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kosher butcher in palo alto?

Trader Joe has a kosher section

A Kosher sushi restaurant in San Francisco

I tried sushi served by them today
They are excellent

I do not have any reasons not to trust to Rabbi Landau.
If he says it's kosher, then it's kosher

A Kosher sushi restaurant in San Francisco

I recently heard about a kosher sushi restaurant which was recently open in San Francisco

has anybody from here been there?
How good is it?
Chefs are well known... I expect something good ...

Palo Alto and Environment....Chaat and South Indian suggestions especially welcome

Chaat Paradise, it is in Mountain View, five miles from PA

Phil’s in the Moss Landing - the top five beach restaurants worldwide by BBC

amazing place, truly deserved

May 09, 2013
alopatenko in California

Pizza in the Bay area

What are the best pizza place in the Bay area?

from my experience
for Chicago pizza go to Triple Seven in Saratoga
for NY style The Slice of New York on Steven Creek close to JJ Blues
for Napoli (Naples) style (“Italian") Donato Enoteca in Redwood City, they do not have a big selection but what they have are good
and it’s the only one place which have Tonno e Cipolle, every place in Italy has it, I do not get why americans do not like ton no e cipolle pizza

Could you recommend other ones?

Passover food

if you live in the South Bay
variety of products kosher for passover
the Whole Foods (20955 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino) and Oakmond Produce Market (19944 Homestead Rd, Cupertino)

non-Jewish restaurants serving passover style food (does not necessary means kosher for passover, just passover style)
San Francisco



Please, share any information about other restaurants and groceries selling kosher for passover food

Fine dining in Monterey and Carmel?

What would you recommend in Monterey and Carmel area?
And what are good places for New Year Eve?

Dec 12, 2012
alopatenko in California

Bay Area Food Festivals and Events - August, 2012

Jewish Food Festival in Carmel

Walia (Ethiopian) in San Jose

Thank you
We will try it

Walia (Ethiopian) in San Jose

I visited Walia in San Jose over this week-end and I was very impressed. We tried all Ethiopian around and this one is an outlier
my review... (reviewed it for big Y)

This is definitely the best Ethiopian restaurant that I have been to. While my previous experience at a different establishment proved to be, while interesting, undeniably sub-par, THIS place thoroughly impressed me. Upon entrance we were greeted by a calm and charismatic employee who managed to distribute his attention throughout all the tables. He gave us a brisk walk through the menu and left us to ponder on what we were going to order. The staff had their timing nailed, because our order was taken in a few moments after its conception. Our first course, the sambusas, was cooked perfectly. The outside crust was crispy ands little chewy, but not brittle and oily. The fillings were flavorful and pleasantly spicy. The two main courses, a wonderful lamb stew and a dish with the name Mojo Zilzil Tibs, were no less magnificent than the appetizers. The lamb was soft flavorful and spicy. The second dish was strips of beef cooked with sautéed onions and green chiles. The beef was superb, the onions had a nice smoky flavor to them. I was most surprised about the chile, which was subtly sweet instead of the expected mouth-blisteringly hot. The injera on which all of this was served was not dense and heavy, but airy, soft, and with its own flavor. Color me impressed.

Could you recommend other North African places in the South Bay/Peninsula?

restaurant representing Assam cuisine in the SF Bay area

I'd love to find a place with fish dishes such as tenga or hukuti

Bouchon [Yountville]

I agre they are not very good not. They were much better several years ago. Wen we've been there last time several dishes we ordered were not as good as expected, they made mistakes in the onion soup (come on!) , it was too cheesy...lamb shank was overcooked and without flavour.

restaurant representing Assam cuisine in the SF Bay area

Could you, please recommend any restaurants in the San Francisco and the Bay area truly representing cuisine of Assam region of India?