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Worst of the Cape?

I've driven past this place for years and years but have never stopped in because I HATE THE NAME! It sounds so precious and pretentious to me that it makes me long for Papa Gino's or some other faux Italian grease shop.

If I ever actually go into Evan's art studio, I'll expect to find a gallery of framed pies on his wall. LOL

Pizzas by Evan of Yarmouthport
559 Route 6A, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Worst of the Cape?

The Lobster Pot ("the Pot") is also very good, although it looks like a tacky dive from the street. Cafe Edwige, at 333 Commercial (second floor - up the outside stairs) has one of the best breakfasts in town.

Worst of the Cape?

I'll give H&K some wiggle room because I've actually had some very decent meals here, from time to time, and they serve breakfast all day long, which is a big plus in my book. I always went at odd times of the day when the place was sure to be deserted and I was always treated very, very well with quick, friendly service and attention amid the overall quietness of a (largely) empty room - which is the sort of place that works for me (but not, unfortunately, for the people who work there).

Hearth'n Kettle
9 West Rd Ste 17, Orleans, MA 02653

Worst of the Cape?

Nonnie has since passed away and so has her restaurant. They were both mourned by many.

Nonnies Country Kitchen
Route 6A, Orleans, MA 02653

New England Road Trip - Be Our Guide?

We "stopped and asked the locals" once when we were visiting the Gilbert Stuart museum in North Kingstown, Rhode Island and he sent us to a RUSH ROOM.

Of course, we'd already ordered and were waiting for our food when his show came on.

It was one of the most distinctly UNPLEASANT meals we'd ever had. Nothing like being force-fed somebody else's idiotic political viewpoints while being a captive audience. We literally "ate and ran".


I can't tell you what the name of the place was but it was part of a motel complex on the Post Road (Rt.1), I think.

So it pays to be careful out there. The "nice old man" who sent us there was probably so caught up in his right-wing worldview that he just assumed we would be too.

Best Cape Cod Restaraunts by Cape Codders

Thanks, CapeCodGuy!

Cape - Chatham area suggestions

Marion's Pie Shop may well have good cookies and may once have been known for their other baked goods, but their pies leave a lot to be desired. I don't know who the original "Marion" was but she's certainly not making them anymore. Looks to me like her kids may have taken over and none of them inherited her baking gene. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

Note To bustopher: The place in the middle of Chatham that you're thinking of is The Chatham Squire.

JT's in Brewster--disaster!

Thanks for the heads up, Science Chick! I've driven past JT's at least a gazillion times but never went in. Should a "Best Places To Avoid on Cape Cod" thread be started?

Best Cape Cod Restaraunts by Cape Codders

I'd love to see a thread about Cape Cod's "Best Places To Avoid". Recently, on our way back from Boston, we decided to stop by Lindsey's in Buzzards Bay. We'd been there several times over the years and had always come away satisfied customers. NOT THIS TIME. It started with the lousy coffee and ended with the dried-out, seemingly days-old "pot roast". We passed on dessert and headed for home, downhearted.

I'd love to hear of others experiences in this regard. Warning shots are almost more valuable than recommendations.