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Grass Fed Beef at Pasadena Farmers' Market

I'm on my third purchase with them. John and Nadine are very happy (and patient) to answer any questions regarding the beef or cooking it. So far I've tried London Broil - very good. Ground beef, as mentioned also very good (and much better than TJ's at about a dollar more). Have a few other cuts in the freezer to try... and now i've got to learn to cook it medium rare! (I keep trying but it really does cook faster.)

Thanks for the tip on the kidney fat - I've been craving french fries!

Your tried and true Cook's illustrated Best recipes.

CI Sangria recipe is the only one I like. Simple with citrus - not fruit salad in a glass. I've made both the red wine sangria and white versions several times. Both are great and crowd pleasers!

Agree with others that more than anything I've learned technique with Cook's.

Dec 29, 2009
marettesyndrome in Home Cooking

Has anyone made the Artichoke Stuffing in the Nov Sunset?

I haven't made it, but I also think I'm going to try it. Was going to do a basic herbed bread stuffing, but don't want to add yet another starch at the table (along with sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc.). The addition of artichokes and mushrooms sound like a welcome change. Plus the mushrooms will go nicely with the Pinot Noir we are serving. I'm not stuffing the bird, but I agree with you I'd leave out the parmesan (and the egg) if I were.

Nov 24, 2008
marettesyndrome in Home Cooking

Soumarelo in Pasadena - a find!

We have tried several times and have been quite pleased. Only complaint is that the rice can be a little on the oily side. Everything was very tasty, service good and friendly. The stand out HAD been the wonderful hummus. Unfortunately on our last visit something was up with the hummus. After a few bites we threw it out. There was this "tang" that changed the flavor profoundly. Maybe a switch from fresh garlic to dried garlic powder (or something like that which overwhelms all other flavors. Like the pre-minced garlic from TJ's - ALWAYS identifiable in a dish and thus not worth the convenience.)

Rice Krispies Treats Birthday Cake

I hated cake when I was a kid (and totally agree with the frosting comment - cake is still not my favorite, but at least I know how to pick a good one now), so my mom would make me rice krispies treats instead. I loved it!

Sep 30, 2007
marettesyndrome in Recipes

Egg in a Nest

I've always fried both sides of the bread, then added the egg and cooked sunny side up.

Sep 30, 2007
marettesyndrome in Recipes

Tomatillo Salsa

We grew purple tomatillos this year and they most definitely do not need to be cooked first. They are very sweet with an apple like tone. Their sweetness does become more pronounced with cooking but then you lose the wonderful crunch.

Sep 30, 2007
marettesyndrome in Recipes