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Best Char Siu Bao - Chinese Steamed Pork Buns?

+1 on the steamed char siu bao at elite. bao is fresh and soft. char siu is high quality and not overly fatty

Jan 20, 2013
rogmah in Los Angeles Area

pizza making class at mozza = hugely disappointing

yesterday i spoke with alex from batali and bastianich hospitality group ( we had a good talk. thank you alex.

i'm happy to report alex did rectify the situation and made things right.

and i still say mozza has the best pizza in l.a.

Jan 16, 2013
rogmah in Los Angeles Area

pizza making class at mozza = hugely disappointing

a couple points of clarification and follow up:

1. i began researching the idea for a cooking birthday party for my son the week before christmas. there were no january dates listed on the mozza2go calendar at that time. i called mozza approximately 5 times over the next week asking if any classes were going to be offered in january. no one knew because of the uncertainty of the holidays. i left my contact info with mozza. then on 12/27 i received this email from mozza:

"New January Class Schedule at Mozza Scuola


to undisclosed recipients

Thank you for your interest in Mozza Scuola. The following dates for Pizza Making Classes have just been added to our January Events Schedule:
Friday January 4
Saturday January 5
Thursday January 10
Thursday January 17
Thursday January 24
There's also one Mozza Cookbook Class taking place Wednesday Janaury 16. All classes include a Prosecco Reception starting at 6:30pm with class beginning at 7:00pm.
Please feel free to view our events calendar at from there you can make a reservation by selecting the date you wish to attend via OpenTable. You can also make a reservation through our Reservations line at (323) 297-1133.
Mozza2Go Reservations"

so i called the reservation line that day and booked a party for 5 (myself a 4 teenagers). i received this confirmation email:

"Your Mozza Scuola di Pizza Reservation Confirmation


Mozza to Go <>

to me

Dear xxxxxxxx,

Thank you for making your reservation at Mozza Scuola di Pizza.

Your reservation is confirmed.

Saturday, January 5, 2013
7:00 PM
Party of 5


Thank you for booking an event in the Mozza Scuola.

Please note that if you booked for an event on a Tuesday or Wednesday this is for one of the following classes:

Mozza Cookbook Class
Pizza Making Class
Pasta Making Class
Whole Hog Butchery Demonstration

All classes take place at 7pm. Doors open at 6:30pm for a Prosecco reception, excluding the Whole Hog Butchery Demonstration. All classes include a full lesson/demonstration from our chef and full dinner. It does not include beverages, tax or gratuity.

If you have made this reservation on a Friday or Saturday this is for our Seasonal or Whole Hog Family-Style Dinner. All family-style dinners take place at 7:30pm with doors opening at 7:00pm for a Prosecco reception. We feature one menu, one table and family-style service. Please be sure to let us know about any food allergies upon booking your reservation.

All reservations will be confirmed 5 days prior to ensure y our attendance. All reservations cancelled after that are subject to a 50% charge.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

For additional questions please email: or call323.297.1133

Many Thanks,

Mozza Scuola di Pizza"

i made my reservation thru the phone, not thru the mozza2go website. so at the time i never read the class description on the mozza2go site because there were no classes listed, hence no description available to be read.

2. i received a phone call from mozza2go manager theresa this past friday. theresa is the same manager who was present at the pizza making class. theresa told me mozza policy is to make sure participants are informed in advance the class is demonstration only, not hands on. i told theresa this was never conveyed to me. her response: "i guess in your case, it must've slipped thru the cracksl". okay, human error occurs. especially during the hectic nature of the holiday season. but please understand why i had the expectations of a hands on class.

3. theresa also said she would have been able to rectify things at the time if i had complained at the time of the class. but now it was too late for her to do anything. i did complain at the time. as soon as i walked in, i complained to aaron the waiter that i was expecting the class to be hands on. and asked to speak to the manager. then during the class i pulled the manager aside and asked if it was possible to make additional pepperoni and sausage pizzas for the kids. her reply: "there will be no deviation from the script". which came across to me as a reprimand, so i got the vibe the manager wasn't sympathetic and just wanted me to shut up. theresa did explain on the phone friday that if the chef had made additional pizzas for the kids, the 8 other participants might've expected to receive extra pizza. okay, understandable.

but then theresa said i should've let her know at the end of the class the kids were still hungry. that she could've made additional pizzas then. this timing may make sense to a general manager, but as a customer/parent, i felt i had already made a request for extra pizza and been rebuffed. i'm not going to ask again. at the end of the class, when it became apparent no more food was being served to the class, i just wanted to get outta there, feed the teens, and try and salvage the night.

also i'm not going to go to battle with the manager at 10pm on a saturday night, at my son's birthday party, in front of him and his friends, and make a big stink.

i did promptly send an email of complaint on sunday, the day after the class. and followed up with an additional email on monday and tuesday. as well as an email to nancy's assistant on wednesday. theresa explained it took her until friday to respond because those emails got directed to other managers and did not readh her until friday.

