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Green Chile Deviled Eggs

I haven't made them yet but being a native New Mexican, I'm glad it called for New Mexico green chile, the food of the gods. They grow good chile in other parts of the state as well but Hatch is ground zero for chile farms.

I just made a pot of green chile stew from the frozen green chile I brought back from New Mexico last November to Oregon. There I am claiming my burlap bag of fresh green chile at the baggage claim.One chile had just started to turn red and it was sticking out of a small hole. Someone thought I had a body in the bag and actually questioned me. Everyone got a big laugh out of it. Still makes me laugh.

Fresh roasted New Mexico green chile is more aromatic then then the most expensive perfumes in the world.

My family helped found the city of Santa Fe so my Spanish roots run deep in The Land of Enchantment and chile is in my blood. Of course, the Pueblo Indians introduced this fabulous and very healthy food to the early Spaniards and my family still had their freezers stocked with it no matter where they live. I'm in Oregon now.

Basically, I'm an "old school" New Mexico cook. Never cut up green roasted and peeled chile until it has been squished through your fingers to a stringy consistency. My mother used to freak out if she ate at a New Mexico retaurant and they gave her chile that had been cut up into little squares or canned chile, which she could spot blind folded. But of course canned green chile is the alternative. Not much fresh green New Mexico chile in Manhatten or Atlanta, after all.

Wear gloves for really hot chile when peeling and using your hands to squish it then just cut through it a few times for smaller pieces for easier eating.

I will be making this recipe. Maybe next week! Certainly not a classic New Mexico dish but it sound delicious.

I also put green chile in potato and macaroni salads and in stuffed potatoes. In New Mexico one can go to Burger King and have green chile on their burger. When in California, I take my own in a Baggie when I go to In-N-Out Burger.

Mar 28, 2013
SuzanneDevlin in Recipes

Sweetmeat Empanadas with New Mexico influence

Keep in mind that the pork is ground after it is cooked.

Being a native of New Mexico with my Spanish roots going back to 1598, I grew up eating both the fried and baked empanadas but prefer those fried...........in lard.

Jul 06, 2012
SuzanneDevlin in Home Cooking