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2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Origin Liberty Village is closed

Looking for an adult-friendly place to have a child's birthday party...


Food you can't find in Toronto.

well said

Danforth news - Von Donuts

from the comments I read here I expected all of the doughnuts to be unusual/nasty combinations. I just looked at their facebook page and there was one image of a sour key/caramel corn doughnut. Everything else looked pretty good. I'm assuming these guys puts lots of time, effort, and money into opening. Perhaps give it a shot before judging them.

Fun dinner out with some teens

My nieces and nephews love noodle bar. could be a fun, cool choice

Family style Italian

Campagnolo does it if you pre-arrange

My Recs for Take Away Sushi places

Taro's sashimi is great, however I find their rolls poorly made. they always fall apart on me

So I finally tried Queen Margherita Pizza

Disagree. QMP and Libretto have not in any way" duplicated the style perfectly and authentically". Sure it's a similar style but it taste very different.. Italians usually cut there pizza in half and then fold.

Best Doughnuts in Toronto: 2013

Heating any of starbucks pastries up elevate them to a completely different level. Especially the apple fritter. Delicious!

Best Doughnuts in Toronto: 2013

If you haven't had it heated up, you must!

Lunch downtown


4 adults, 4 kids, early dinner on friday

Pizza Libretto on the Danforth is always a hit

Barrio Coreano: The new resto from Playa Cabana.

At the time the article was written, he had 2 restaurants, and one had only been open 2 or 3 months.

Barrio Coreano: The new resto from Playa Cabana.

there's no way they did $10 million in sales

Estrella Taqueria: New Taco Place Opening in North York

based on your logic, you better grab a taco quickly at Barrio Coreano. All of their taco's are $5

WANTED: Fun restaurant near the 401 between the 427 and Avenue Road.

"I've never marched in with a party of 8..." Really? How dare I do that to a restaurant

WANTED: Fun restaurant near the 401 between the 427 and Avenue Road.

I swore my last visit to stack would be my last (been there a total of 7 times). The food was prepared in a sloppy manner, flavors were meh across the board, and the service was terrible. Loved the place when it opened. We were a party of 8 and 2 dishes came out at a time with 5 min intervals before the next 2 came. Buyer beware!


I have a friend who lives around the corner from one of their locations and told me he really enjoyed his meals there. He said the staff were super friendly and everything was fresh, tasty, and well priced. I think it's unfortunate that people are basing their opinion on everything except the fact. It doesn't seem like an ordinary chain. They make everything in house including their pizza and pasta dough.

perhaps give it a try before ripping it #justsayin

khao san road

Heading for dinner tonight for my first time. Any must have dishes?


Donut Shop Coconut Mocha Coffee for Keurig

You can order it directly from keurig's website. They also have the cheapest prices for their pods

Wow! Really Bad Asian food in Richmond Hill.

Do you really think restaurant owners are influenced by this board? I would say the opposite from my experience working in the industry

Against the Grain Urban Tavern (opening early May 2011)

One of the worst meals I've had in this city

Store bought h'orderves


I am hosting a cocktail party in a few weeks for 40 guest in my home. I do not cook. Was wondering if anyone had any favorite store bought h'orderves

Thank you

Large sourdough buns

I am looking for a bakery that can make a HUGE sourdough bun. I would like to make a giant sandwich that will feed 15. Any suggestions? North of Eglinton would be preferred


Somewhere fun for dinner within 90 min of Toronto

Looking for somewhere fun to have dinner Saturday night outside of Toronto. Initially thinking Cheesecake factory or a DDD place in Buffalo but my passport is expired. I'm thinking Camp 31. Any other suggestions?


Sunday Night Dinner Approx $10-15 per person


I have a friend in from out of town and we are going out for dinner tomorrow night. His budget is only $15, all in. Looking for some suggestions. We are open to any type of food excluding chinese (having it for new years) and pho.
So far on my list I have Bahn Mi Boys, The Stockyards, Rose and Son, Hey Meatball, and Rebozos. We are open to any area in the city.

Thank you for your help

New Year's Eve Dinner


Does a place like this exist?

Harlem Underground

New Doughnut Shop at Yonge and Summerhill???

Someone mentioned to me they saw a sign for a new gourmet doughnut shop at yonge and summerhill. Can anyone confirm?

One of the best comment by a food critic - Amy Pateki on Susur Lee's 'Bent'

She think's she's simon cowell. Unfortunately, no one respects her opinion,. Her Hey Meatball review was disgusting