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Bagels in MD

I'm fond of the Bagelry on Vital Way (near Randolph & New Hampshire -- is that White Oak?). They have a good variety, the chewyness is (to me) a good level. They have a touch of sweetness that some people might not like.

Taste of Georgetown This Weekend

Taste of Wheaton, with $1 tastes and very family-frendly vibe, is the best of the "Tastes" around here. Sad to hear about Chicago, I haven't been in years but it was really great fun when I was younger.

The perfect pancake

Try Original Pancake House in Falls Church, Rockville, and Bethesda. I'm quite fond of their Wheat Germ pancakes, and they have a great variety.

Chicago style pizza in D.C.?

Also, note that Giordano's and Edwardo's (and others in Chicago) do "stuffed" pizza, not just deep dish (Lou Malnati's does deep dish and not stuffed, I think). As far as I know in DC, Alberto's is the only stuffed pizza provider.

(There was a Nancy's franchise in Rockville a few years ago, but it's gone now. Alberto's is take out only, and too far away for me, so I make my own now)

Warthog's comments about the variations in what a "Chicago pizza" is are on the mark -- the definition varies depending on who you talk to.

best around Silver Spring, MD?

We ate at Vicino (I think, but it was an Italian place across from Jackies) a few weeks ago and found it to be disappointing. Everything was very salty, and generally uninspired.