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Seasoning my new cast iron skillet, it's getting lines on the rim from the oven rack?

"The grill marks seem to either be caused by too much grease on the pan"

Yes, I think that was the issue. I think I left just a little too much in the pan, I didn't have this problem on the 2nd run. I remember on one of the spots, it looks like some oil had dripped around the oven rack slightly, leaving 2 pieces of seasoning sticking up about 1/8th of an inch with the grill mark separating them. I smoothed that out before the 2nd time.The seasoning on the edges isn't perfectly smooth now but it seems solid on there. Not sure if I should strip it again and try once more or just go with it.

I did use it for steak twice now and they turned out great! :)

Jul 05, 2012
addykins in Cookware

Seasoning my new cast iron skillet, it's getting lines on the rim from the oven rack?

Exactly what the title says, I'm not sure if that should be happening because I'm totally new to cast iron. I just ran it through the oven for the first seasoning and it came out with some lines on the rim and handles. The rest of it was a beautiful shiny black, the lines were kinda grayish and vaguely orange. I'm running it through once more the same way but is that supposed to happen? Almost everything I read on chowhound told me to season it upside down in the oven.

If more info on it is needed, it's a 12 inch Lodge cast iron skillet. After some research, I sprayed it with oven cleaner and stuck it in a garbage bag overnight to remove the preseasoning. I then washed it very thoroughly and dried it in the oven at 200 degrees. I pulled it out, dropped a small of Crisco on it and rubbed it all over and into the skillet with a paper towel. I made sure not to leave excess. I then stuck it in the oven and let it heat up to 550 degrees and left it in there for about 2 hours. I turned it off and left it for about an hour. I then gently lifted it and pulled it out and found the lines.

So what should I do here? Maybe after this seasoning run, should I season only the inside and the rim and let it sit upright through the oven? I'm scared stiff that I'm going to mess it up xD

Oh, also note that I googled all over and checked around chowhound as thoroughly as I could manage without going brain dead,

Jul 01, 2012
addykins in Cookware