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"Fun" Dinner Spot for LA Chowhound

Hi Guys,

My husband and I will be spending Fourth of July weekend in the City and we're looking for suggestions for a fun restaurant to meet some friends for dinner on Saturday night. Can you recommend a place that a) has a lively, fun envrionment b)offers some vegetarian options for our friends and c)has great food? (Don't worry about cost--we're on vacation.)

Thanks so much!

Jun 27, 2008
mjk46 in Manhattan

Pasadena Birthday Party Reqs

He's willing to eat anything--as long as its good. Some of his favorite places in Pasadena are Derek's Bistro, Maison Akira, Firefly (South Pas.). We've had big family get-togethers at Cafe Santorini before, and were really unimpressed by both the service and the food...

Oct 06, 2007
mjk46 in Los Angeles Area

Pasadena Birthday Party Reqs

I need help planning my husband's 35th birthday party. I'm looking for a restaurant, preferrably in the Pasadena area, that can accomodate 30-40 guests. My husband is a big foodie, so I would love to have his birthday celebration someplace that will delight him. Budget is not a big issue. Any thoughts?

Sep 29, 2007
mjk46 in Los Angeles Area