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Vegetarian / Vegan in Mont Tremblant and Laurentians


We actually went to Petite Cachée the year before, as vegetarians and *loved it*. We went back this year, and although there was nothing specifically vegan on the menu, they were very accommodating and happy to make us something :)

Also on this trip, we ate at the little smoothie/juice place in the pedestrian village, which was great for a quick healthy bite (lots of vegetarian and vegan choices too). We had a dinner at Coco Pazzo, which was pretty good although perhaps a bit overpriced for the quality. Not to say it wasn't good, but nothing to really write home about.

Finally, we had brunch on the way home at Orange et Pamplemousse in St Saveur, and it was really good!

Vegetarian / Vegan in Lake Placid

Thought I would follow up on this since this post now shows on Google for "vegan Lake Placid" :) The trip (and race!) went great and we had some really good food. Mostly I was surprised by how reasonable everything was. The most expensive meal we ate was a shade over 50 bucks before tip.

Spitfire Grill
We went for breakfast. I guess this used to be Ashley's Cafe (the sign was still up) and has only recently changed. We ordered the 'Vegan Burrito' - it was pretty good, but the hash browns were either cooked in butter or something that tasted very like butter. Or maybe it just shares the grill with everything else. My toast came buttered - ok, I should've specified to the waitress, but it seems that if two people come in and both order a menu item specifically labelled as vegan, that perhaps that don't want butter on their toast. The fruit was not super fresh. Overall not bad - perhaps these are teething troubles, but I wouldn't return.

Scape Cafe (inside the Green Goddess market)
Amazing. Delicious, fresh food, smoothies and juices. Very nice home made baked goods. Vegan items are clearly marked. They have a nice fridge with lots of interesting 'to go' items. The store also has lot of nice products, groceries and snacks. Absolutely loved it.

Lake Placid Pub and Brewery
Nothing specifically vegan on the menu but we were easily able to make substitutions and there were several options. We took the fried pickles and both had the veggie burger (without cheese). Fatty, salty, and delicious - exactly what we wanted. Restaurant was kind of loud but what do you expect in a pub?

Generations Restaurant
They had a breakfast buffet special for the Ironman. Nothing mind blowing but decent - good oatmeal, the fruit was fresh. Nice outside seating. Staff were very accommodating.

Good Bite Kitchen
Fantastic. Vegan and gluten free options clearly marked, other options that could be made vegan marked. Really creative daily menu. Homemade sodas and cookies were also great. Really loved it.

Milano North
Unfortunately even though the menu only called out one pasta as being 'egg' pasta, it turns out all the home made pastas have egg. However the waiter checked and the angel hair did not contain egg, and he happily substituted into whatever dish we wanted. The pasta and sauce was fresh and tasty. The bread came with oil not butter, and it had fresh herbs which was a very nice touch. Very good food but overall perhaps not the greatest of selections for vegans.

Dancing Bears
The restaurant in our hotel, we came here post-race not expecting much and were pleasantly surprised. We had a special salad and the veggie burger (no cheese) - took a while to arrive but it was really very good. We both enjoyed our food a lot. Nothing specifically vegan on the menu but with some substitutions there are a few choices.

The Breakfast Club
Long line every morning so we figured it would be good. Not a huge amount of choices for vegans however the oatmeal was very nice. Waitress checked if I wanted my toast buttered. Coffee was not great. Overall we enjoyed our meal (but we both love oatmeal!)

Vegetarian / Vegan in Lake Placid

Thanks! These look great!

Vegetarian / Vegan in Lake Placid

My partner and I will be in Lake Placid for 4 nights next weekend, for the Ironman. We are both vegan. We enjoy good food of all kinds, and like eating at nice places, but we are also very flexible. We are happy to check places out and ask if they can make accommodations or alter dishes for us :)

I was hoping for some good food recommendations. I know there doesn't seem to be any specific vegan or vegetarian restaurants. But I would welcome any suggestions for places that have some options that might suit us, or options that can be adapted :)

Thank you very much!

Vegetarian / Vegan in Mont Tremblant and Laurentians

Thanks for the tip! If you remember the name, please post back!

Vegetarian / Vegan in Mont Tremblant and Laurentians

Thank you! I had searched Happy Cow but not found anything, but now I see they have two listings for Val David which is very helpful. Thank you!

Vegetarian / Vegan in Mont Tremblant and Laurentians

Hello fellow hounds

Sorry if this was already discussed, I didn't find anything in searching.

We are going to stay in Mont Tremblant for 2 nights. My partner and I are both vegan. We are very flexible with where we go to eat and don't mind asking for substitutions or asking to remove dairy, etc from dishes in restaurants.

That said, we do enjoy good food and eating in nicer places. We don't mind spending a bit of money on a decent meal. We are very open to ethnic food of all kinds as well (indeed, as a vegan this often presents more choices!). We also like to eat very healthy but we are on vacation so this is not a strict requirements :)

Can anyone make some specific suggestions on good places to go for breakfasts, lunches and dinners? Of course I don't think we will find many specific vegetarian or vegan restaurants, but places with at least some options would be great.

We have a car and don't mind driving to the surroundings of Tremblant itself and towns around the Laurentians.

Many thanks in advance

ISO Fava Beans

I have seen them in Supermarche PA on du Fort: