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Fried Oreos! and other fried treats.

I live in Silver Spring, and it seems that I have been searching for the beauty that is fried oreos for MONTHS. I cannot find them ANYWHERE. Does anyone know where I can find them in Mont. County / DC / NoVa?

Also, if this pans out, does anyone know where I could get my hands on some fried candy bars and/or fried twinkies?

(Yeah, I know. I'm disgusting.)

Fried Oreos in Chitown

Does anyone know any place I can find these?

I live in the DC area and have been searching for them forever, but cannot find them. Whenever I go to someplace new, I always try to find them. I am visiting Chicago next week and would love it if somebody could give me tips! :)

Chicago eats

I'm visiting Chicago this weekend with my family. Are there any restaurants that you all would recommend that exemplify Chicago food? Or some restaurants that have food you can ONLY find in Chicago?

It would be helpful if they were in/near the Loop, but that's not really necessary.
Also, price is definitely a factor -- probably about $20 max per person (for appetizer and entree).