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El Cerrito/Richmond Recommendations

I second Fat Apple's for brunch, lunch, or dinner American style. They provide reliably good food, won't break the bank, casual, family friendly atm. with lots of light. The bakery case is really attractive too. My bro loves the ollalieberry milkshake. Our only gripe lately is the decaf was weak, prepared in a gigantic coffeemaker. We've been loyal customers for decades.

Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Desi Chinese, San Carlos

As a Chinese-American, Red Hot Chili Pepper was a miss for me, not quite Chinese and not standard Indian cuisine (which I wanted). Also I prefer no more than medium spice level. The staff was very good though. The place was jam-packed with Indian people so I think this is a cuisine that speaks of 'home' to them.

El Cerrito/Richmond Recommendations

Am interested in other reviews of Saigon Seafood, I've been there once in the past 3 mo. They have the cleanest fish tanks I've ever seen. The geoduck clams reaching toward the surface look like a work of art. Servers smile and serve happily (unlike some other places). Big and airy. Am hopeful this is where we can go for good Chinese food.

Is it just me or is it rather difficult to find good steak in the Bay Area?

I'm not a big steak aficionado but Cafe Rouge's steak is heavenly and I don't think I've even had the ribeye yet. I'm usually there for lunch and go there for my birthday steak. I don't need any other.

El Cerrito: L & L Chinese Seafood Restaurant - Dim Sum, congee and sliced pumpkin in plum sauce

Had light lunch on Thursday-we used to eat there all the time when it was Golden Dynasty. Since that went away, we have not been overjoyed about any Chinese places in that part of town. Cha siu chow fun was very good, made 3 Chinese ladies happy. Also tried a couple dim sum that were good. Will be returning soon to see how they do with other dishes. There were about 6 roast duck hanging in the corner of the kitchen. Yum! Servers were very friendly and helpful although some didn't speak English. I'm talking myself into going back tonight.

Duck eggs

Berkeley Bowl has duck eggs on the shelf!.I got them at the BB west yesterday. They're from Murdock's in Winters.