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Thanksgiving Sandwich/Wrap in Cambridge Area?

To my fellow Cambridge area residents and frequenters,

Where can I find the best Thanksgiving wrap or sandwich? Turkey, cranberry, stuffing, etc. Now that Fall is in full swing I'm having a huge craving, but don't know where to go to get my fix! I'm willing to travel, but Harvard Square, Inman Square, and Central Square areas would be the most convenient.

Dinner/Drinks Out then Dancing in Harvard Square / Inman Square?

I just moved to Cambridge and have yet to seek out all the great spots for an evening out. My girl friend is coming up next weekend and I was hoping for us to have a fun night out either in Harvard Square or Inman Square. I'm looking to do multiple locations: first stop- dinner and drinks, second stop- casual drinks, third stop- dancing. My friend is more of an American and Italian food fan so nothing too ethnic for this outing please.

Any suggestions on places for any or all of the three stops would be greatly appreciated! (Also if you have any suggestions for must try restaurants in Cambridge for when my picky friend is not around, those are welcome as well!)