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Traditional (non-tonkatsu) Shoyumen?

I have just moved back to Pasadena after 7 years and am looking for a great ramen shop. I have read through the forums and seen the recommendations of shops on the west side and some in SGV, but it seems as though they all specialize in tonkatsu (gravy-style) ramen. I am not a big fan and prefer the almost clear, more traditional shoyumen. I used to go to Ramenya on Olympic however, a recent trip told me that their broth is either not as great as I remembered or my recent trips to Japan have changed my point of reference.

Any suggestions for a good bowl of traditional shoyumen or chashumen? I'm willing to drive anywhere in LA but would prefer SGV recs.

Thank you!

Jul 13, 2012
GroovyFoodie in Los Angeles Area