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Old family treat called Bafana (?? Spelling)

Speaking of Italy, I am trying to recreate a cookie my late MIL used to make called bafana. It was the same base dough as a biscotti, but not as much flour, and perhaps just vanilla flavoring. The dough was rolled out and cut into whatever shape cutter available, but then it was topped with an egg white, ?sugar and walnut mix, and then baked. She came from Northern Italy, and I could never get the recipe exact. She and her sister also made a rice custard pie that was wonderful.
Any help here??
Thanks - Marie

Jul 10, 2012
mariee16 in Italy

Am I CRAZY to go to Italy without any formal dining plans or reservations???

Went to Italy in the Pisa, Florence, Lucca area 6 years ago. Mostly ate with relatives there, or just went to almost any place that looked decent. The soups were all homemade as were the pasta sauces. I am partial to the bolognese sauce prepared there. We were not disappointed. But, you have to be prepared for it to be different. We stayed at a small hotel in Fornaci di Barga. Coffee was usually an expresso variety, unless requested as cafe americano. Eggs for breakfast was not commonplace, but served on request, language was a barrier, but they tried very hard to please. I didn't get the impression that the smaller (less touristy) places spoke much English. We then traveled to the Amalfi coast and just ate anywhere that looked good. We were quite pleased with it all. Would go back in a heartbeat!! Bongiorno - Marie

Jul 10, 2012
mariee16 in Italy