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Basic Sweet Mochi (An Mochi)

Well, I thought I found a great recipe for mochi, finally, until I got to step 5.

What does it mean to dust rice cakes with mochiko?

The recipe is for sweet mochi, but suddenly rice cakes are introduced? I am still baffled by what happens after step 4?

What happens to the mochi that has been flattened into circles and how does that connect with step 5??

Reading other reviews, most mochi is steamed, but there is no mention of steaming? did you forget that step?

It seems that maybe because Japanese are writing these recipes, the reason for mistakes is due to language.

Unfortunately i have never really found a good mochi recipe.

Also, it's important, from other reviews about this recipe, that one sifts the flour, that will help to avoid lumping.

After reading all the "reviews", I wonder why this recipe is still here? And, even stranger, why there are 51 "Likes"

And finally, why the author hasn't corrected the recipe?

Jul 07, 2012
Rangdrol in Recipes