4. when i asked theresa how she would have rectified things saturday night, her reply was "i cannot tell you at this time".

this is such a puzzling response

Jan 13, 2013
rogmah in Los Angeles Area

pizza making class at mozza = hugely disappointing

the website/review i read described the class as hands on. so it never crossed my mind the need to confirm this with mozza when i made the reservation.

and i guess my narrative doesn't convey this, but i got the sense at the time that both the waiter and the manager had received complaints similar to mine before, because neither seemed overly concerned about my complaint. in fact theresa the manager seemed annoyed that the kids thought they going to make their own pizzas, telling me at one point: "there will be no deviation from the script"

i'm not saying i have a right to a refund or discount. but it would be nice to receive some reply from mozza. mozza was terrifically prompt at responding to my email when i was setting up the birthday party.

yes i'm angry. but i also feel disappointed, kinda foolish, kinda duped, definitely ignored.

my original post was to give others who might be thinking of taking this class a better idea of what it entails. like i said, the whole experience was a huge disappointment.

Jan 10, 2013
rogmah in Los Angeles Area

pizza making class at mozza = hugely disappointing

let me start off by saying mozza has the best pizza in l.a.

i've been a fan of nancy silverton's cooking dating back to campanile. i've eaten multiple times at campanile, la brea bakery at downtown disney, mozza, the osteria, and short order.

my 14 year old son wanted to celebrate his upcoming birthday with a cooking class with a few of his friends. i googled "best cooking class" + "los angeles" and a site popped up that gave a glowing review of mozza's pizza making class, with the following descriptions: "Students got a demonstration from one of Mozza’s chefs and a hands-on lesson in kneading dough and shaping crust" and "During this class, the wine flowed freely, and there was more pizza offered than I was capable of actually sampling."

sounded good to me. and to my son and his friends. it was pricey ($150.00 per person, not including taxes or tip or beverages) but i figured mozza has the best pizza, this will be an awesome unique hands on experience. YOLO!

so we arrive at mozza this past saturday with a reservation for six: my son, three of his teenage friends, myself and my gf. as soon as we sit down i see there is no counter space for us to prepare pizza, so i ask our waiter aaron where this will take place. aaron tells me this is not a hands on cooking class, only the chef prepares the pizza. YIKES! i explained to him the four kids were expecting to get their hands dirty and dusty with flour, kneading dough and shaping crust. i asked to speak to the manager. theresa came out and explained this was a demonstration cooking class only, not hands on. i told her i never would have booked a teenage birthday party, especially at $150/person, if i had known this. theresa assured me the class was interesting and the kids would be engaged.

the class was marginally interesting to me as an adult who dabbles in the kitchen. for the kids is was pure boredom. there were 14 of us attending the class (the other 8 were older couples) and we sat for 3 hours while the pizza chef droned on about the dough, the sauce, the toppings, etc etc.

eventually 10 pizzas were made with different toppings. each pizza was cut into 14 tiny slices so we could all have a taste. so we each ate 10/14 (or approximately 2/3) of a pizza. mozza pizzas are small. this was nowhere near enough food. especially for ravenous teenagers. we all agreed the pizzas were delicious. but then again, anything will taste delicious after you have waited 3 hours. and are served a tiny sliver of a portion.

with tax and tip, for our party of six, the bill came to over $1000.00. the six of us ate a total of 4 pizzas. so i paid $250.00 per pizza.

i was so disappointed with our experience. i sent three polite respectful emails of complaint, over the span of three days, to mozza, asking to speak to a manager. i received zero reply. i even sent an email to nancy silverton (through her assistant) with zero reply.

ultimately a shame because it has really soured my opinion of mozza and their admittedly tasty pizza.

Jan 10, 2013
rogmah in Los Angeles Area

comic con

my 14 year old is dragging me to comic con. we arrive wednesday and leave monday. we are staying at the marriott marquis and marina, right next to the convention center. any locals wanna recommend quick tasty eats within easy walking distance of the convention center or hotel?

teen friendly fare: cheeseburgers, hot dogs, pizza (slices), chinese (preferably dim sum or xiao long bao), ramen and gyoza and kara-age, thai, indian, greek, waffles, dessert places.

also any recommendations within the hotel? or at the waterfront behind?

Jul 09, 2012
rogmah in San Diego