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state of gelato in new paltz/catskill area?

it was cookies 'n cream but it went out of business unfortunately. the reason i mentioned it was that we could use a real homemade ice cream / gelato place in new paltz. the best right now is Amy's Ice Cream which is sold at Wallkill View Farm on 299.

state of gelato in new paltz/catskill area?

i used to live in LA too - ooh I loved going to the fabulous 'al gelato' on robertson in bevery hills. So fun.

good luck with your biz idea - I have not seen any gelaterias here in the hudson valley except I did notice the CIA recently started making gelato in their cafe, I would stop by there and chat them up:

there was a fabulous homemade ice cream place here in new paltz for years - it was on the corner of main and chestnut until it was forced to move down the hill to a more out of the way location that just didn't work out. but it was very, very rich ice cream.

New Paltz Favorites

bump for the Tea Room.

i'm partial to the chicken salad sandwich - it changes seasonally and right now it's a mildly sweet-savory chutney. the pulled chicken is always perfectly tender (and from a righteous organic farm).

the really genius thing about the Tea Room is the crumb on the baked goods - I'm a pretty great baker if I do say so myself but her cakes and scones are perfection, her biscuits are more tender than mine, her pie crusts are flakier than mine... damn that Agnes!!

Hudson Valley- Foodie trip where would you

this place fits the bill: cedar ridge farm b&b in gardiner (next to new paltz).

the chef owner is a cia grad, the rooms are yuppie-fabulous, the b&b is in the country with spectacular up-close views of the ridge. and they host culinary adventure weekends if you are interested in that kind of thing.

p.s. also read the raves at tripadvisor.

Tomatillo Salsa

i grow them (green ones, the purple ones sound lovely). well I grew them once and that was years ago, now they are prolific and welcome volunteers in my garden.

After I take the paper husk off they are very sticky so i rinse them and simmer them in water for 5-10 minutes, drain, let them cool, then mash them through a sieve to get rid of the skin and some of the seeds.

Frankly this super simple salsa verde doesn't need a damn thing. I might salt it or add a twist of lime or some chopped cilantro. Or just have it naked. It keeps in the fridge for a good while.

Wonderful on a filet of fish, or scallops, or chicken, or make super fast cheese enchiladas verdes.

Oct 12, 2007
localvore in Recipes

Organic or naturally grown apple orchard for picking?

Mike Biltonen at Stone Ridge Orchard writes a thoughful blog about farming practices:
Organic Schmorganic: Debunking the myth of organic in favor of local, ecological agriculture. http://www.organicschmorganic.blogspo...

Mr. Apples is an orchard in High Falls just down the road from Stone Ridge that claims to be "low spray" - it's pretty whacky!

Good Eats Outside Poughkeepsie

I'd go to Mountain Brauhaus, it is lovely and nearish to Ellenville.

Which restaurants do you want to try in Hudson Valley?

Been meaning to try The French Corner in Stone Ridge . . . anyone been there?

Kingston, Ulster County, Hudson Valley, great new Indian restaurant

I live within blocks of 2 Indian restaurants but will be driving up to Red Hook Curry House tonight - yay it's buffet night! Sunday and Tuesday. (Monday is Bard discount night I think.)

The chef at Red Hook is a goddess. Love the veg, the breads, the fish curry, but she does a couple of knockout chicken dishes, omg, big chunks of tender white chicken in a delicate subtle spice sauce. Sorry I forget the name of them but they are both amaaazzzzing.

Chai tea (really good) and dessert included in the buffet, which is what, $12? A steal.

ooh the new place in Kingston sounds intriguing, I'll have to check it out. I love good Indian food.

New Paltz Favorites

Mountain Brauhaus - it's 7 or 8 minutes west of New Paltz nestled under the Gunks. Been around for generations and known for giving out kit kat candybars to children. Great food - omg the sauerbraten with spetzla. Just look around the place and you'll see a lot of happy, happy guy guys. I love the place, and they are venturing into inventive cuisine and using local seasonal in addition to their traditional germanic fare. Desserts: go for a special or the apple strudel but skip the black forest cake (they get it somewhere over the mountain and it's just OK, not up to the rest of the quality fare they serve up).

New Paltz Favorites

The Muddy Cup, it's the new place on Main Street and it's a gorgeous location, soaring tin ceilings, huge streetfront windows, bohemian furnishings like circa 1977 orange crushed velvet sofas ... and sucky food and coffee. Sorry. They bring in some bagels from where-ever, and the desserts are basically off the Cisco trailer truck.

The Mudd Puddle, on the other hand. This is a true Chowhounder's spot. It's down the hill tucked into the back of Water Street Market (basically a collection of twee shops and an antiques barn). James and Michelle at the Mudd Puddle work magic from the world's smallest open kitchen, it is a marvel to watch them at work: roasted turkey sandwiches and salads, BLTs with horseradish-mayo, scratch soups... the aforementioned crepes and egg dishes.... this place will not disappoint. I get my coffee there (they roast it on the premises) because I like a good honest clean tasting French Roast.

Hudson Valley restaurant suggestions?

mmmm, Beso. Everything is so-oo-oo good. (It's where The Loft used to be, basically one door down from the stoplight in downtown New Paltz) Went there for snackydoodles on Friday night in the cozy little bar in back. We split a porcini crusted filet mignon, the sauce was wonderful with all these little plump yummy shroomies. But everything on the menu is amazing. I usually get the calamari appetizer, seared scallops or a steak, and get one of Tammy's decadent, swoon-worthy desserts to go.

On Friday my friend had an apple drink special, it was amazing with local apple vodka (Heart of the Valley from Gardner Tuthilltown Gristmill), a cute apple slice garnish, and some spicy nutmeg & cinnamon in there too.

A {{{{{{kiss}}}}}} to Chad and Tammy at Beso!

Bacchus is great for hanging out, playing pool or ping pong and ordering a beer, they have a good variety on tap and a million billion bottled beers from all over. If I'm hungry I'll order off the appetizer menu: the nasty nachos (with chicken, black beans) are fine, I also like their smoked salmon quesadilla, sweet potato fries, jalapeno poppers, that kind of thing. Pub grub.

Apple picking in NNJ or Hudson Valley

I happen to have made a completely unscientific study of this very topic. And Jenkin-Leukins, about 5 minutes west of new paltz on 299, has my favorite cider donuts in the area. I find they have more cinnamon and flavor than some of the other places.