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Au Pied de Cochon

I've read many good things about this place on the Chowhound board, I've enjoyed Martin Picard's food in the past at Club des Pins and I like the look of the menu, but I figured I'd hear what people here have to say before I visit. So what does everyone think of this place, any favourite or must try dishes? Lesley have you reviewed it? I must have missed it if you did, but if so and there's an online version I'd love to read it or at least hear your thoughts. Thanks to all in advance and hopefully I'll make a visit there soon. http://restaurantsincanada.wordpress....

Canadian Restaurants

We just got back from Vancouver yesterday and went to plenty of restaurants. STEPHOS!!..YES!!! I had the roast lamb plate. Damn, was it good. Worth the wait, worth every penny. Only $9.95 CAN. Make sure you go with an appetite.

Capones (italian restaurant within walking distance in yaletown) is a nice place. Check the resort lobby for a 15% discount card. You'll need it since it is a bit pricey! The food is excellent. They have a jazz band playing there every night.

If you wanna go out for breakfast then Joe's Grill is a good place to go. Its on Davie St about 1 blk from Stephos. Good hearty breakfasts that range anywhere from $4.50 to $9.00. My chopped steak & egg brkfst was $6.75 and very good.

In chinatown, there is this "hole in the wall" type of bakery/restaurant that serves BaoZi (steamed buns) that are just delicious!! Damn, I forget the name of the place but it is definitely worth checking out. We saw nothing but pure locals in there...not a word of english was spoken in the place (except for the waitresses). We figured it had to be good if the place was packed with Chinese people. I'll try to find out what the place was called & post it later.

Anything In Mt. Shasta Ca?

Anyone eat out ever gluten-free in MT. Shasta? We are going there tomorrow night and I need ideas or I'll just pack a cooler and bring my food. Not feeling there is anything safe there. I called Lilly's but the cook didn't let me explain what cross contamination was and said he felt offended I'd ask about his cooking. He said he had been in business 31 years and noone ever asked about his kitchen practices. He says he does cook gluten-free, but wouldn't let me aske any questions.

Jul 09, 2012
restaurantsincan in California