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Any genuinely good Tex-Mex in DC/Arlington?

Ok, just noticed this thread was from 2002.

Funny to see that not much has changed in the state of DC metro area tex-mex since then!

Any genuinely good Tex-Mex in DC/Arlington?

I grew up in Albuquerque and lived in Austin for 3 years.

In short. Not really.

Anita's New Mexican food is... ok. It really has much more sentimental value than authentic New Mexican food. It's been about 10 years since I've been to my home state. And somewhere around year 5, Anita's became acceptable, and in the last few years it's become good. The verisimilitude of the food has not changed, but my perceptions have. The one shining exception is the breakfast burritos which are take out only (not smothered). Those are a great deal and the real thing. You can even order them online.

Uncle Julios will get you some OK shrimp fajitas, but for $25.

Hill Country Market is some kind of parody of a real Texas BBQ joint. They don't even have white bread.

Taco Bamba is mex-mex or gringo/hipster-mex in Tyson's-Pimmet, and awesome. They do have a few tex-mex items. You'll enjoy it.

Tippy's Tacos in Vienna is worth a trip. Not exactly tex-mex, but you'll quickly grow desperate.

I really suggest you learn to like El Salvadorian food.

espresso in DC suburbs

If you're in Vienna, gotta check out Amore Cafe on Church Street. They roast their own beans, and have hand pours, press pots, even french press to go, in addition to a rockin' espresso machine and cups of excellence.

As for MoCo, Quartermaine coffee would be a safe bet. I personally don't care for their head roaster's "this side of burnt" personal style, but they do have several stores around MoCo and their staff is well trained.

Whole Foods parking hell

Honestly, I've never had problems with the parking at the P Street Whole Foods. Not like it makes any kind of sense to drive into DC to go to a whole foods...

Ballpark Restaurant

Outside of the stadium you mean?

Inside, there's a Bens Chili Bowl stand, which is a DC specialty. Get a chili half-smoke all the way, and ask for an extra burned sausage.

Turkish simit in/near DC?

Also recommending Cenan's in Vienna. It sells out quickly, and I believe they only bake them on weekend mornings. Possibly only Saturday mornings?

They also make a pretty good panini, though I'm less than impressed with their french bread, rustic breads and sourdough. All the pastries/baked goods are great.

Kale and Mushroom Stroganoff

Love the idea of this dish, have made it twice. To keep cost and ease of shopping down I've substituted fresh baby portabellas and a few shiitakes. Honestly any mix of mushrooms works, even plain button mushrooms. I replace the soaking liquid with broth. The order of cooking doesn't make the most sense, and as long as you let your mushrooms, onions and flour develop lots of color, and don't cook the kale to mush, you could cook this in any way and it would turn out well. It's not an exact science. I bet you could even do it in a crock pot.

Mar 04, 2014
fontophilic in Recipes

Anniversary Lunch or Dinner Recommendations...


I think Mezze style plates are a bit more intimate than a big plate, (but you can have as many small plates as you like), it makes it longer, more conversational, etc. I'd ask for the second floor when you make your reservation, it's full of windows. End the evening with a stroll down the mall to get those DC sights in.

Topo Chico, Mexican mineral water: Help me find it in stores

Thanks! I'll admit I generally don't shop at wallmarts, but I am going to make an exception for this.

Prosciutto-Wrapped Macaroni and Cheese Cups

For people asking about a vegetarian option, I think either weaving fake bacon into a square, or using veggie deli meat slices could work.

Also, there's always a piece of white bread, rolled thin. Maybe a wonton wrapper.

Jul 02, 2012
fontophilic in Recipes

Topo Chico, Mexican mineral water: Help me find it in stores

Topo Chico is a super refreshing carbonated mineral water from Mexico.

When I lived in Texas, I'd be at the grocery store and I started noticing that just about everyone had a case or 3 in their cart. I figured it had to be pretty good, so I bought one too. I quickly I became one of those people loading up my cart with this refreshing drink.

It comes in glass bottles with a yellow label. It's best enjoyed straight from the frosty dripping cold bottle, but can also make a great drink with a bit of gin, lime, and clapped cilantro. The rows of bottles in front of your recycling bin are an indicator of your vigor, style, and class.

It has the ability to make a 106° day seem tolerable, to make a sunburn feel less painful, and I do believe it could bring civility to Congress, if only I could find it in the DC metro area.

Any leads? I've found it on wholesale websites, and a case of 24 comes to $45 with shipping. Jaritos makes a mineral water, but it's not the same.