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Name that restaurant challange

That's IT!!!! Very impressive that you could decode my madness.

Name that restaurant challange

Not Snack, which does sound interesting; however, have heard some meh reviews.

Name that restaurant challange

Okay, so I read this article about a new restaurant that I really wanted to try. However, I forgot what it was, and, more importantly, why exactly I wanted to try it. Perhaps my fellow hounders can help.

What I remember is this: it's in (or very near) Highland Park. Or maybe in uptown on McKinney? It's new (<six months old). It has either like a Euro bistro type feel or is kinda like a deli. I think I remember the sandwiches sounding good. If I recall correctly, its focuses (is that the right word) on take out as much as dine in. Definately stuck in my mind as a lunch place (maybe because their only open for lunch, or maybe just because that's what the food sounded like). I think I read about it on the Dallas Observer site. Seems like a one-word name, too.

Not much to go on, but your help is appreciated.

Where do restaurant people go after work?

I am a new-to-Dallas line cook at a small restaurant downtown. Being from Chicago, I'm used to hitting up a joint at quitting time to get some good (but simple) food, a cold drink, and some conversation with like-minded souls. Unfortunately, my co-workers all have kids or other addictions that they would rather tend to after work.

Does anyone know of a good "industry" spot? Preferably one that stays open (and serving food) late.