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Foodie Husband 40th Bday- Looking at Bazaar, but want other options- 15-20 people

My foodie husband is turning 40. I was thinking Bazaar but would like other recommendations. Would prefer a semi-private area where it could/would be easy for guests to float and talk to each other. Thoughts? THANKS!

Jun 24, 2015
lindaana in Los Angeles Area

Bday Drinks--Downtown LA- Pre- and Post dinner

Decided on Chaya downtown for hubby's big birthday bash. Not super familiar with the scene downtown on a Saturday, but looking for a great place to have pre and post dinner fun. We were thinking of drinks at the Standard rooftop before dinner..anywhere else in the area that would be fun after? We have a limo so we dont have to stay downtown...but dont want to venture far...we're old.

525 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Jul 29, 2011
lindaana in Los Angeles Area

Moving to San Pedro/Rancho Palos Verdes - ISO....everything!

I live in San Pedro and while you've gotten some great rec's so far, I'll give you some additional local option.
Breakfast- Rex's Cafe is awesome Small place, amazing food, fast service so even if there is a wait, it will go quickly. Serves breakfast and lunch everyday.
Lunch- Think Bistro- There are 3 "Think's" in town. You noted the steak house but this one is a more casual relaxed atmosphere with crazy reasonable prices for some delish food. Great breakfast lunch and dinner

-Pronto's- I'll second Pronto's. Their mexican food is fresh, grilled and second to none in town. Guac is awesome and huge menus. We usually do take out but you can eat in as well. Awesome breakfast lunch and dinner for a steal.
-Nosh Cafe- Only open on weekdays for lunch and breakfast....different amazing quiches, salads, sandwiches made fresh daily. Very special and yummy.
-Baja Fish- SMall super casual place....we usually take out from there but great prices on fresh grilled fish
-The Depot and Christine's- Although not in Pedro, a super short drive for 2 of our favorite "date night" places around. Delish. We lean more toward Christines.
-Nazzelle- AMAZING Lebanese food. Seriously, we do take out here once a week. I've never eaten better food out of a styrofoam container. Amazing Chicken Schwarma, Kabobs, and the Garlic sauce is to die for. Simple and done PERFECTLY. You wont be disappointed.

Think Bistro
1420 W 25th St, San Pedro, CA 90732

Apr 08, 2011
lindaana in Los Angeles Area

In town for one night with the boss (expense account!)...where to go?

Will be up on business end of the month. My boss has never been to San Fransisco so I'm looking for something with an awesome vibe, in a great location, with DELISH food. (I'm a bit of a food snob.)
I've been to the Vietnamese fusion place down on the water (name escapes me) and that's the vibe I'm going would love other foodie rec's please!
Also, any happy hour or fun loungy places to hang after dinner on a Tuesday or Wednesday night (I know, weekdays suck.)

Dinner with Work Folks- Downtown to Century City- Expense account! Fun Vibe Amazing Food

Ok, title says it all. A bunch of folks from my company are coming to town in June for a show at the convention center. Would love to take them somewhere trendy, yummy, with a very fun vibe and amazing food. We'll be at the convention center, but staying in Century City, so willing to travel around both areas.

Thanks in advance for your rec's. Its on an expense account so price isn't so much of an issue :)

May 10, 2010
lindaana in Los Angeles Area

What's for lunch in the Marina?

26 Beach is awesome, but yes, can be pricey. GREAT for a business lunch though. Some of the most amazing salads and burgers ever...and they serve breakfast all day. The menu is a good way. Portions are so large you could totally split a meal with someone

26 Beach
3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

Apr 22, 2010
lindaana in Los Angeles Area

Birthday Dinner- Need Rec's- We love yummy food

My bday is this weekend and hubby is taking me out. I'm down to try AOC or Animal but am thinking we're too late on the reservations. Would love additional rec's, especially ones in the South Bay, Long Beach/Seal Beach area.
Thanks. Would like it to be great vibe with amazing food.

8022 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Apr 21, 2010
lindaana in Los Angeles Area

Help, need Zaatar spice for Easter

Yes, there is a Cost Plus....would they have it?
Thanks for all the suggestions..I'll be heading out tomorrow to try and find it

Apr 02, 2010
lindaana in Los Angeles Area

Help, need Zaatar spice for Easter

I live in San Pedro and am looking for direction to a middle eastern store that might carry the spice blend Zaatar. Thanks!

Apr 02, 2010
lindaana in Los Angeles Area

Lunch places in San Pedro?

Rex's Cafe is awesome for breakfast or lunch, they close at 2pm most days. Also, Prontos is amazing old school mexican. You cant go wrong at either of them.

Oct 18, 2009
lindaana in Los Angeles Area

Ladies night out suggestion near Grove or Beverly Hilton

My best girl friend is coming in this weekend and we're doing ladies night out. Looking for a fun, nice place to eat near/at the Grove or near the Beverly Hilton. Looking to catch up and have fun. Would prefer not to break the bank, something moderate but fun.

Sep 21, 2009
lindaana in Los Angeles Area

Las Vegas Rec's for FUN/FUNKY and a SCENE business dinner

Taking some clients out to vegas this month for dinners. This is NOT a conservative group, so I'm looking for someplace that has good food, but also is a scene. Fun, funky, happening, and good food to boot. We have an expense account, but I wouldn't say sky is the limit...but I'd love to hear about the sky anyways. :)

Aug 06, 2009
lindaana in Las Vegas

Long Aquarium Of The Pacific

There's some great Irish food (the pub fries are to die for with the curry sauce) right on pine above the aquarium at the pike. The name escapes me right now but its on Pine and you can see if from the street. Great beer on tap too. I've had the lamb salad and hubby usually gets the bangers and mash....very quality.

Dec 29, 2008
lindaana in Los Angeles Area

Best Cookie delivery place in LA?

Want to send hubby a little pick me up at work. what's your favorite LA bakery that delivers?

Oct 20, 2008
lindaana in Los Angeles Area

Best Sushi in the Torrance area/close to 405

Looking to meet friends tonight for awesome Sushi. Everyone coming from all over so something awesome but close to a 405 exit in the South Bay would be best.
Help? :)

Oct 14, 2008
lindaana in Los Angeles Area

Belmont Shore Recommendations

Looking for a fun/yummy place to take my sister for her b-day dinner tonight. Not looking for a "scene" but definetely good food. We'll be walking 2nd street and would love any suggestions for our dinner stop.

May 29, 2008
lindaana in Los Angeles Area

Bridal Shower Ideas- South Bay or Long Beach- YUMMY FOOD NEEDED

Throwing a bridal shower for my sister. We expect a smaller group of 15-25. That being said, Im ready to step up and do something special and amazing. Any ideas for locations in the South Bay or Long Beach (downtown or 2nd street area) for a small private lunch party. Would prefer if the place had a private room or at least wasnt to loud. (Old people coming)

Jan 02, 2008
lindaana in Los Angeles Area

Dinner before a show at the Hollywood Bowl

Heading to the Dave Matthews concert on Tuesday and would love some advice on where to grab a fab bite before the show. Preferably would like to be able to walk from dinner to the Bowl. THANKS!

Sep 29, 2007
lindaana in Los Angeles Area