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Dinner in Frankfurt, Germany

the thread is quite old, but maybe the questiostill stands. If you are looking for high end French Cuisine, go and take a look at Ernos Bistro in the west end.
But there are several fine dining options. Holbeins will get a new chef and will be a good option in Sachsenhausen. Another good place is the Austrian restaurant Lohninger.
If Steak is your thing, go and check out surf &turf or the Ivory Club.

Jul 02, 2012
FRAexplorer in Europe

Germany - Taking Home Leftovers?

It is quite unusual to ask for the leftovers to be packed, but most places will accommodate you if you ask politely. I think that most places (apart from the hearty Schnitzelplaces) will give the option to order a smaller portion "Kleine Portion" for less money, if the food waste is your primary concern.

Jul 02, 2012
FRAexplorer in Europe

A day in Frankfurt

As of now , July 2012, Klosterhof is in the middle of a huge construction site and no one will be dining in the patio anytime soon. Loud &dusty, not recommended. The food is ok, quite old school German, but the surroundings make this a no go place for the foreseeable future.
If you are interested in a quick and affordable lunch you cannot go wrong with all the turkish choices available. Best ones are close to the Hauptbahnhof.
If you are close to the Hauptwache, try Walden or the Cafe Karin for an inexpensive but good lunch. Both are situated very close to the Goethe House.
After lunch, go around the corner and grab a coffee/espresso at Kaffeehaus Wacker. They roast their own beans and offer a great vienna coffeehouse style coffee.

Jul 02, 2012
FRAexplorer in Europe


Don't go to Klosterhof, it is next to a huge construction site at the moment and loud and dusty. All restaurants mentioned in this thread are great but represent old school German cooking. why not try something different next time you are around?
Emma Metzler is a great, minimalistic, NYC style restaurant with an excellent wine list.
Another pick is the place called Heimat in the city center, very close to Hauptwache. It is rather intimate so you will need a reservation, but it offers modern style German cuisine.
A good place to check out for either breakfast in the front or a dinner in the back of the restaurant Margarete which is in walking distance from the roemer berg but not a tourist place like schwarzer stern.
If you go out with an important date, take her/him to Ennos Bistro in the west end for excellent French cuisine

and if you just have time for quick walk in the park and a cup of coffee on a sun filled , please go the Siesmayer, it offers excellent cake and a view of the Palmengarten. http://www.palmengarten-gastronomie.d...


Jul 02, 2012
FRAexplorer in Europe