselves and the environment.

arg. sorry for the rant!

looking for just one; it has to be "the one"

for pure, sustainable, unadulterated, top quality seafood in vancouver, it doesn't get much better than Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar - in the heart of yaletown:

but to be completely honest, my first choice would be newly opened, Fable. unpretentious, firm farm to table philosophy and a menu that is highly indicative of vancouver and west coast cuisine. one of the best pieces of salmon / meals i've had in the city:

tough decisions ahead. best of luck!

dinner in victoria

vancouver sun food critic, mia stainsby, recently lauded ULLA as best restaurant in vic. very high praise coming especially from MS:

my musts in vic:

RED FISH BLUE FISH - a repurposed container sitting on a dock at the foot of broughton street in the inner harbour serving sustainable fish in tacos & fish n chips form. go for the tacones and if the weather permits, their seafood chowder. both outstanding. beware, lines are long during prime meal times.

not seafood, but not to be missed: EPI FOL - the. best. macarons. of. my. life. not sickeningly sweet like most traditional macarons and not radiating in fluorescent food colouring. all organic, small batch bread & pastries in vic west - a nice walk from downtown across the johnson street bridge.

have a wonderful time in victoria, jim!