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Casual Wine Country Dining and Food Shopping with Kids

Also forgot to mention, if you are in Healdsburg the Bear Republic is another great, local brewery that is family friendly & has lunch.

2 Days in Sonoma for Novice Wine Drinkers

ooo make sure to go to Screaming Mimi's! If they have the apricot swirl, make sure to try it!
Is not wine, but Korbel does a fun little tour that explains the process and the history. Plus, tastings are free!

Preston out in Dry Creek Valley is my favorite. The wine maker, Lou, is super laid back. They also grow their own wheat and make their own bread, and sell produce at the Healdsburg farmers market. Everyone I've talked to out there has been really friendly and not at all pretentious.

Suggestions for a celebratory Tuesday night dinner in Sonoma County?

I like BarnDiva in Healdsburg or Syrah in Santa Rosa. I've only had lunch there, but the new Mateo Granados in Healdsburg is supposed to be good.

Casual Wine Country Dining and Food Shopping with Kids

I live in Petaluma, and regularly go to Lagunitas. They don't have much for the way of food, though. Sometimes sandwiches, but its more of a chips & pretzels type scene. Russian River for lunch with kids shouldn't be a problem at all.

recommendations for special occasion dinner in SF


I am looking for recommendations for a great place for dinner with my fiance in SF on a Friday night in August. It will be our last night together to sit and enjoy before tons of family comes to town and other wedding-week craziness.

Despite being only a bit North in Petaluma, I have rarely eaten in the city, so I am at a loss on where to go. I'm open to any type of cuisine, but I don't eat beef. I would like to stay under or around $25/main plate. I really appreciate local and organic. Full bar is not necessary, but a decent wine-by-the-glass menu is needed.

Some places that we really enjoy here at home in Sonoma County are BarnDiva & Central Market.

I welcome any suggestions! Thanks so much!