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Cuy, where? or: Cute pet snack?

And lest someone recommend it, the other place I can find on the boards was El Rinconcito Peruano, but that has been closed for some time now.

Cuy, where? or: Cute pet snack?

I was going out with friends for cuy (Andean-style guinea pig) tomorrow night at La Cazuela in Baltimore, but it apparently closed within in the past year. That was the only place I knew of that definitely would make it (with 24 hour reservations, so they could hit up the pet store, presumably).

I have a Ecuadoran-American friend in town who would love to try this—does anyone know of anywhere else in the Baltimore-D.C. area?

In Search of Fried Chicken

I believe Hitching Post is still open, and will close on 7/31. It's a legendary D.C. eatery, and I'd recommend checking it out in its final days. Note that the portions are ridiculous—I've never understood how a "half chicken" can amount to some 10 pieces of chicken.

Kopi Luwak...where to get it?

Couldn't wait that long—had to go today! They most certainly have kopi luwak, it is available every day, and the restaurant itself was wonderful. Friendly service, virtually all Indonesian clinetele, and really great, authentic Indonesian food. In addition to the wildcat poop coffee, I had the lumpiah, fried whole spicy coconut fish, and es campur for dessert (shaved ice with a fruity syrup, topped with all manner of fruit, coconut, jackfruit, black jelly, pineapple, and some other things I didn't immediately recognize. Alas, they were out of the chocolate avocado smoothies.

The coffee was a bit nutty and quite smooth—not at all bitter, but not particularly memorable compared to the sort of complex brews I'm used to at, say, Baked & Wired in Georgetown. The novelty and bragging rights were worth the $10, though. Speaking of Georgetown, the restaurant claims to have originally been located there, and they tell me that they operate a food truck in D.C., but that it does not cart around kopi luwak!

Kopi Luwak...where to get it?

Satay Sarinah, an Indonesian restaurant in the south of Alexandria has it on their menu online for $10 a cup. Intriguingly, they also have some Filipino dishes on that menu (hard to find in these parts!). I'll have to head down there this coming week to confirm!