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Best Masala Dosa in Toronto?

I know I'm replying years after the fact but i didn't see the need to open a new topic.

I was trying to definitively ID the dosa place that was on Ashdale just off Gerrard and across from the library. I'm trying to ID the original store and the owner however am confused by the myriad of names. I don't think the owner died, but instead left for India after his children had grown up. It used to be a man whom must have been in his late 50's to 60's and had a salt and pepper hair and mustache. I think he was actually from Delhi. He had a south indian fellow that would serve and while the owner would cook.

I also remember thinking it odd that he used to always clean his stove top with a potato but I must have been 10 at the time. Also his coconut chutney was like crack. To this day, i still crave that chutney.

If anyone can help me ID him or the store name.

Jul 05, 2012
mene87 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)